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The Metal Sludge “Hey, That’s What I Call Sludge! Vol. I” CD!


That’s right, it’s time for our first fucking CD!

Since October of last year, we’ve been working on putting together the first Metal Sludge CD! This idea has been around for a while and it’s something we always wanted to do. A few years back, Capitol Records came to us and wanted to do a Metal Sludge Compilation, but it would have only been with Capitol/EMI bands, and being the control freaks we are, we wanted to do things our way, so we passed on that and other offers until we could do things our way, with 100% control.

Well now the planets have aligned and the time is right!

Metal Sludge Records is proud to announce "Hey, That’s What I Call Sludge" Volume 1!

We wanted to bring together new school bands and old school bands and create a CD we could be proud of. We have compiled 20 bands and over 74 minutes of music on one CD, to give you the most rock for your buck. Well, $13 bucks to be exact. The music on "Hey, This Is What I Call Sludge!" is so devastating that you’ll hit ‘repeat’ on your CD player and just listen to this CD over and over again. Eventually you’ll lose your job as well as your friends because you won’t leave your house. You’ll just be chilling in your room listening to this CD like a retard, but don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Here is the track by track breakdown of each song on the CD, as well as ordering information down below. All these bands deserve Super Balls Awards for having the balls to have a song on our very first CD! Give them your love and go see them if they hit your town.

Now onto our CD, or if you just want to skip all this and order it right away, then Click Here to order it today!

1. Metal Skool "Rainbows & Witches" (skit)

Metal Skool kicks off our CD with an intro that puts every other CD intro in the history of music to shame. This legendary track now becomes the measuring stick which all other CD intros will be judged!

2. Pain For Pleasure "Reign In Pain"

Sum 41’s alter egos Pain For Pleasure bless our CD with their presence by delivering the first song, "Reign In Pain!" Their metal never rusts and sets the tone for the rest of the CD! Featuring lead singer Pain and guitar virtuoso Pleasure, this one song makes the entire Judas Priest catalog sound like shitty 4-track demos by the Backstreet Boys.

For more info, you can go to www.Sum41.com.

Fun Facts:
- As Sum 41, their debut CD "All Killer No Filler" sold 3 million units in the U.S., and probably 80 million worldwide. Sounds about right to us.
- Their videos for "Fat Lip" in 2001 and "The Hell Song" in 2003 were #1 on MTV’s TRL.
- Slayer’s Kerry King played on their song "What We’re All About."
- Pain For Pleasure’s bass player Sniper cannot speak.
- Pain For Pleasure’s drummer Gunner had sex with Paris Hilton!

3. Lit "No Turning Back"

Orange County’s Lit was more than down to give us a track for our CD when we asked them. They even sent over a demo of this song to us to see if we liked it before they gave us the final version! For being a band that has platinum records these guys were a breeze to work with. This new Lit song only appears on our CD and we’re stoked to have it! Lit’s new self-titled CD comes out on June 22nd with a long form DVD to follow.

For more info on Lit, you can visit www.LitLounge.com.

Fun Facts:
- Formed in 1990 in Orange County, California.
- Lit’s "My Own Worst Enemy" was #1 at Modern Rock for 11 weeks in 1999 and was the most played Rock song in all of 1999.
- Their video for "Miserable" had Pamela Anderson in it!
- Their video for "Lipstick & Bruises" had a robot who gave people mullets!
- Singer A.Jay Popoff also had sex with Paris Hilton, as well as Christina Aquilera, however, not at the same time.

4. Bowling For Soup "The Bitch Song"

Bowling For Soup was another band that we thought of when this idea for a CD came to be. We dig a band with a good sense of humor as well as having a guitarist who looks like King Kong Bundy. That kicks ass! The song we have here is called "The Bitch Song" and is something every guy can relate to. It’s taken from their CD "Let’s Do It For Johnny." They have a new CD called "A Hangover You Don’t Deserve" coming out this year!

For more info, you can visit www.BowlingForSoup.com.

Fun Facts:
- Formed in 1994 in Texas.
- Bowling For Soup was nominated for a Grammy in 2003 for the song "Girl All The Bad Boys Want," along with Bon Jovi, No Doubt, Dave Matthews, and N’Sync! They didn’t win but at least they were nominated!
- Their album "Drunk Enough To Dance" was produced by Butch Walker.
- Their video for "Girl All The Bad Boys Want" featured parodies of Staind & Limp Bizkit videos.
- Nobody in this band has had sex with Paris Hilton. :(

5. 40 FT. Ringo "Inside Your Head"

40 Ft. Ringo features Steve Brown and P.J. Farley, formerly of Trixter! They released their debut CD "Funny Thing" this year and this is a track from it. These guys are all huge Sludgeaholics and now that they’re on our CD, it’s time for this band to be taken to the next level!

For more info, you can visit www.40FtRingo.com.

Fun Facts:
- 40 Ft. Ringo formed in the late 90s.
- As Trixter, they had 3 hits off their debut CD, "Give It To Me Good," "One In A Million," and "Surrender."
- Trixter toured arenas with Poison in 1990, Warrant in 1991, and Kiss in 1992.
- As 40 Ft. Ringo, they played on our MSX Tour at Giant’s Stadium in July 2003.
- Released a 5 song EP recently, including previously unreleased tracks.

6. Tuff "Dear Jani Lane"

A Metal Sludge CD wouldn’t be complete without a few humorous songs, and this falls under that category. Once again, Stevie Rachelle puts together a song about the 80s, this time all about Jani Lane! "Dear Jani Lane" is a humorous look at Jani’s career and the type of shit you’d only hear on a CD by Metal Sludge!

For more info, you can visit www.TuffCDs.com.

Fun Facts:
Formed in 1985 in Phoenix, Arizona, though Stevie didn’t join the band until 1987, and is actually Tuff’s 3rd singer!
Tuff had a #3 video on MTV back in 1991 with "I Hate Kissing You Goodbye."
Their Ryder truck was stolen and burned in a field in 1991, which pretty much kissed their cool clothes goodbye.
- Stevie sells a wide array of rare CDs through his website and frequently posts on our Gossip Board, mostly plugging his website.
- Their 2001 hit "American Hairband" was played on modern rock stations along with the likes of Linkin Park and Limp Bizkit!

7. Drill 187 "187"

The only band to ever get a good review in our Rock On The Decline section, Drill 187 is a pubic hair away from being the next headlining band at OzzFest. Believe that! This band has all the tools necessary to make an impact, including band members with facial hair and dreadlocks.

For more info, you can visit www.Drill187.com.

Fun Facts:
- Formed in 1998 from Raleigh, North Carolina!
- Released their first CD, "The Faceless Majority" on September 3, 2003
- Have a DVD in the works.
- They are doing a Spring tour throughout the East Coast.

8. The Wildhearts "You The Got To Get Through What You’ve Got To Go Through To Get What You Want, But You Got To Know What You Want To Get Through What You Got To Go Through"

Yes, all that is the official title of the song! The Wildhearts are a band that have lived the rock lifestyle for over a decade now and if you’ve never been exposed to them, you don’t know what you’re missing. The Wildhearts just finished up opening for The Darkness on their U.S. Tour and will be going back out with The Darkness this Summer and Fall in the U.S.
Their new compilation CD "Riff After Riff" was released in March in the U.S. and their new CD "The Wildhearts Must Be Destroyed" is now available everywhere on Sanctuary Records!

For more info, you can visit www.TheWildhearts.com.

Fun Facts:
- Together since 1989 from London, England!
- Have had 3 Top 20 singles and 10 Top 40 singles on the U.K. Charts.
- The Wildhearts once went into the offices of Kerrang with baseball bats and destroyed the place after Kerrang spread a rumor that the band had broken up. Remind us never to do that.
The Wildhearts have re-written the book on mischief. Magazine offices wrecked?drugs taken?fights fought?vehicles driven into swimming pools. You name it, The Wildhearts have had their greasy little paws all over it.
- Justin Hawkins from The Darkness performs backups on 2 songs on the CD "The Wildhearts Must Be Destroyed."

9. The Thornbirds "Elephants & Tangerines"

Rumor has it singer Russ Parrish and drummer Darren Leader are both in Metal Skool, but that’s purely speculation on our part. We can confirm that this track kicks ass though! How was that for a cheesy segue? The Thornbirds just released their debut CD "All The Same" that is in stores now, however, you won’t be finding this track on it. This track here is for our Metal Sludge CD only.

For more info, you can visit www.TheThornbirds.net.

Fun Facts:
- Formed in 1997 from Los Angeles, California!
- Before they were The Thornbirds, they were called The Ducks.
- Singer Russ Parrish was the guitarist in Rob Halford’s band Fight. He is also the current guitarist in the Van Halen tribute band Atomic Punks.
- They once had a song played on The Howard Stern show.
- Bass player Dean Cameron played "Chainsaw" in the movie Summer School and also appeared in 3 episodes of ALF in 1986, as well as a variety of other shows and movies.

10. Supersuckers "Someday I Will Kill You"

The motherfucking Supersuckers are sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll. These guys talk the talk and walk the walk. They were one of the first bands we approached when we decided to do this CD and they didn’t need to think twice about it. They submitted this happy little track from their CD "Motherfuckers Be Trippin’" which came out in 2003.

For more info, you can visit www.Supersuckers.com.

Fun Facts:
- Formed in 1988 in Tucson, Arizona.
- Played Woodstock 2000.
- Performed on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" backing Willie Nelson.
- Singer Eddie Spaghetti recently released a solo CD called "The Sauce."
- Supersuckers have released a total of 10 CDs and have toured extensively throughout the world including Russia, Japan, and Australia.

11. Metal Skool "L.S.D." (skit)

Metal Skool discuss our CD so far and prepare to write a song for it.

12. Jizzy Pearl "Do You Wanna Get High?"

Jizzy Pearl is no stranger to the Sludgeaholics. Jizzy has contributed numerous Tour Diaries for us as well as doing a column for us called "Tales From The Jizz." Jizzy recently put out his first solo CD, "Just A Boy" and this track is taken from it. It features a guitar solo by Steve Stevens as well as guitar work from W.A.S.P.’s Darrell Roberts.

For more info, you can visit www.JizzyPearl.com.

Fun Facts:
- Jizzy has been the singer in Love/Hate, L.A. Guns, Ratt, and Adler’s Appetite.
- He has written two books, "I’ve Got More Crickets Than Friends," and "Angst For The Memories."
- In 1994, he hung himself on a cross from the ‘Y’ in the Hollywood Sign and was the only person to ever do so.
- Jizzy once installed a 24 hour webcam in his house which was broadcast on his website.
- He hosted our Metal Sludge Extravaganza #3 with Josie Pearl.

13. The Brightness "Diamond’s Are A Boy’s Best Friend"

Who needs The Darkness when we have the U.K.’s best kept secret, The Brightness! This mysterious band features the amazing vocals of lead singer Chaz Neptune (which many compare as a cross between Freddie Mercury and Lemmy) as well a guitar virtuoso Damien Hilton (5 time Guitarist Of The Year in Britian’s "Guitar Hero Magazine"), not to mention bass extrodiare Trevor Nevor (one of Billy Sheehan’s idols) and drum god Michael David Black (who rumor has it taught Neil Peart). Having The Brightness bless our CD with a track takes our CD to a whole new level.

For the latest info and touring schedule, you can visit The Brightness’ website at http://uk.geocities.com/thebrightnessmusic/index.htm!

Fun Facts
- From England!
- Sold 14 million records in the Pacific Rim.
- Singer Chaz Neptune has an 8 octave range but rarely uses it in public.
- These guys are so good looking that no photos of them exist because the band believes that no other bands could compete with their good looks, and as a result, many groups would just break up. The Brightness doesn’t want that on their conscious, so to benefit the music community and keep bands together, they never have their picture taken.
- Nobody in the band believes in a thing called love, but all have had sex with Paris Hilton.

14. London Calling "Chasing The Satellites"

London Calling singer Jamie Rowe actually sang the first song ever associated with Metal Sludge, the classic song we wrote, "7-11 (Isn’t Too Far Away)." This time though, Jamie is singing his own song with his band London Calling. As they say in the industry, these guys have a buzz and we’re happy to have this unreleased track from them!

For more info, you can visit www.TheLondonCalling.com.

Fun Facts:
- Formed in December 2002 from Evansville, Indiana!
- Jamie Rowe is the former singer of Guardian.
- London Calling released their first CD "The New Sensation" in 2003.
- Their followup CD "You’re So Lucky" is due out this year.
- London Calling played our Metal Sludge Extravaganza 7 in Cleveland, Ohio, in December 2003.

15. Killingbird "Beat The Bullet"

Every good compilation CD needs a cover song, so this is ours. Well it’s not ours, we didn’t fucking record it, Killingbird did and they cover the Vain song "Beat The Bullet." A very raw, in your face song that probably better than the original! This was recorded especially for our CD, or so we were told.

For more info, you can visit www.Killingbird.net.

Fun Fact:
- 4 out of the 5 band members have all played together since the early 90s.
- Released their 2nd CD last fall through 2kSounds/EMI.
- Kerrang describes Killingbird as "ripping pieces of flesh from the carcass of glam-metal and sewing them into the pockmarked, postulating carcass of classic punk rock." Leave it to the British to say something like that!
- Their song "Little Flower" from their debut CD scored Top 5 Most Added at CMJ, FMQB, and Album Network and #1 at MP3.com.
- Played our Metal Sludge Extravaganza #8 at Paladinos in January 2004 and the "Sludge ‘N Vegas" show in March 2004.

16. Firehouse "Crash"

We wanted Firehouse on our CD to show that just because a band is from the hairband era, doesn’t mean you have to be going bald, fat and living off your past. These guys are still in shape, still have their hair, and are still putting out new CDs! Firehouse recently released their 8th album called "Prime Time" and are always on the road. This track is taken from that CD and has that classic Firehouse sound.

For more info, you can visit www.FirehouseMusic.com.

Fun Facts:
- Firehouse originally formed in 1988 as White Heat and changed their name to Firehouse a little while later.
- They have 15 Gold or Platinum records in 13 countries and over 6 million records sold worldwide.
- Firehouse won an American Music Award for Best New Hard Rock/Metal band in 1991 OVER some band called Nirvana and Alice In Chains.
Their song "Love Of A Lifetime" reached #3 on the Billboard Top 100 singles chart, and "Don’t Treat Me Bad" and "When I Look In Your Eyes" were both Top 10 hits.
- Guitarist Bill Leverty released his first solo CD this year called "Wanderlust."

17. Metal Skool "Making Up"

You’re gonna have to hear this one for yourself!

18. Funny Money "Good Boy Gone Bad"

Featuring Kix singer Steve Whiteman and drummer Jimmy Chalfant, Funny Money is Steve’s latest project and this track is taken from their CD "Skin To Skin." Funny Money is a straight forward rock band that’s out to have a good time and this song is a sample of what they’re all about.

For more info, you can visit www.FunnyMoneyBand.com.

Fun Fact:
- Funny Money has been together for 7 years. You do the math and figure out when they formed. We can’t tell you everything.
- Steve’s former band Kix had a #11 song in 1989 with "Don’t Close Your Eyes."
- Kix toured with Ratt, Tesla, Great White, and Whitesnake.
- Steve teaches voice lessons as the Music Institute in Baltimore.
- Funny Money has a total of 4 CDs! 3 studios CDs and 1 live CD!

19. Glory Hole U.K. "Misery"

This is Mike Fasano’s newest band. It features former Buckcherry guitarist Keith Nelson and singer Huck Johns. If you want to know who the bass player is, you have to buy our CD and read the credits. We can’t just lay all this info out for you. This is their debut song and is being heard for the first time on our CD, so when they blow up, you can say you heard them hear first!

For more info, you can visit www.GloryHoleUnitedKingdom.com.

Fun Facts:
- Formed in late 2003.
- Mike Fasano has been fired from Warrant twice!
- Singer Huck Johns, from Detroit, co-wrote a song the song "I Am" on Kid Rock’s latest CD.
- Keith Nelson was a founding member of Buckcherry.
- The band was originally just called Glory Hole, but they found out another band had that name already, so they put U.K. on the end of it even though nobody in the band is from the U.K.

20. Billy Morris "Killingtime"

Former Warrant guitarist Billy Morris gave us this exclusive track. While no longer in Warrant, Billy is still playing with Jani Lane in Jani’s solo band. He also released his first solo CD last fall. Billy has been a Sludgeaholic since almost day one and even hosted our Metal Sludge Extravaganza 8 at his club in Cleveland. This is another song that was recorded especially for this CD. Lucky you.

For more info, you can visit www.BillyMorris.net.

Fun Fact:
- Joined Warrant in 2001.
- Has his own bar in Cleveland called "Hi-Fi" and his own recording studio called "Lava Room Recording."
- Toured with Paul Gilbert in Japan and Korea.
- Was a main player in the Cleveland rock scene with his band Kidd Wicked who released 3 CDs on their own.
- Rides KTM Motorcycles in national dirtbike events.

21. Wednesday 13 "Your Mother Sucks Cocks In Hell"

Murderdolls singer Wednesday 13 goes solo with this lovely little ballad. It’s worth the price of the CD just on the song title alone! "Your Mother Sucks Cocks In Hell." What else can we say about that? It speaks for itself. There is nothing we could possibly add that would be more entertaining than "Your Mother Sucks Cocks In Hell." With a title like that, look for radio to be all over this track!

For more info, you can visit www.Wednesday13.com.

Fun Fact:
- Wednesday 13’s other band is the Frankenstein Drag Queens From Hell.
- Murderdolls are currently on a break due to Joey Jordison being in Slipknot, so Wednesday is releasing his own CD and doing various shows on his own!
- Admits to once being in the Tuff Fan Club.
- Did a very popular Tour Diary for us when the Murderdolls toured in the U.K.
- Did a tour diary in November 2004 for his UK solo tour!

22. Kevin DuBrow & Little Women – 1990 "I Can’t Resist You"

Quiet Riot singer Kevin DuBrow dug through is archives for this track. This is a demo from Kevin’s band "Little Women" that he was in back in the last 80s/early 90s. This is a never before heard…well, it’s been heard before. Obviously it was recorded so somebody at one time or another heard it, and of course Kevin has heard it before since he sang on it, and the musicians who played on it heard it, but none of you have really heard it and that’s what matters. Yet maybe you did hear because you were in the studio with them back in 1990 or you’re friends with Kevin? Anyway, this track is classic Kevin DuBrow.

Fun Fact:
- Quiet Riot formed in 1975 with Randy Rhoads on guitar.
- Quiet Riot had their very own Behind The Music on VH-1!
- Kevin’s first solo CD, "In For The Kill" is out now!
- He had his own morning radio show in the mid-90s in Las Vegas.
- Quiet Riot’s 1983 release "Metal Health" went to #1 and spawned the huge hits, "Metal Health" and "Cum On Feel The Noize." You might have heard them once or twice.

23. Metal Skool "Heavy Shit" (skit)

Michael Diamond and Ratchet discuss what direction their song should go.

24. Metal Skool "Death To All But Metal"

If Metal Sludge had a theme song, this would be it! This exclusive track represents all that is Metal Sludge and pretty much sums it all up. "Death To All But Metal" ends our CD with the greatest metal song ever recorded.

Fun Fact:
- Formerly known as Metal Shop, they changed their name to Metal Skool in 2004.
- Their debut CD, "Hole Patrol" was available through our website.
- Michael Diamond wrote a Tour Diary for us.
- They have headlined every one of our Metal Sludge Extravaganzas in Los Angeles and are considered our "house" band.
- Still play every Monday night at the Roxy in Hollywood.
- Visit our Metal Skool page at http://www.metal-sludge.com/MetalSkoolPersonalPage.htm.

So there it is. Our baby, and it only took us 6 months to deliver!

But don’t take our word on how great it is, visit some of the feedback we’ve gotten on it at http://www.metalsludge.tv/main/index.php?module=subjects&func=viewpage&pageid=809

Let’s just sit and stare at the cover and the track listing for a little while.

1. Metal Skool "Rainbows & Witches" (skit)
2. Pain For Pleasure "Reign In Pain"
3. Lit "No Turning Back"
4. Bowling For Soup "The Bitch Song"
5. 40 Ft. Ringo "Inside Your Head"
6. Tuff "Dear Jani Lane"
7. Drill 187 "187"
8. The Wildhearts "You’ve Got To Get Through…"
9. The Thornbirds "Elephants & Tangerines"
10. Supersuckers "Someday I Will Kill You"
11. Metal Skool "LSD" (skit)
12. Jizzy Pearl "Do You Wanna Get High?"
13. The Brightness "Diamond’s Are A Boy’s Best Friend"
14. London Calling "Chasing The Satellites"
15. Killingbird "Beat The Bullet"
16. Firehouse "Crash"
17. Metal Skool "Making Up" (skit)
18. Funny Money "Good Boy Gone Bad"
19. Glory Hole U.K. "Misery"
20. Billy Morris "Killingtime"
21. Wednesday 13 "Your Mother Sucks Cocks In Hell"
22. Kevin DuBrow & Little Women – 1990 "I Can’t Resist You"
23. Metal Skool "Heavy Shit" (skit)
24. Metal Skool "Death To All But Metal"

How can you get this life changing CD? Glad you asked. You can order the CD today for only $13!

If you have the need, we have links for you to buy 1, 2, 3, 5 or 10 copies of our debut CD and save some cash while doing it. We also have different packages, like a CD and a shirt. Click the link below, figure out what you want, and we’ll set you up like a champ!


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