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And you thought we’d only be Exposing bands! Ha! We have shit on everyone, including KNAC. Take a look above at this old ass ad for KNAC. It’s from 1982 and exposes KNAC when it was just a baby. And speaking of kids, the ad looks like it was drawn at an elementary school.

Lets continue.

You know KNAC of today as the Loudest Dot Com On The Planet playing Pure Rock. Well as of 1986, you could tune into KNAC and hear Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Prince, UB40, Phil Collins, Aretha Franklin, and the Bangles, just to name a few! What would The Rack say about that?

These two happy pics are from 1989.
Long Paul still works at KNAC but with slightly less hair on his head.

If anybody has any glam photos of Rob Jones with his hair all ratted up and wearing makeup, send them in because we know they are out there!

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