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More like Marilyn Mullet

That’s right, the controversial Marilyn Manson at one time had a mullet! Now that’s probably the scariest thing he’s ever done!

An early Marilyn Manson band photo after raiding Pearl Jam’s closet.

Marilyn is thinking, "Fuck, I can’t even get the rest of these guys to wear cool clothes."

Brian on an early TV show

Now onto Twiggy Ramirez.

How gothic!

Before he was in Marilyn Manson, Twiggy Ramirez looked like the typical dude you’d find going to the beach. Here we have a photo of Twiggy, then known as Jeordie White, from about ’92 or ’93. Not very spooky or gothic if you ask us. Nice calves by the way.

A flyer for Twiggy’s old band.

Another flyer featuring both Marilyn Manson and Twiggy’s band

The newest member of Marilyn Manson is Tim Skold, formerly of the hairband Shotgun Messiah!

Nice extensions

An early Shotgun Messiah promo

Before they changed their name to Shotgun Messiah, they were known as Kingpin.

Tim is the blond guy licking his finger

Wow, what can you say about that?

That’s scarier than anything Marilyn Manson has ever done!

Finally we have Ginger Fish’s old band, Pretty Mess.

And a pretty mess they are. Ginger is the goof on the left with the hair.

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