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Feedback on our “Hey, That’s What I Call Sludge! Vol. I” CD!




Our Metal Sludge "Hey, That’s What I Call Sludge – Volume 1" CD has been out for about 2 weeks now and has been making the rounds, so we thought we’d share some of the things people have said about it.

Of course, if you’d like to order it, you can do so Right Here!


We have a new review from Metal-Rules.com. You can check it out at http://www.metal-rules.com/review/viewreview.php?month=June&year=2004&pos=62. Thanks to Wisco for the great review!

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We also just did an interview at Rock Rage, which can be read right here, http://www.rockrage.com/interview/metalsludge.html!

Now onto various reviews…..

Two new reviews went up today. One at Rock Rage at http://www.rockrage.com/artist_links/metalsludge.html and one at Metal Exiles at http://www.metal-exiles.com/modules/news/article.php?storyid=301. Thanks to both George and Skinwalker for the reviews!

There’s a great review up at http://www.suite101.com/article.cfm/17512/108781 so be sure to check that out. Thanks to Chad Bowar for the nut swinging!

Hey That’s What I Call Sludge!
Various Artists
(Metal Sludge Records)

Do you remember the days "when chicks were hot and guys looked like hot chicks"? Back in the 80’s, did you live for Saturday nights so you could stay home watch Headbangers Ball on MTV? If you jones for music from the immortal era of big hair, guitar solos and spandex, look no further than this fantastic compilation from the good folks at metal-sludge.com. Hey That’s What I Call Sludge! is an all-killer-no-filler 24-track collection of new recordings that will rock your fucking socks off. Many of these songs ? from artists as diverse as Quiet Riot’s Kevin Dubrow, Firehouse, Lit and Murderdolls lead screamer, Wednesday 13 — are done in the classic style of 80’s metal, but there are a few exceptions. Jizzy Pearl serves up his own bluesy metal amalgam with a School-of-the-Sex-Pistols approach on "Do You Wanna Get High." The Supersuckers’ white-hot "Some Day I Will Kill You" also sidesteps that guideline by continuing with the bands’ signature flawless songwriting formula, best described as The Ramones meet Motorhead. I have no problem with that. SUM 41 also make an appearance as their metal-worshipping alter egos, Pain For Pleasure, rocking out incognito on a Priest/Dio salute called "Reign In Pain."

Much of this fine disc, like the Metal-Sludge website itself, is highly self-referential and tongue in check, emphasized by a few between song comic interludes courtesy of hair metal cover band/comedy routine, Metal Skool (formerly Metal Shop, also known as Danger Kitty!). There are also some good parodies offered here like Tuff’s brutal ode to the rise and fall of Warrant lead singer, Jani Lane ("Dear Jani Lane") and The Brightness, (HA HA!) who pull off a cheeky gender reversal with their pomp-rock delivery of "Diamonds Are a Boys Best Friend." Touche!

Among the best tracks are Killingbird’s stellar cover of Vain’s classic "Beat The Bullet" and The Thornbirds’ "Elephants and Tangerines," which has an epic feel and memorable hooks on par with great songs like "New Thing" by Enuff Z’Nuff, "Up All Night" by Slaughter or Dokken’s "Breaking The Chains." Excellent, excellent stuff. I also really enjoyed Funny Money’s "Good Boy Gone Bad," which sounds very much like late period Twisted Sister, after they stopped wearing make up an started singing power ballads like "Hot Love." Notable new groups making their debut on Hey That’s What I Call Sludge! Include Gloryhole UK, ("Misery") featuring the drumming talents of Mike "The Sack" Fasano and Buckcherry guitarist Keith Nelson. For anyone who misses Buckcherry as much as I do, this song alone is worth the price of the CD.

Completely devoid of any lame nu metal or whiney brat rock, Hey That’s What I Call Sludge! isn’t just more songs about "fat chicks and Hell." It’s a total blast from start to finish, and a first rate collection of all the good rock you been missing since Vince Neil started to look like John Lovitz. Available exclusively from http://www.metal-sludge.com

– Gail Worley

Definitely one of the best reviews ever written about any CD in the history of the world. Gail is a true genius. Thanks Gail!

Review from BraveWords.com

Hey! That?s What I Call Sludge (metal-sludge.com)

Culling 24 tracks from the bottom of ponds across the globe Metal Sludge has managed to put together a brilliant CD (both for its music and humor). Pain For Pleasure AKA Sum 41 get the fun rolling with ?Reign in Pain? a full on metal assault with comedic overtones. Lit, a band better known for having Pamela Anderson in their video rather than their music, impresses with ?No Turning Back?. Other stand out cuts include Firehouse ?Crash?, Funny Money ?Good Boy Gone Bad? and Kevin DuBrow ?I Can?t Resist You?, but the track that makes it worth spending your hard earned money is ?Dear Jani Lane? by Tuff. Taking its cue from the Bloodhound Gang?s ?The Ballad Of Chasey Lain?, ?Dear Jani Lane? is sheer brilliance with a great performance and comedic wit that best sums up Metal Sludge and the problems of an ?80s rocker gone wild. Hopefully, this track will find its way to radio.

Mitch Lafon – 9

Mitch gives it a 9, which at first looks good, but it’s 9 out of 10,000, so that’s not so good.

No, actually, it’s a 9 out of 10 so that’s great! Thanks Mitch!

From Lit’s Kevin Baldes on their mailing list:

For those of you who just can’t handle the wait for our new CD, you can purchase the new Metal Sludge CD, "That’s What I Call Sludge! 1." We’ve got a tune on the disc that’s a heavier rendition of a song ("All Or Nothing") appearing on our new album. However, on the Sludge CD the song is entitled, "No Turning Back." Think Anthrax… "Sound of White Noise" era. Pretty heavy shit! Our friends -Sum 41- appear as their alter ego, "Pain for Pleasure." The Supersuckers also contributed a track. By now you can probably tell, this is a "must have" for any Lit fan

From The Wildheart’s Ginger:

Got the CD’s today.
Nearly lost a lung laughing at the intro. The CD is awsesome (to coin a quaint US term) and fucking brilliant, at the same time.

Great work fellas. It’s a fucking winner.

Here’s "Hey…2".

Turn it up and keep yet trousers tight

The Wildhearts

From 40 Ft. Ringo’s Steve Brown:

yo Sludge,
Got the cd…awesome.
Best of Luck and thanx for putting us on there.
I was inL.A. this week and hung w/ the LIT dudes.
We talked about you fuckers alot.
all the best again…hope you get a diamond award

From the Blue Meanie:

Hey Sludge!

Got the "That’s What I Call Sludge" cd! Great stuff!! Great production all the way around and thenks for the mention in the thanks section! My hands down favorite track on the disc is The Wildhearts – "You gotta get through…". As I said before they blew me away when I saw them in April and I can’t wait to see them in Philly on June 18th. I’m kicking myself for not hearing them sooner. lol

Other favorite tracks are Pain For Pleasure, 40 Ft. Ringo, Drill 187, Funny Money all the Metal Sludge All Star tracks! lol Thos All-Star tracks are a pisser. I have to say that you definitly that the Sludge-A-Holics get their moneys worth. You can buy a cd today with 5 good songs let alone the 24 great tracks on the Sludge disc!! Good work guys!!


From Angela Grant:


Got my CD…….it rocks and so do you! I predict double platinum!

I can’t stop playing it! :)


Random Emails:

hey! thanks for sending me a cd for review/airplay…i kid you not this is one of the best comps ive ever heard, the metal skool skits are funny as all hell! anyway, ill be playing several tracks this fri (and many fri to come) and will post the review within a next couple of weeks, ill let you know…thanks and sludge on!
future sludgeaholic of the month,
LT 316 (lance!)

Dearest BBF:
I wanted to thank you and the entire staff for getting my CD and shirt out so quickly. I received it two days of them coming in. I didn’t expect to see it until the end of the month to be honest. This CD kicks ass, I was unsure at first that I would like it but wanted to be part of Sludge history and get it. This really is a good CD, and keeps you going all night long! I love my Metal Slut shirt too. My Mormon neighbors even asked if I would not wear it when the kids were out in the yard. Too bad for them I guess. Anyway thanks again, and everyone should own this CD.

I’m out like CC’s grinder at an Asshole Party!

A few from the Gossip Board:

I got mine on Saturday and from top to bottom it’s really solid! I love the new Lit song and it’s a lot heavier then I was expecting. Glory Hole remined me of Brides Of Destruction a bit, I don’t know why. The Thornbirds, Pain For Pleasure, Wildhearts. Brightness and Jizzy are my current favorites. Oh of course all the Metal Skool stuff is killer!

From Arkansas Cracker:

Possibly the greatest CD in the history of music!

I got mine today and it was autographed by Jani Bon Neil, Ozzy Stillbourne, Bastard Boy Floyd, and DJ Ashba!

They also included a Metal Sludge guitar pic, a thong, a Reese’s cup, and what looks like it might be a sheep testicle! Hell yes!

I got mine a few days ago now. Damn it rocks! My favorite track is Jizzy’s, but Lit, Bowling For Soup, Tuff, Killingbird, and Wednesday 13 have awesome tracks too.

Of course, Metal Skool is fucking hilarious!

Over the next few months, look for CD reviews is all the music magazines and rock websites.

We also have upcoming interviews about our CD that will be at RockConfidential.com and RockRage.com. The Rock Confidential piece will be up on Sunday, May 30th, so keep an eye out for that. Or better yet, read our interview while listening to our XM Radio show on The Boneyard, which debuts on the same day!

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