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The Exies with their 2002 look

The Exies with their year 2000 look

The Exies are currently getting a pretty good buzz with their new CD and a video on MTV. Of course they have a trendy name and the latest "look" as you can see from up above. However, lead singer Scott Stevens didn’t always look like that, and you’re not going to read about his past band, which also has a "The" in their name, in The Exies bio. Wanna know why?

He was in The Bang Gang!!!

The Fucking Bang Gang. Not just any 80s glam band, The Bang Gang! The band known for having one of the most ridiculous names ever.

Then known as Scotti, he’s the 2nd from the left looking over his glasses like he’s in Enuff Z’Nuff or something. This is from 1990.

Scotti was the guitar player in The Bang Gang.

Scotti is 2nd from the left with the classic "more hair on one side of my head than the other" pose.

The beer in his land lets you know he’s not playing games!

Scotti isn’t the only member of The Exies to have a hidden past. Another member of the band used to be in the Sunset Strip glam band Black Cherry. The Exies guitar player David Walsh was in Black Cherry, though we can’t figure out which one of the goofs below is him. Might be the 3rd guy from the right. Or 3rd guy from the left.

After Black Cherry, David went on to the band Disturbance. No, not Disturbed, but Disturbance. They had an album out on Zoo Records in 1993 and a song on the Metal Edge CD in 1994.

David is the 2nd from the right.

David’s in the back

David’s the guy in the back with the glasses


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