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Metal Sludge spotted on WWE Smackdown! 2/19/05


Metal Sludge on Smackdown!

Beginning last Thursday night, we started getting messages like the following about someone with a Metal Sludge sign being spotted on WWE Smackdown:

Ok, so i am flipping through the channels (waiting for the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series qualifying to come back on) and they are showing Wrestlin -WWE SMACKDOWN at Gund Arena… Anyway, I see someone with a Metal Sludge banner on there. It was a split second, but someone had it there!

So whoever it is, you rock!


Just thought you might like to know that some guy was holding up a Metal Sludge sign all throughout WWE Smackdown tonight. Free advertising for you, nice!

Thunder Bay, ON

Was Watching Smackdown the other night and noticed someone in the crowd with a Metal SLudge sign

I was watching TV the other night & some guy in the crowd at WWE Smackdown was holding up a Metal Sludge sign. The camera panned right on him! That rules. You guys should track him down!

Well that’s exactly what we did! We found out it was a Sludgeaholic who goes by the name of DisturbedMOL. We asked him how he pulled that off, and here’s what he had to say:

So I’d been meaning to get a sludge capture for a while now, but unfortunately haven’t been to many concerts or events since I got my Sludge shirt at MSEX up in Cleveland. So after I got my tickets to Smackdown (which I was able to get presale, hence them being sixth row), I thought to myself. "You know this would be a pretty unique way to get a capture and represent Sludge on a more national scale." (I know it is only UPN… but network television nonetheless.)

So I made the sign and went up to Smackdown. Towards the end of the show, during a stare down between The Big Show (who makes Jani Lane look like an anorexic) and Batista, I got up and went into the aisle and got closer to the ring (thank you shitty Gund Arena security) and low and behold… looking up at the big screen, my sign was in the background in clear view! Right during a key point of the show!

Let’s take a closer look at DisturbedMOL’s sign, shall we?

WWE Smackdown

Stuff like that definitely gets our attention. That’s hard core!

We appreciate DisturbedMOL’s efforts to keep Metal Sludge’s name in the public eye. Who knows? If he plays his cards right, he might even end up being a Sludgeaholic of the Month someday. You just never know.

Speaking of Sludgeaholics of the Month, special thanks to June 2004 Sludgeaholic of the Month J.J. Brooks for taking the screen captures of DistrubedMOL’s Metal Sludge sign on Smackdown!

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