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Feedback on Eddie Jackson’s 20 Questions, 10/6/04



Yesterday, we posted a new 20 Questions interview, this time featuring Queensr?che bassist Eddie Jackson. We weren’t sure how the Sludgeaholics would respond to Eddie’s answers, but figured that if they were upset, they’d let us know about it. And hot damn, were we ever right about that!

We’ve gotten more e-mails and comments about Eddie Jackson’s 20 Questions than any other Metal Sludge interview in recent history. People are comparing Eddie’s interview to some of our most notoriously bad interviewees of all time, equating him with Eddie Ojeda, Kip Winger, Stephen Pearcy, BOD’s London, Nadir D’Priest and even fucking Chris Van Dahl! That must be a new low for Eddie Jackson. Who the fuck wants to be compared to Chris Van Dahl?

Mere hours after posting Eddie’s 20 Questions, we started getting bombarded with e-mail feedback. Sentiments ranged from general disappointment to outright hostility. Some people are even threatening to burn their Queensr?che CDs! We’re not sure if that means burn them to CDRs, or burn them in a big pile like a Nazi book burning, or maybe even a scene from Footloose.

Anyhow, we like feedback and we’re always happy when our readers take the time to send in comments! We got so many responses that we just had to share the comments with the Sludgeaholics, so here they are for the world to see.

As always, the first thing I do every fucking day is go to Metal Sludge. And today I said "COOL" when I saw 20 questions with Eddie Jackson. I’m a HUGE Queensryche fan and couldn’t wait to read the interview. I was immediately disappointed when my peripheral vision picked up the fact that his questions were less than informative. What a dick. "You’re starting to get my nerves". Fuck you, Eddie. He’s so busy that he can’t put any effort in to the answers he gives. Dick. Well, at least it wasn’t as bad as that Kip Winger interview. For that I’m thankful. And of course, I’m thankful for Metal Sludge.

It?s Tuesday morning, hot damn a new 20 questions! So I log on and see, EDDIE JACKSON! Rock out! I was a huge QR fan back in the day. I can?t believe you got one of these guys to play along. Now, this is going to be good. So, off to the kitchen I go to grab a cup of java and enjoy the interview.

5 minutes later – what a downer! No effort, whatsoever. What a shame, a wasted opportunity. I don?t read too many QR interviews these days.

QR is coming here in a few weeks too. Live Mindcrime, brilliant! I?m sure the show will be great, too bad the creativity in the interview was not.

Eddie Jackson’s 20’s fuckin blew my left one bigtime…You threw the good questions out there, but he was too much of a Seattle depressed Cunt to come back with some good answers….His answers were as boring as Queensryche’s music…If I can’t sleep at night, instead of counting sheep, I just throw on a Queesnsryche CD and I am fast asleep, faster than you can say Silent Lucidity…He obviosuly isn’t down with the Sludge and what the Sludge can do for a band, especially for their dying, ass-dragging career…Funny thing is, he even called both Kip Winger and Gene Simmons both "Awesome Bass Players" on the same list as Geddy Lee…Kip Winger n Gene Simmons don’t have a fucking clue compared to Geddy Lee…Just goes to show ya how fucking smart this guy is…He should just go back to work at Starbuck’s and let the real musicians do the work…I hope Kurt Cobain and Layne Staley both fucking haunt him cuz Eddie Jackson sux and is one big Dick, and I dont care if he has been around longer then them or not(has he?..I don’t know or fucking care), he deserves to be fucked with lol…He doesn’t deserve an FU award, he deserves a big stinky hairy CUNT SLUDGE Award…For Being a fucking cunt and blowing off your questions….

Smilin Mike :)

What a disappointment. I expected more of an effort, some participation, even a little application of insight, intelligence and humor. All that we received was an effortless combination of sarcasm, annoyance, and indifference. I paid over $100 for my Queensryche tickets (concert is in 3 weeks), I hope I get a better show than what I received through this interview. If he had no intentions of participating, he shouldn’t have agreed to the interview.

I cannot tell you how disappointed I am with the Eddie Jackson’s responses to 20 questions. Aside from being a die-hard sludgeholic, I am also a huge—HUGE—Queensryche fan. Although admittedly, I stopped buying their albums after Chris DeGarmo bailed on them, I have been down with the ‘Ryche since their self-titled debut up until Hear in the Now Frontier. Hell, I even got my 8th grade music teacher to play Rage for Order in class one day! (She seemed to dig "I dream in infrared", and who can blame her—great, unique metal ballad) But all that’s changed now. Let me be the first (or 1,000,000th, depending on when you get this email) to say what a freaking a**hole Eddie Jackson is. Dude, now I am one of your biggest fans, but you ain’t exactly Fred Durst. You cannot simply blow off interviews. What’s worse is the sneering tone in the beginning, as if who would DARE ask the great Eddie Jackson such trivial nonsense! The man whose bass licks I once adored has become a complete joke. When you go to your concerts, look around you, bro. All you will see are people like ME—late 20’s/early 30’s, only there for the music, been fans since the get-go, etc. It’s not really in your best interest to be pissing me off with that BS you submitted to the sludge. It’s like spitting in my face! I was PSYCHED to hear some stories about the recording of songs like "Walk in the Shadows" or "Road to Nowhere"—some of my favorite tunes! I mean, sh*t,you could at least treated us to a description of what you had for breakfast this morning, or re-printed your grocery list. Hell, I would have loved to hear you describe how the hardwood floors are coming—-I mean, something, ANYTHING, Eddie! Well, I’ll know better next time when I see Eddie’s mug on some metal rag or site or whatever. Because I know whatever he has to say won’t amount to sh*t. Thanks Eddie. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go sell The Warning on ebay. Take that, o surly one.

What a WASTE OF TIME!!! Plus, i didn’t know Prince had a lil’ Brother — or, is that Sister? anyways, i know you guys can’t control what these bastards write down,but,Jeeze this guy was a prick. Please send 20 questions to ; Marky or Tommy Ramone (a question could be "are you doing push-ups, jogging,yoga, i.e. keeping in shape ‘cuz you’re the only bastards left?"), Jerry Only (the Misfits), or maybe even ol’ Evil Elvis himself; Glenn Danzig! i KNOW it ALL depends on what mood these guys are in, but, i honestly think Jerry Only would do it, he’s cool like dat.

thanks, God Bless, Tony.

I really think that Eddie Jackson, thought that he was being an intellectual, when he was answering the questions. His responses where, flat, boring & not very entertaining. That sounds like I’m describing Queensryche doesn’t it? Their careers have tanked & now they are very bitter about it. I think they must be the most bitter band in the business. Think Don Dokken x4. I said four because there’s four members & a revolving door of hire guns… In short, Eddie’s a "good" bass player, in a once fantastic band, that has since turned their backs on the audience. They claimed they were never metal & don’t like metal. I’ll tell you what, if progressive metal was big, they’d be willing to take that classification for their music. Thanks for Reading this,


Hey there Sludge….

Was just in Queensryche’s site so that I could post a message about how much Eddie Jackson’s interview SUCKED! That part of the site is reserved for "fan club" members…the price? TWENTY FREAKING DOLLARS!!! Oh, not to mention FIVE DOLLARS SHIPPING!!!

Where the hell do they get off with that crap? News flash on Queensryche! 1988 is over! Should Kajagoogoo charge twenty-five bucks for their fan club and to visit parts of their website? Do they even have a website? Is anyone beating down Queensryche’s door right now?

I’m sorry…I didn’t realize that Sludge was too lowbrow for Queensryche. Oh, that’s right…they are the "thinking man’s metal band." Give me a break.

Hey Eddie…Osama Bin Laden called. He wants his sense of humor back.

I’m out like Queensryche’s album sales in 2004,


As a Queensryche fan since their first EP back in 1983 I am really pissed that Eddie Jackson acted like such a dick with his 20 questions! Maybe he hasn’t noticed but Queensryche isn’t exactly hot shit these days…I caught them last spring here in Chicago and at 34, I was one of the younger people in the crowd! Their last few albums have ranged from mediocre to absolute crap! He could have helped the band promote its current tour and in progress recording of "Mindcrime II", instead he shit all over the mighty Sludge. One other note for Eddie. I saw their last concert with the boys from Disturbed. Sat right in the opera box with them. Know what Eddie? Your fav new band walked out halfway through the show because they thought you guys were sucking and your "touring" guitarist, Mike Stone was blowing all the guitar parts worse than C.C.DeVille on a Mt. St. Helen’s sized coke binge! ( BTW Dan Donnegan told me he was going to throw me out of the box if I mentioned Sludge again to him after I asked about his "Exposed" photos!) They didn’t want to witness the downward spiral of a once great band any further. When QR broke out the acoustic guitars for "Roads To Madness", I thought Dan and myself were going to rush the stage to choke them!!! Sacrilege!!! Anyways, glad to see the Sludge is still up and running… and exposing "Rock Stars" for the self-important douche bags that many of them are! I’m out like Geoff Tate’s vocal range and Eddie Jackson’s "credibility"…

FINNS , the Metal cop!

I was a Queensryche fan for over 20 years, emphasis on WAS. After reading your 20 questions with him and seeing other interviews on that horses ass Geoff Tate, i obtained a refund for their current tour and will not support these pompous asses any longer. One of the biggest mistakes a band (especially a band from the 80’s) can make is to take itself way too seriously. I think Eddie should forget about spell checking and other items and maybe work on a developing a "asshole checker." He would be a great guinea pig for this device. This is truly the case of a band way overstaying their welcome, as musically they havent released anything relevant in over 10 years.

Im out like this idiots fanbase

Dave Burgess

This one’s from our old pal Wendell Neeley, host of the Classic Metal Show – the home of the Metal Sludge Song of the Week! Wendell has interviewed various members of Queensr?che before, so he had a lot of insight to offer about the topic.

I’ve just finished reading the 20 questions with Metal Sludge’s latest victim, Eddie Jackson of Queensryche’.

I want to start off by saying that I am a very BIG fan of the band Queensryche’, as I believe their creativity and music transends the generations as well as stands the test of time.

While I’ll admit, it takes balls for a member of a band with the integrity and credibility of Queensryche to take on an interview with the MIGHTY Sludge, I believe Mr. Jackson clearly missed his opportunity to shine.

Even though Metal Sludge has aquired the reputation of a "goof sight" what Mr. Jackson fails to realize is that tens of thousands of his core audience read Metal Sludge, not strictly for entertainment, but for informational purposes as well.

In this day and age where a band like Queensryche are far from the flavor of the day and no longer selling out 10.000 + seat arenas, an opportunity to re-energize the dwindling fan base, or for that matter, introducing them to new fans was lost.

It’s obvious that Mr. Jackson has a sense of humor by answering a couple of questions with a witty come-back, but unfortunately missed his opprtunity to answer the serious questions by providing a view point from his personal perspective.

If the effort put forth in this interview is an example of the approach Mr. Jackson puts toward his music and participation in what could possibly be one of the most innovative bands to come out of the 80’s genra, I’m not optimistic for the future of the GREAT band Queensryche.

No wonder Geoff Tate does the lion’s share of the interviews.

My 2 cents cashed in!!

Wendell Neeley

Yo Babie’s,

It’s amazing what a fuckin’ Douchetool..Pronounced,(Dooshtool) Eddie Jackson is. I’m an old skool Ryche fan, but this guy’s an asshole…

I Sludge you,


Does this guy have an opinion on ANYTHING?

This is from a Sludgeaholic who actually dropped by queensryche.com to let them know how she felt about Eddie’s interview. They actually replied! Here is their e-mail exchange:

I sent this to Queensryche and this is what I got. What a bunch of crap. Great music, lame personality!

—–Original Message—–
From: queensryche.com :: public site [mailto:webmaster@queensryche.com]Sent: Tuesday, October 05, 2004 4:33 PM
To: Susan Tate (fanclub contact)
Subject: 20 questions

Just wanted to let you know Eddie’s 20 questions at Metal Sludge seriously sucked. The only people who have the right to be offended by their questions are bands the are still selling gold and platnium records. I’m afraid my purchase of one does not do much to help them hit that mark but at least he could have given us fans who still buy the records and go to the shows a little entertainment on metal sludge. Why did he even bother? As anyone knows ALL PRESS, good or bad is GOOD PRESS! So he needs to play along.


From : Queensryche Fan Club <fanclub@queensryche.com>
Sent : Tuesday, October 5, 2004 7:37 PM
To : <*****@hotmail.com>
Subject : RE: 20 questions

I actually just now read this. This is his sense of humor. He was joking.

Eddie was joking, huh? Well, he didn’t come across that way. He came across like an ass.

Nevertheless, we’ve gotten a few more e-mails suggesting that we shouldn’t be too hard on Mr. Jackson, also letting us know that his answers were indicative of his ‘sense of humor.’ Yeah, he’s fucking hysterical. Maybe he should write for Metal Sludge. (Sarcasm mode off.) Anyhow, we’ve included them here for the sake of remaining fair and balanced.


What’s up. Listen, cool about scoring Ed Bass on the 20 Q’s. Listen though – Eddie likes to fuck around all the time, that’s why he answered the questions the way he did. He’s the jokester/prankster in the band.

Did you expect anything more than smart-assed answers from a jokester like Ed? Come on!

I thought the entire interview was funny as shit, and I wouldn’t get annoyed at the fact that he didn’t answer some of them. I found it pretty fucking hysterical.


Gentlemen, I disagree with your assessment of 20 questions with Eddie Jackson. The man was distinguished and dignified and did not stoop to mudslinging, so I do not see why you could refer to his comments as negativity. In truth, he avoided negativity and your pidgeon-holing him into saying the usual rockstar bullshitisms that frequently pollute 20 questions.

What I took away from reading the interview was that here is one dignified individual who does his best to find the best in everyone and everything.

In short, that?s a class act and this interview was the best 20 questions installment I have ever seen on the site, next to Lita Ford?s.

Best regards, nonetheless,


Well, Whink, we’re glad you liked the questions, but the fact that you thought Eddie’s responses were dignified and well-crafted puts your opinion amongst a rather microcosmal minority. Especially since those were the only 2 e-mails that came to Eddie’s defense out of everything we received.

OK, enough of that. Fuck being fair and balanced! Here’s some more brutal stuff from our Metal Sludge Gossip Boards.

That sucked big-time.

BTW- Steve Miller is from San Francisco, not Seattle, ass-butt.


The pic on the front page is hysterical! I thought it was a 20Q with the "Doctor" from Prince and the Revolution!


I hope his kid shits all over his new floor when its done.


I really like his playing but in all honesty that was the most boring 20 Questions I’ve seen yet.


He sure blew that one, but Kip Winger comes in close still…


Wow someone can’t hang.!You are right Nate he did blow it.
How NOT to do a Sludge interview bye:Eddie jackson………………………….


Queensryche freakin rocks. From their Self Titled EP. To Operation Mindcrime, they were Brilliant. But I am the first to admit, Eddie Jackson seemed a bit defensive in this 20 questions. He should have known it was tongue in cheek, and most of the people reading his answers were fans of his accomplishments.


He didn’t have a clue what the 20 Q is about, and those questions were TOTAL softball. Why would it have been so hard when he found out Sludge wanted to do a 20 Q, to go to the site and check out the past 20 Qs so he knew what it was about and got a feel for it? That’s the first thing I would do if I got asked for an interview. It’s the first thing most normal people would do.

For a band that hasn’t made a great cd since Operation: Mindcrime, he at least should have tried. I have read worse 20 Q’s however. 2/10 for Eddie’s interview. Which is coincidentally the total average of quality of their post-Mindcrime discography.


it would also help to actually know the name of the song you covered, WTF is "We Don’t Get Fooled Again?"

not the absolute worse I’ve ever read, but they do rank right down there with Pearcy, Winger and London

I’m not sure if the guy just didn’t get the joke, or thought he’d try and come off as tough or what, but it was a lame effort, he didn’t even mention the fact that they’re doing Mindcrime 2


Let’s burn our Queensryche CD’s.


Well I’m not gonna burn any of my Queensrhyche CDs, but holy shit did that suck. He came off like a total jerk. Maybe he was really constipated or something. I mean why the fuck even bother sending them back? Was he just trying to come off as badass? I think if I ever meet him, I’ll kick him in the balls for subjecting me to that pile of shit I just read.


Yanno…….if I had pics of my sUPERpERM from the 80’s all posted up in my interview, I’d be pretty pissed myself……….

That interview sucked just as much as Queensryche……….


maybe it has something to do with people named Eddie…Eddie Ojedas is by far the worst 20?s that have been done…although he did do a rewind that is a little bit better he still just fucked up completely on the first one


It seemed as if he had no idea what the Sludge is all about. He had the wrong impression of what the interview was all about. Sludge called it right by saying that if he didn’t understand what the deal with 20Q’s is, then he should approach it as a serious interview and offer some insight into his band. They have faded away since Mindcrime and maybe it’s because they got too full of themselves. Whatever the reasoning, answer the fucking questions!



What in the fuck is up with answers like:

"You guys are starting to get on my nerves"

and my personal favorite:

"Is this all you?ve got? Ask me a harder question!"


He’s got a lot of nerve, especially running around looking like some illegitimate spawn of Freddie Prinze.

I wish Sludge would have asked him something like "What exactly were you guys smoking when you came up with the concept for Mindcrime II? Because you know that Queensryche is nothing without DeGarmo, right?"

I agree that the only 20Q that let me down more than this was Nadir D’Priest’s, simply for the fact that D’Priest has been on the scene so long, that you KNOW he does have some serious ass dirt, too bad he woldn’t come off of it. Too bad it wasn’t 1991 when you could’ve just waved a few Tylenol 3’s in his face and he would have sucked off your entire family AND told you anything you wanted to know.


what a fucking asshole. you would think someone on the downside of their career would be a bit more helpful to anyone that would pay attention to them.


worst…20 questions….eva! God that was lame.


I want to kick him square in the balls for that one. Love the perm, Eddie!


Quite the disappointment. It’s not like he didn’t have time to prepare, let’s face it, the press isn’t exactly hounding him. He should be glad anybody wanted to talk to him. I’m not seeing a Eddie Jackson Behind the Music or E! True Seattle Story in his future.


It always amazes me how some of these lower tier musicians work so hard to alienate their fan base. Maybe he’s doing well enough that he doesn’t care, but it doesn’t hurt your career to NOT be a dumbass. Again, if he didn’t know what Sludge was all about, how hard would it be to go "Huh. These are weird questions. Let me look at this site and see what the deal is. Oh, I get it. You get points for rolling with it and being humorous."

Course, maybe he was trying to be humorous, in which case he failed worse than Queensryche trying to put out a legitimate album.


Pretty good 20Qs.


Actually, they were really lame.


This is so weird…Eddie has a pretty good sense of humour. Wow….I guess sarcasm isn’t part of it…


That fucking guy is a douche. He seems to think his shit don’t stink….Fuck him.


Fucking hell, that sucked.

Worst 20 Q ever. Seriously. That totally deserves an FU Award.

And I used to be a huge fan of these guys. What the fuck was I thinking?

What a tool


Queensryche is one of my all time favorite bands. Having said that, Eddie Jackson is a fucking asshole. You talk about no sense of humor at all. Oh well, I still love everything up through Empire.


Give this dick an FU Award already. Shit, those fuckers have released almost as many live albums as Kiss except Kiss has been around since the early 70’s. And getting mad at the interviewer and questions shows you take yourself way too serious for a guy who has not released quality material since 1990.


Those were pretty lame, the Sludge written parts were funny though. I still say Kristy "Krash" Majors 20Qs are still the worst. I never liked Queensryche either, except for a very few songs, Tate’s voice gets annoying to me.


Someone please kick The Juan Ebstein of Rock/metro-sexual’s ass so we can get a rewind with a punched-in face pic please.


What an asshole! I got half way thru them & hadda bail. Lame, uninformative & what a ‘tude.

Sludgeaholic of the month, 7/2003

I am truely disappointed. He apparently has never been to the Sludge website. Too bad for him. He could have really enjoyed those questions & instead he putzed it up.


I have to say that every time I see any member of Queensryche inteviewed, they come off as being extremely fucking bitter. Chris Degarmo is one exception, as I haven’t seen an interview with him in years; no wonder he can’t play with these guys anymore.


That,by far…was the lamest 20Qs I’ve ever had the displeasure of reading…I guess we now must bow to the Tower of Lame 20Qs…Eddie Jackson, Eddie Ojeda, and Nadir D’Priest…Can I have the 3 minutes of my life back please????


I’m a Queensryche fan, but Eddie’s answers were lame and his attitude was worse. He’s the least recognizable member of the band, you would think he would be happy that someone in the media is willing to talk to him. Sludge handled him with kid gloves and he still couldn’t hang. This is almost as big a let down as the first time I listened to the Hear In The Now Frontier album.


You know, the questions were great, he’s just a fucking idiot. If someone asks a band like Queensryche to do 20 Q’s…. NO MATTER who they are or what site they are from … you should be happy you are being asked for an interview. What a cock that guy is.

I hope his PR and bandmates see this shit and kick him square in the nuts for fucking up their last 2 minutes of fame. Douches.

But, Good try, Sludge! You can’t tell who are fucking imbeciles when you send out the Q’s.


What a douche bag.


Props to Sludge you made him look like an ass…Queensryche sucks now anyway!


I hate musician’s who have no sense of humor towards the music business. Let’s face it, 75% of musician’s KNOW who/what Sludge is, either through other musicians or through fans..Come on.

The whole 20 Q’s came off as either a poor sense of humor, a total rich rock star attitude or maybe he’s hoping when Ryche’s next release tanks he can use his 20 Q’s as a resume for the Bach Tight 5..


The Sludgeaholics have spoken!

We still think it was cool that anyone from Queensr?che would actually agree to a Metal Sludge interview, so we have to give Eddie Jackson some sort of props for stepping up to the plate. But if you’re going to do the interview, at least take it seriously. As serious as one could take a Metal Sludge interview, that is.

Let this be a lesson to future 20 Questions candidates. Feel free to be all hostile and give shitty answers, but be prepared to feel the wrath of the angry fans and Sludgeaholics who feel let down. Eddie brought this all upon himself, so he’ll have to deal with the consequences for years to come. Way to go!

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