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Aaron Lewis – High School Photo from 1988

Everybody knows Staind has sold a shit load of records, but what were they doing before they were dark and depressed?

Well before he was bald and depressed, he had a full head of hair and was probably still depressed. Up above we have singer Aaron Lewis’s High School Photo from 1988. He still looks bummed out even back then.

But check out the photo we uncovered below!

Is this Trixter?
Nope, it’s Staind guitarist Mike’s band Bad Boy Trigger from the early 90s!
Mike is on the far left.

That’s right, they were called BAD BOY TRIGGER!!!!

With a name like that, what else needs to be said?

This is the "let me have my hair all over to one side so I can look cool."

Here are two promo pics of Bad Boy Trigger!

Mike is the Bret Michaels looking goof with the bandana

Mike is the dude standing up on the left

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