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Before the Adidas and the dread locks, the members of Korn had big hair and pouting lips just like everybody else did at the time.

The cheesy flyer up above is of Fieldy, aka Reggie, and Head, aka Brian. It’s their band RagTyme and dates back to 1986. Lets take a closer look at Fieldy:

You’ll never look at Korn the same way again, will you?

Brian "Head" Welch

Fieldy looking like a total jackass.

How Trixter of them.
Fieldy, David Silveria, Munky, and another singer in L.A.P.D. which stood for Love And Peace Dude.

Here’s some high school photos of Jonathan Davis.

No wonder the kids picked on Jonathan at school! He played the fucking bagpipes and wore a dress, I mean, kilt.

This is Jonathan’s high school year book photo and the last known photo of Jonathan actually smiling.

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