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Josh Todd of Buckcherry

You know them as Buckcherry. Well actually, you’ll know them as "dropped" pretty soon. Anyway, back in 1992 they were called SlamHound and were just another band on the strip. The dude up above with the hat on and the blond hair is none other than Joshua Todd!

That’s Joshua Todd with the Bret Michaels’ style bandana on. Just another dude on the strip looking like everybody else.

Joshua is the one with the hat on in the back.

Notice this review from 1991 says, "Singer Josh Todd greeted the audience with a hearty, "Hey! Does anybody out there like cocaine?"

Had it not been for cocaine, they wouldn’t have had their only hit!

This photo is in black and white, but the hat Josh is wearing is actually pink. How glam.

Joshua is the one in the back with his long blond hair over to one side. How Sebastian of him.

As grunge came along, Slamhound changed their look to fit the times more.

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