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Motley Crue is coming Home Sweet Home? 10/16/04



Mötley Crüe is really back! Mick Mars just got a new hip, Vince Neil just got a new hair style and looks like he got lipo too, Nikki Sixx got BOD out of his system, and Tommy Lee has gone back to college. This all makes perfect sense, right?

Some folks are starting rumors that Tommy is doing this whole ‘school thing’ for a reality show for NBC. But we beg to differ.

The new ‘hot’ rumor is that he’s learning to speak English all over again! Kind of how you’d expect a long haired white rock drummer to speak, yo.

All of this seems to be going down just in time for a Mötley Crüe reunion tour. Either that, or it’s for Micks 75th birthday party. Check out this videoclip by clicking the following link:


That pretty much says it all.

We also found the following scan (posted on our Gossip Board by jizzyjizim) of this teaser ad, which was printed in the latest edition of Kerrang:

So it looks like the word is getting out there around the globe.

Look for more from the Crüe in 2005!

Updated 10/18: Nikki responds!

Here’s the latest statement from Nikki in response to all the talk about the reunion tour:

It’s nice to hear that fans, bands, promoters and agents would like to see a Motley Crue tour. But right now I know Vince is booking tons of live shows, Tommy is busy promoting a book and doing his reality show and Mick is in rehabilitation after surgery (Who knows when and if he would feel up to it even if there was a tour) It takes four guys to do it. It hasn’t happened since 1999. All I know is all four of us haven’t been in the same room in six years. In the world of Motley, id say don’t hold your breath

p.s. Props to whoever made the tour ad i saw on the net.
maybe someday..

Hey Nikki,

We (Metal Sludge) made the ad for VH1 and paid for the ad in Kerrang too. We have nothing better to do this week, so we thought we’d stir the pot a bit to the tune of several grand. As for the "props," don’t mention it.

P.S. We’ll have your "Back-4-More" ready when you want to sling some Sludge. Hell, we’ll even change the name of your interview to a "4-Skin" if you’d like! Anything to make Sixx happy.

Updated 10/28: Kerrang hints at Crüe reunion!

You can say anything you want and post it to the Web, but some people just won’t believe anything until they see it in print. Well, Kerrang ran the following article in their October 30th edition:

Kerrang Article
(click image to enlarge)

Guess that means it’s a legit rumor! Even though it’s still officially a ‘rumor.’

Oh, and a big Sludge hello and props to Kerrang, Nikki Sixx & Mötley Crüe. But remember, the word ‘Net’ is defined as Metal Sludge. Next time… say it when you spray it, bitches!

P.S. Here at Metal Sludge headquarters, we have a REALLY good reason to believe that you just might want to be in Southern California on Monday, December 6, 2004! Yeah, that’s cryptic, but believe us, if what we heard that might go down that day actually happens, you’ll be kicking yourself if you miss it.

Updated 10/30: Tracii Guns announces BOD touring bassist, and Vince Neil nearly causes riot in Canada!

First things first. The other day, bravewords.com posted an article about comments that Brides of Destruction’s Tracii Guns made on his Web site, in which Tracii basically says they needed to get a replacement bassist for their 2005 tour since Nikki will ‘supposedly’ be touring with Motley. Here’s the part where he says that:

"Well it seems that for the next year the Brides will be on hold while Nikki (Sixx, bass) goes into MOTLEY mode. (What’s good for Motley is good for Brides we all hope). So, what do Scot (Coogan, drums), London (LeGrand, vocals) and I do for the next year? Well, I’ll tell ya. We are gonna go tour and write more tunes for the next Brides album. Who’s gonna play bass?? Well of course Stevo Bruno is gonna play bass.

"As we set out on our journey we will not be called the Brides Of Destruction. We will probably be called something like TRACII GUNS’ COCKSTAR or THE STUPID FUCKS or something like that. So you’ll be hearing some Brides tunes and some Guns hits and some other junk as well. For now this is the plan. As we all know plans can change but this is what we want to do."

Tracii also went on to talk some smack about Phil Lewis and Steve Riley of L.A. Guns. You can read the full text of the article here.

As well, bravewords.com also posted this today about a Vince Neil show last night in Kingston, Ontario! Supposedly, there’s some kind of big prison there, but on top of that, there was nearly a riot in that town when Vince took the stage! Here’s the full text:

The Vince Neil show last night in Kingston (oct 29th) almost degenerated into a full out riot…. People were lobbing beer bottles at Vince and the band…. Vince cut song 3 short and went into a long speech about punching out any fuckers that tosses a beer onstage and said that he’d walk off if any more beer hit the stage…. The he accidentally knocked over a beer from the drum riser , BUT thought it had been thrown so he left the stage….. Security scrambled and things got to a boiling point….. after about 15 minutes a barricade was set up in front of the stage and Vince returned….. He did a few more songs then APOLOGIZED to the crowd for leaving the stage….. I’ll add that VINCE DID THE RIGHT THING — Had the show continued as is…. there would have been a tragedy… People were getting crushed by the stage and the band’s monitors were pushed back so far on the stage that Vince and crew were playing pinned up against Brent Fitz’s drum riser…. Had this gone on for even a minute more the riser might have collapsed, the band would have been seriously injured and the folks at the front would have been hurt severely…. In fact three girls were pulled out…. Two with long scratches from being pinned to the plywood stage and one was nearly passed out ….. SO VINCE DID THE RIGHT THING — NO DOUBT ABOUT IT!

After the commotion and the unscheduled "intermission" – the band blazed thru a killer set and everybody seemed to have had a good time…. The ONLY disappointment is that VINCE cut the set short by one song…. HE WAS SCHEDULED to perform a never-before heard NEW SONG… so that little treat went out the window… Of course, nobody will ever know….


If Vince Neil is causing riots on his own, just think of what’s in store if/when the Crue goes out on the road in 2005!

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