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10 Questions Band Gets Signed! 9/8/04



Crash Kelly says "getting signed is a beauty way to Sludge, eh?"

Every once in awhile, something good happens to an up-and-coming band that we give exposure to. Not very often. In fact, very rarely, but it does happen occasionally. Almost never, but once in a blue moon. And when it does, we make a big fucking deal about it, just like we are now. Especially since today’s a slow news day and there’s really nothing else going on.

We just got word that none other than Crash Kelly, a Canadian band who did 10 Questions with us last October, and who also played last summer at our MSX show in Toronto, just got signed to a real live record label! That label just happens to be Liquor and Poker Music, which is also the label that Hanoi Rocks is currently signed to. Here’s the e-mail we got from Crash Kelly’s lead Hosehead, Sean Kelly:

I just wanted to forward you this press release, and say thanks for the part that Metal Sludge has played in helping Crash Kelly get signed.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been on tour and had people come up and say "Dude, I read your 10 Questions on Metal Sludge!" It’s a real trip to hear that shit when you’re in England, Ireland and Scotland!

We also got a ton of exposure from being on the Toronto stop of the Metal Sludge tour… hey, we even ended up touring with Enuff Z’Nuff in the UK and Ireland because of it!

Seriously, long live the Sludge… I look forward to many merciless taunts, embarassing sound scan totals and scathing reviews… how fucking cool is that???

Sincerely, I thank you.

Sean Kelly

PS – We’ll probably be doing our new album in LA…watch for us hanging out at the Rainbow. We’ll be the ones with the toques, drinking Molson Canadian and shouting "Give’r"!!

Here’s the press release sent out earlier today by their label:

For Immediate Release:


Liquor and Poker Music is proud to announce the signing of Toronto?s Crash Kelly to a roster that has proved to be nothing less than the very best! Crash Kelly has been making waves in the rock ?n? roll world from Toronto to London to New York to L.A. with a sound and live show that is rooted firmly in the vintage style and sound of the late ?70s and early ?80s that amazingly sounds fresh and electrifying for today?s rock fan.

Crash Kelly is the soul child of Sean Kelly, a young Toronto session musician who has toured and recorded with some of the biggest names in Canadian music. After years of playing sideman to sundry artists, the rock ?n? roll animal in Sean could no longer be contained. In 2002 Crash Kelly was born.

Crash Kelly?s debut album for Liquor And Poker Music, Penny Pills, was co-produced by Sean which results in an album that honestly represents the spirit of hook-filled, swaggering rock ?n? roll which is so lacking by artists reigning the radio and album charts these days. This sound, coupled with Crash Kelly?s electrifying live show, which has seen them open as of late for the likes of Alice Cooper and WASP, is what drew Liquor and Poker Music to the band and ultimately resulted in the band being offered a multi-album worldwide deal.

With a beauty of a line-up that includes Kelly on lead vocals and guitar, veteran Toronto guitarist Allister Thompson, transplanted American drummer Eric Hermann and multi-platinum artist Jeff Pearce on bass, Crash Kelly is a band that is hell-bent to put a smile on your face, a ringing in your ears and rock ?n? roll salvation in your heart. Liquor and Poker Music will be releasing Penny Pills with a brilliant cover of Cheap Trick?s ?ELO Kiddies? as a bonus track and a video for the leadoff track ?She Gets Away? on January 25th, 2005. Get on over to the Liquor and Poker Music website right now where you can see the Crash Kelly band page and listen to ?She Gets Away? in MP3 format. Keep checking the band?s page ?cause I guarantee you will see Crash Kelly rockin? your town soon. Penny Pills will without a doubt set the standard for all other ?rock? releases to beat in the NewYear. Trust me, it will be no easy feat by any means!

See what Sludge exposure can do for you? You can be a numb-nuts hoser band from Toronto and, by doing 10 Questions with Metal Sludge, you, too, can get the international recognition it takes to get signed. It won’t be too long before Sean and the rest of Crash Kelly are drinking Roederer Cristal by the caseload and snorting lines through rolled up $100 bills (U.S., not Canadian) off the backs of strippers. Naturally, within the liner notes of their debut CD, we’ll be expecting some kind of credit for making all of this possible. But we’re sure that won’t be any problem. Right Sean?

From this point forward, we’ll be watching Crash Kelly’s career with great interest.

Congratulations to Sean & the band on their good fortune in Label Land, and congratulations to us for knowing a good thing when we see it!

Metal Sludge
Where Dreams Come True

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