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No Updates?



Have you noticed there haven’t been any updates at Metal Sludge lately?

Well, maybe you didn’t notice, but we really haven’t posted an update since the 25th of December. That’s because we suck!

Actually, some of you might think we suck, and that’s OK. But have you looked outside? It’s either snowing and very cold, or it’s sunny and very warm, or perhaps it’s even raining. It all depends on the part of the planet you reside in. Regardless, we’re using the weather as an excuse for not updating the page.

So yes, we realize we haven’t made any updates this week, and in fact, we’ve been slacking quite a bit as of late. There was no Ask the Stars this month, we haven’t done a SludgeWire since around Thanksgiving, and we didn’t even post a 20 Questions interview this week! We have a bunch of CD Reviews that were sent in by various contributors and staff members, and those haven’t been posted. Baz Von Poley (out newest correspondent in-the-field) even wrote up a nice recap of the Mötley reunion aftershow party earlier this month, complete with tales of drunken band members getting carried down flights of stairs and all kinds of debauchery, and that didn’t even get posted yet. And why haven’t there been any Rewinds, 3-Winds, or Back-4-More interviews since last summer?

Now we’re asking questions that are a little too deep for us to want to think about. So again, we’re blaming the weather!

Speaking of the weather, some of you might still be on the fence about coming to our Metal Sludge Extravaganza 10, which kicks off tomorrow, December 30th in Cleveland, Ohio. Who the fuck wants to go to Cleveland in the middle of winter?

Well check this out. We had a look at the forecast at weather.com, and we found out that the temperatures in Cleveland this weekend will be almost spring-like:

Thursday, Dec 30
Daytime High: 50? F | Overnight Low: 48? F / PM Showers

Friday, Dec 31
Daytime High: 53? F | Overnight Low: 36? F / Rain

Saturday, Jan 1
Daytime High: 48? F | Overnight Low: 43? F / Mostly cloudy

Sunday, Jan 2
Daytime High: 54? F | Overnight Low: 42? F / Showers

So, while we’re using the weather as an excuse for not doing any updates this week, you can no longer use the weather as an excuse for not going to MSEX. So borrow a car, hop on a bike, get a cheap-ass bus ticket, or hang out at the airport and fly standby… do whatever you can to get your ass out to Cleveland for the 3-day Metal Sludge Extravaganza! You never know who might show up, and if you miss out, you’ll only have yourself to blame… not the weather.

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