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Jason Bieler responds to Matt Kramer’s 20 Questions! 3/12/05




The other day, we did 20 Questions with former Saigon Kick singer Matt Kramer. Almost immediately we started getting e-mails from all kinds of people applauding Matt’s comments. Matt basically unloaded his pent-up frustrations about guitarist Jason Bieler, talking a bunch of smack about him, and even went so far as to refer to him as a ‘slimy wanna be Prince/Sting egomaniac sack of shit ex band mate’ and a ‘whiny cunt.’ Harsh words, but the Sludgeaholics hailed Matt for not holding anything back and expressing his true feelings.

Well, from out of the blue came a retort from none other than Jason Bieler himself! Jason wasn’t going to take the barrage of Matt’s scathing comments while lying down, so here he is with his response:

Matt Kramer hasn?t done one remotely successful thing in the 15+ years he has been out of Saigon Kick. While he hates me and my songs, he has no problem featuring the videos of songs I wrote on his web site and speaking about Saigon in every interview… I guess those are still the last relevant things he has done. What he is trying to do is make himself look cool by rewriting history…. if he hated ?Love Is On The Way? so much, why didn?t he quit when he first heard it, or in the studio, or when it started to go up the charts, or when we were shooting the video, or when we were touring the world? Nope, he rode it all the way because he wanted nothing more than to be a famous rock star. Only after his career came to a screeching halt did he try and repackage himself as anti-ballads. Yet when the ?I Need Money For Food Tour? or as you may have heard it called, Saigon Kick reunion tour goes out, he goes around the country dancing to my songs again. Matt Kramer reminds me of Ray Finkel from ?Ace Ventura Pet Detective?… Hey Matt, laces out!

Jason Bieler and Matt KramerAm I fat…. yep….. is my head arguably super sized… yep, but bottom line is I wrote the songs and he danced in the videos. If only his dancing warranted royalties he too could be rich! If he is so talented why is that he has not done ONE successful thing in the last 15+ years? Is it me? Is my fatness or my large cranium preventing him from having hits or critically acclaimed records? Or is he just drunk on how cool he thinks he is and incapable of doing anything anyone even slightly cares about? The unfortunate truth is no one cares about what he has to say or do musically and no one cares about this pointless tiff. I always felt it would be best to let him say what he wants and not dignify it with a response, try to rise above it and not kick a guy when he?s down, but after a while it gets old.

This isn?t a unique story, he?s a failed rock star who lives at home with moderate talent and blames everyone around him except himself for his mistakes. As to any allegation that I have in any way taken money that was due him, why doesn?t he explain that he and his attorney did a full audit of every $ Saigon Kick ever made and found nothing wrong. I never handled the band?s money, we had an accountant. Here is a deal for Mr. Kramer…. for every dollar you can show that I ?stole? according to you, I will personally pay you 5 dollars? Let me translate that, 5 dollars is like the equivalent of what you make at your telemarketing job per hour, or when you delivered flowers. As to the teeth comment, it?s so funny to hear web site tough guys talk shit…. I am pretty easy to find (due to my large head and fatness) and if he would at any time like to discuss my dental work in person like a man instead of like a little bitch on a web site, he should easily be able to find me.

If he feels like resuming his dancing monkey career, I can write him a song…. but he is getting a weee bit wide in the waist himself and it looks like he is losing the hair as well, even for a performing monkey that?s not a good sign. People dream about the opportunities he had and to hear him whine like a little girl must be a let down for the few fans who still care….. poor Matt only made $85,000 dollars and then he was dumb enough to lose it, or lend it to someone or whatever he says.

You had some talent at one point, shame what has become of you. If you need a job gimme a call. I?m sure we have something that needs to be swept up around here, and I am a forgiving guy.

Ahhhh I feel better…….. I was so upset before I almost jumped off my wallet in an attempt to commit suicide!

Jason Bieler

Well that was… well, to be honest, fun to read!

Jason had a lot to say about Matt’s interview, so it’s good to know he’s been keeping up with his Sludge. In all fairness, we have to give Jason a chance to defend himself. Besides, we’ve been known to enjoy a good feud on occasion.

We’ll let you know if Matt Kramer has any response to Jason Bieler’s response about Matt’s 20 Questions.

Come to think of it, if Jason Bieler’s ever down for doing a 20 Questions with us, you can bet your lizard that we’ll make it happen.

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