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"Let’s put the ‘X’ in Exposed!"


These pictures have been floating around the Net for awhile, but here they are on Metal Sludge for your enjoyment. Let’s take a closer look, shall we?

Paul’s got some mad porkchops going on there!

Here’s Paul Stanley back in middle school. See, he’s already working on his pout-face even way back then. It’s a wonder he didn’t get shoved into a locker on a daily basis.

And let’s not forget the Demon himself! Here’s Gene back in 1914, around the time he played with his middle-school band called Lynx.:

Twisted firestarter? Mwahahaha!

When he got a little older, Gene started to resemble David Berkowitz, that Son of Sam guy. That fact alone is pretty fucking frightening.

This is Gene and Paul back around 1968. Gene sort of looks like he’s got an arrow stuck in his head! Guess they hadn’t ran all the Indians out of New York yet.

Here’s some of the various incarnations of Wicked Lester, Paul and Gene’s pre-KISS project in the very early 70s..

The full lineup above includes Ron Leejack on lead guitar, Brooke Ostrander on keyboards, and Hagrid from those Harry Potter novels on drums.

Then Gene and Paul ditched those other guys, added Peter Criss on drums, and became a 3 piece:

Now they’re wearing makeup! Here’s Gene trying to get his look down:

Is it Gene Simmons, or Chaim Cooper?

Ace Frehley joined and then they became KISS. Judging by the looks of these guys, it’s no wonder they put the makeup on!

That’s not all. We also dug up some old-ass photos of the late Eric Carr, back when he went by his given name of Paul Caravello.

Back in 1965, Eric actually thought he had a shot at joining the Beatles. At least he had the look down.

Eric in the early 70s, when he thought he’d have a shot at joining Weezer. He also had the look down, but those other Weezer guys hadn’t been born yet, so Eric was shit out of luck.

Eric in 1979, when he thought he’d have a shot at playing the cowbell for Blue Oyster Cult. Luckily, Peter quit which opened the door for Eric to get rid of those sideburns and join KISS.

More KISS Exposed coming soon!

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