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"Welcome to Gazzarri’s, it gets worse here everyday…"

This is from Axl’s pre-Hollywood Rose band Rapidfire* playing at Gazzarri’s way back in 1983. They played songs with cool titles like "Ready to Rumble" and "All Night Long." Now we know where Lionel Richie got all his ideas.

Axl’s the guy on the right if you didn’t already figure that out. Notice the complete lack of tattoos and Botox.



Rapid Fire goes for the hard guy look by the wooden staircase?


Check out the little goof on the far bottom right, good ole’ Billy Bailey in 1976.

Hollywood Rose at Madame Wong’s West in 1983

featuring Axl "I’m glam as fuck" Rose and Izzy "Steve Stevens" Stradlin.


Here are some vintage Guns N Roses photos back when Axl Rose was skinny, Slash’s liver wasn’t wrecked, and Steven Adler didn’t sound like Crackhead Bob.

Old ass Guns N Roses flyer from 1985 with Tracii Guns and first drummer Rob Gardner

Looks like it was put together by 5 year olds

Promo shot from 1986

Flyer from 1986

1986 Flyer


We figured we’d Exposed Axl’s new verison of GNR, starting with Buckethead.

He was taught guitar by Mr. Big’s Paul Gilbert!

No wonder he wears a KFB bucket to hide his face!

Next up is Robin Finck, formerly of Nine Inch Nails

Robin is the guy with his shirt off on the right.

This is from his Atlanta glam band "Bat Your Lashes" from the 80’s.

*Fun fact: Kevin Lawerence, who also played in Rapidfire with Axl, was the first to register the domain piss.com, and he still owns it to this day! Now why didn’t we think of that?

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