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Robbie Crane in Hot Wheelz with former Warrant singer Adam Shore

Current Ratt bass player Robbie Crane was pretty much in every Sunset Strip band during the late 80s/early 90s. If a band needed a bass player/roadie, Robbie Crane was your jabroni! He’s also played with Vince Neil, Tuff, Black N Black, and The Angel City Outlaws.

We’ll start off with one of his earlier bands, Hot Wheelz! With a name like that, we can’t figure out how they didn’t make it.

Hot Wheelz Spring 1988

After Hot Wheelz, we have New Haven.

Spring 1989
Robbie is on the far left.

From New Haven we go to Lancia.

1989 – 1990
Hey, who’s that blond guitar player on the far right? That’s none other than Bart Walsh! But that’s an exposed for a future date.

Did Robbie actually leave the house and go, "My hair looks cool."

From Lancia we go to Wildside.
Note: This wasn’t the Wildside that got signed to Capitol Records.


Robbie was also in Paradise, but we can’t find that photo right now. We have it some place, but bastard boy floyd lost it in his trailer. If anybody can find it before we do, send it in.

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