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Pauly Shore is Dead!



How could we pass this up? We couldn’t, so someone help Pauly Shore out and give him some mouth to mouth now. When he comes to, tell him he owes us a 20 fuckin’ Questions for helping to save his ass, career, and hairline! After all, his staff is hitting various message boards around the Internet (including our very own Metal Sludge Gossip Board) looking for help, as in the following post we lifted:

yo yo yo, jake the snake here. i work for pauly and we need some help with our street team in the LA area. his movie comes out on friday at universal city walk and we need some people to pass out flyers and put up posters and spread the word about this awesome movie with a killer line up cast like, TOMMY LEE, fred durst, carrot top, rico suave, bill maher, dr dre, snoop dogg,, tons of rad dudes and hot babes,,,oh yeah, and the hilton sisters….hit me back if you can help this week, at.. rokkenwithjake@aol.com free swag and paid lunches,,,plus you get to party with the weasel when he gets back from new york…..

yeahhh, check out this joint!


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