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Sully is the Steve Perry looking midget in the middle.
This is from his 80s band called Lexx Luther from North Carolina.

See, everybody had long hair at one time or another.

These photos show then drummer Sully Erna in his band Strip Mind.


Strip Mind 8 x 10. Sully is on the right.

Sully might look silly, but not as bad as Godsmack guitarist Tony Rombola!

Tony is the retarded looking guy on the left! Nice teeth.
This was Tony’s band "The Answer" who played high enery dance music.

They look like "Welcome Back Kotter" rejects

Before Godsmack, drummer Tommy Stewart was in the hairband Lillian Axe!

Tommy’s the dude in the middle with the perm

Once again Tommy is in the middle

Tommy with some, uh, chick.
He’s the one of the right in case you didn’t know.

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