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Updated 8/9/04: CC DeVille!

Rikki & Bret in Spectres in the early 80s. Nice balloons.

Everybody knows about Poison’s past glam days, so we really had to dig to find some stuff you probably haven’t seen.

This is a flyer for Rikki & Bret’s band Spectres.

This is an article on their band Paris from a Pennsylvania magazine. This goes back to 1983.

Lets take a closer look at the band.

Bobby is the upper left, Matt Smith is the upper right
Rikki is the lower left, and Bret is the lower right.
What type of pose is Bret striking? Kind of a "Grab my ass while I hold the microphone" type of thing.

Lets see Bret do the David Lee Roth jump today!

What can we possibly say about this?

Notice that Bret is named Bret Michael Star and Rikki is Rik Rockett.

This is actually Poison before C.C. joined the band. Guitarist Matt Smith is the dude next to Bret.

Another pre-CC Poison photo. They’re not nearly as glam as they were when CC joined, though Rikki still has his policemen’s hat!

A Poison ad from 1984, with Matt Smith. Rob Jones also took this photo of Poison.

Here’s an old ass Poison flyer from 1985.

One of the last shows with Matt Smith…

And one of the first shows with CC, and a little band named Warrant opening up.
From 1985

Is that CC with a tennis racket and a frisbee? Good god.

A Poison ad from 1985. Notice that Warrant opened up for Poison on October 12, 1985.
Also, Poison debut record didn’t come out until May 16, 1986.

Bret looking like a gay aerobics instructor.
This photo was skillfully taken by his Gay Aerobics Student Rob Jones in between choosing Richard Simmons’ Deal-A-Meal cards.

Bret in 1986 looking better than half the chicks in the audience.

This is an old-ass picture of CC "Weezer" DeVille. This one pretty much speaks for itself.


If anybody has any photos of Bobby Dall selling hot dogs in Florida, we’ll take those too!

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