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Here’s the Exposed that a lot of you have been waiting for. It’s Pantera!

Pantera in 1985. Far Beyond Glam!
Daimond Darrell, singer Terrance Lee, Rex Rocker, and Vinnie Paul

Lets take a closer look!

It’s not Dimebag Darrell, but Diamond Darrell Lance!

Rex and Vinnie Paul

Phil Anselmo and his Vulgar Display Of Hairspray

Before he was Dimebag Darrell, he was Dimond Darrell! And Rex Brown was Rex Rocker! Sounds like a long lost member of Pretty Boy Floyd.

Pantera in 1988 striking their metal poses. This was only 2 years before "Cowboys From Hell" came out.

Holding a beer while having big hair shows people that you’re still a tough guy, right?

Phil looking like he’s blowing a load while Rex Rocker rocks out!

Notice Phil, on your left, has a bandanna tied around his leg. This is from 1988.

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