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Now don’t they look hip and trendy?

Remember Orgy? They had their 15 minutes of fame back around 1999 and then released a followup album that dropped off the charts faster than Buckcherry’s last album.

Well they weren’t always hip and trendy. Want proof? Look below!

Guess who?
It’s none other than Jay Gordon! On the right, that is.
See, even Mr. Trendy Jay Gordon looked like Jon Bon Jovi at one time.

Next up is Orgy guitar player Amir Derakh.
as in "I’m Here To Rock." Get it?
He was in the 80s bands Rough Cutt and Jailhouse

Amir in Rough Cutt

Amir is on the far left

Amir in Rough Cutt

Amir in Rough Cutt
Nice outfit

Amir in Jailhouse

A Jailhouse ad from 1988
Amir is on the far right

We can’t forget about Orgy bass player Paige Hailey

Paige in some silly ass band. He’s the goof with the blond hair who looks like he’s drying his nails.

Paige is on the far right

Paige with mouse ears on

Party on, dude!

And finally we have Orgy drummer Bobby Hewitt

Bobby in the band Electric Love Hogs

He was also Tommy Lee’s best man when he married Pamela

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