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Blackie Lawless cancels gigs! 8/15/04



In that pic above, it sort of looks like Blackie Lawless is about to start working a broomstick into his rectal cavity.

We know of a few thousand people that might like to help him with that right now!

Here’s the scoop:

Over the past several days, we’ve been hearing alot of disgruntled murmurings coming from the Great White North, and a few from within the States as well, all in regards to W.A.S.P. cancelling shows at the last minute, most of them for stated reasons so bizarre that they’re hard to even fathom. It all started when we got this e-mail in the wee hours of the morning early last Monday, 8/9/04.

I’ve been a fan of yours for about 4 years now. I think the site is pretty funny and always have a lot of truth behind your twisted sense of humour. I’ve always wanted to wait for a good excuse to write to you to say all this shit because after all, I don’t want to kiss your ass either. I have enough respect for myself not to do that, even if I do like your site.

However, tonight, I have a great excuse to write to you. If you’re looking for someone to givetyour infamous "Fuck You" award to, please look no further. I only have one name to give. BLACKIE LAWLESS.

Let me put it to you this way. I’ve always been a fan of W.A.S.P. I always felt they never got the credit they deserved. As much as Blackie needs a psychiatrist, his music is STILL cool.

The reason I say old Blackie deserves a smack in the fucking face is that a poor promoter from Montreal, Canada has decided to take a chance and book W.A.S.P. for August 8, 2004 for a show at "Les Foufounes ?lectriques." Les foufounes is this tiny, but notorious club where people such as Nirvana, Marianne Faithfull (not that we care but.she’s still Marianne Faithfull) have played in the past. Everything was a go and much to my surprise, the band sold about 400 tix. Tiger Stadium, Dodger Stadium and Wembley Stadium are just around the corner.

So tonight was the long, awaited return of WASP to our lovely Montreal city. The place was crowded with great people who, in all honesty, are true examples to follow; girls with platinum blonde hair, like in the 80s, guys with mullets, and such. My friend and I actually move our little asses to this shitty club to see Blackie’s triumphant return to Montreal, only to be told by a fellow concert attendee that there was a 50/50 percent chance of the show not happening yet. Since the guy looked a little drunk I thought to myself : Fuck off. I then ran into another person I knew and she told me that as far as she knew, the concert was being cancelled due to the fact that His Majesty Lawless didn’t like the stage and that the show could not be presented there. A decision made about two hours before the scheduled time. This is professional all the way.

Apparently, Blackie and his sidemen, that’s what they are, came to the bar incognito, had a look at the stage and called off the show, because His Majesty Blackie had this special mikestand which he HAD to use and the stage didn’t have the required set up for it. Instead of thinking about the fans who got off their fat asses to come see the show, Blackie preferred to go the "prima donna" route. I guess album sales have been sooooo good that he had the luxury to cancel a show for such a legitimate excuse. Oh well, the demand is so strong hat I’m sure another date will be promptly booked, probably at the Olympic Stadium, which can hold about 50 000 people, which I’ m sure Blackie can fill in a heartbeat. And, of course, the mikestand will fit in, no problem, for the 50 000 WASP fanatics who are being tested but will stay loyal no matter what.

It’s obvious that Blackie has so much success and that WASP has had such an impact on the metal world that he could afford to do the following, "wise" business moves.

In 1998, Blackie blew his chance to be on a semi big tour with Iron Maiden and Dio. But since Maiden didn’t want Blackie’s shit all over the stage, His Majesty once again pulled out of that tour. Montreal, of course was on the itinerary. Tonight, Blackie had his only chance left to reconquer the Montreal market. He blew it once again. The man is in his 50s and the fucker still doesn’t have a clue. So much for the respect of his fans.

Back in 1985, WASP did a co-headline tour with Metallica to make sure that they could actually have a tour of this level. Basically, Metallica was opening for WASP. People who went to that show went especially for Metallica. When WASP came on stage, people were throwing pocket change at the band. Plastic cups also were also seen flying towards the stage. Was that part of the show? Don’t think so.

Blackie Lawless, like Gene Simmons (I’m the biggest KISS fan, by the way and NOT THE 2004 version, thank you very much!), is so out of touch that he is turning away his VERY, VERY few fans left.

I’m out,

Like Chris Holmes,
Like WASP’s fame,
Like Blackie’s mikestand,

Tormentor 94!

That was followed up by another e-mail that arrived just after business hours began on the East Coast. This was sent around the press circles by none other that Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles’ senior writer Mitch Lafon. Just for shits & giggles, we decided to add a few of our own comments along the way. Hope you don’t mind.

Montreal August 8th –

WASP was scheduled to perform to a tape of course in Montreal tonight at Foufounes Electriques (a BCI promoted show/ sponsored by BW&BK/bravewords.com). Venue capacity 615 – show SOLD OUT! Warrant could’ve sold 715 tickets, but who’s counting.

The band was scheduled to arrive at the venue at 2PM – to set up, stand around soundcheck, bitch about monitors, etc… So, I decided to get there for 3PM (which I did). Mitch did, he just said so. The band materialized as opposed to just walking in? a little after 6PM.

In walks three henchmen (roadies & road manager) – looking glum wouldn’t you if you worked for W.A.S.P.? and pissed off (I might too if I just had a 14 hour from Chicago or so I was told)…. we’d be pissed off too, especially if we had to ride in a bus with Blackie that whole time. First words out of the tour manager’s lips… "This place smells like shit" (which it doesn’t but whatever). But in reality probably did; after all, what club doesn’t smell? They proceed to get on the stage and bounce on it (as if it were a trampoline) (or Blackie’s gut). Then they start measuring it by the scientifically proven method – walking it off… They’re even more pissed and call in the promoter… They huddle and discuss the situation… Next each band member (with the exception of Blackie) (real name Steve) walk instead of materializing into the venue and examine the stage.

Stet (Howland) (who was sucked back into WASP last minute after quitting a few years ago) decides that his drum riser cannot fit and REFUSES to play the show without it… he retreats to the bus. Mike (Duda, bass) looks a little worse for wear from the road - (that’s not really a compliment to Mike) looks around in a tired daze (that’s his normal look by the way) and leaves (like a tree?). The guitarist (Darrell Roberts, no relation to Oral Roberts) comes in… and he starts fuming like hot piss on a cold urinal cake… he leaves (also, like a tree?). (Blackie is on the bus parked out back the entire time). No doubt hiding from his own shadow, kinda like Paul Stanley meets Michael Jackson.

The crew (no reference to Nikki, Tommy or Vince) informs the promoter that Blackie’s mic stand weighs 1000lbs and is too heavy for the stage… The combined weight of all the plaers in W.A.S.P. equals 700-1000 lbs, so what’s the big deal? They inform the promoter that if his mic stand cannot be accommodated (Does the rider indicate that the mic stand gets its own hotel room nightly?) the band will leave (What’s W.A.S.P.’s obsession with trees?). So, the promoter scrambles – hires a welder, get sheet metal, etc… offers the band more money, (should’ve offered an ass kicking instead) etc… but the show is in jeopardy… (and Mark McGrath is nowhere in sight to help answer the questions)

At about 6:45 the crew (smelly helpers) get on the bus and LEAVE (do we need to say it again, or do you know what goes here?)- promoter is confused...(the reality is, that many rock stars are dicks, so don’t be confused) he receives a call from the band (typical chicken shit move after bailing the venue before the gig) saying the show is canceled unless you can find a NEW VENUE!!!! Hold everything, what’s this in my pocket? (and that the band is headed to the hotel). I don’t know about other cities but finding a fully staffed (barmaids, coat check, security, etc) venue at 7PM on a Sunday for a show scheduled at 9PM is not the easiest thing to do. Should’ve called Happenin’ Harry. Promoter scrambles some more, but finds a solution… Informs the band and is told "yeah, we just don’t wanna play tonight."

A SOLD OUT crowd had to be informed that the band didn’t want to play because Blackie’s mic stand didn’t fit on the stage to his specifications and that refunds would be available tomorrow (minus service charges)… LONG LIVE ROCK, EH???

Let’s not forget that Blackie got a NON-REFUNDABLE 50% advance (show was $4500 US – so I’m told) and the promoter is out the cost of catering(all the perishable foods), security, door-man, ticket-girl, soundman and other staff…..(probably another $2000).

If this wasn’t a Spinal Tap/Metal Sludge moment — then I just don’t know what is…

Nice of Mitch to drop our name in there. Did we read that correctly? A 1000 lb mic stand? WTF?! That?s almost twice as much as Blackie himself weighs. What?s he compensating for with that thing anyway? Anyhow, later that day, Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles posted the following blub on their Web site, to which we also added a few of our own comments:

According to the Foufounes Electriques website, W.A.S.P. cancelled their Sunday, August 8th night show at the Montreal club because the stage was supposedly not strong enough to support a 1,000 lb microphone stand (Greatly exaggerated weight. That’s half a fuckin’ car!) used by frontman (fatman) Blackie Lawless (real name Steve). Attempts were made to make proper adjustments (meaning, kissing Blackie’s ass), to no avail as the organizers found out about the problem only 48 hours (number of hours to rock over the weekend, according to Pretty Boy Floyd) before the show. W.A.S.P. were reportedly offered more money (they should’ve offered them an ass-beating) to play with a stripped down set (what, and take away the background tapes?!) but they refused. Neither Lawless (real last name Ballbag) nor management (GAF) have commented on the incident as of yet. We’ll keep you posted.

MelodicRock.com also carried the story:

WASP pulled out of their Montreal show last night (too bad Blackie’s Father didn’t pull out) – only hours before the sold out (hype) show was to kick off. Sounds like something their guitarist did a few years ago at a Metal Sludge party. Reporter Mitch Lafon (Canadian) was at the venue all afternoon with his press pass (press pass at a 500 seat venue = impressive) to cover the show and reports that offered several excuses (the tape machine we borrowed from Milli Vanilli keeps skipping) why they couldn’t play at the scheduled venue (stage too small, no drum riser, not strong enough stage to carry the weight of Blackie’s mike stand), before refusing to play unless an alternative venue was organized. Sorry, Blackie, the local stadium is for football games, the Olympics and Rolling Stones concerts, not your medieval 3rd rate Alice Cooper tribute band. Everything was done by the promoter to accommodate
the band, and informs them of such only to be told: "yeah, we just don’t wanna play tonight…"

Mitch followed up that report a few days later (8/11) with the tale of another W.A.S.P. debacle, this time in Ottawa:

W.A.S.P. – Second Canadian Date Blown Off

According to postings in the fan forum at W.A.S.P.’s official website, the band cancelled their August 10th gig at Barrymore’s Music Hall in Ottawa. No official reason has been given for the cancellation, but according to the bar owners it had to do with “the barriers in front of the stage.’The tour manager reportedly claimed the barriers weren’t sufficient enough to insure the band’s safety and thus decided W.A.S.P. would not play.

This was backed by the following e-mail we got yesterday from a Sludgeaholic that went to the Ottawa show that didn’t happen:

My name is Pat McFee and I live in Ottawa, Canada. I hit your site on a daily basis without a fail and enjoy Metal Sludge, the last bastion of cool music immensely. I have a story from this past Tuesday that you might find interesting.

WASP, as you may or may not know is in the middle of their current tour for whatever their most recent album is. They are mainly touring bars and smaller such venues.

They were scheduled to play last Tuesday at Barrymores, which is our top flite rock bar in the city. It has played host to bands such as Megadeth and Motorhead. Metallica partied there after a concert during the Justice For All tour. it is our version of the Whisky A Go Go or the Troubadour. Being a fan of theirs, I decided to attend the show with a bunch of my friends. The tickets were 25 dollars, which is quite expensive, but considering nobody ever comes to Ottawa we decided it was worth it.

We show up at 10 pm and notice, among other things, their tour bus sitting to the side of the bar and a lot of people standing outside the bar looking pissed.

It turns out Mr. Lawless and the boys showed up at 7:30 and promptly cancelled the show. These were their reasons:

1) They were pissed off because their was no security barrier in front of the stage.

2) There was no row of security personnel to stand in front of said barrier.

Everything was all set up to go, soundchecks were done and all that was left for WASP to play.

Apparently Blackie thinks he’s headlining a stadium tour and there are 30000 people wanting to charge the stage since he is such a household name. Reality check: You’re playing in front off 500 people in a bar on a Tuesday night.

You guys said Blackie was an asshole. You hit that one right in the head.

I’m out like Chris Holmes, formerly of WASP, who knows what a prick Blackie is.

Pat McFee (long live metal and long live Metal Sludge)

Perhaps the point here is being totally missed. Blackie is obviously worried about the crowd?s safety: those barricades prevent his man-boobs from smashing fans in the first few rows.

Too bad Sebastian hasn’t joined W.A.S.P. on this tour. Blackie and Baz would do great together. They could call it… Sebitchian Bach and the Bitch tit five!

Mitch Lafon again sent around a related e-mail to the press, this time with some random musings from none other than Frankie Banali:

When asked to comment about the recent cancellation of WASP shows in Montreal (Aug 8th because Blackie Lawless mic was too big for the stage) and Ottawa (Aug 10th because the security barrier was deemed unfit to protect Lawless from rabid fans) former WASP (Quiet Riot) drummer, Frankie Banali, offered the following: "I consider myself fortunate enough to have passed on participating in this tour. I don’t know all sides of the story so it’s difficult to have an opinion other than the fans deserve a higher measure of respect from any band and I hope they will be given an explanation that will satisfy all concerned. Having said that, it’s really none of my business just an opinion based on what is being circulated at large."

We’re with ya on that one, Frankie.

Since Blackie was already on a roll, and by that, we’re not referring to his waistline, he went ahead and cancelled W.A.S.P.’s 8/11 show in Clarence, NY, citing "food poisoning" as the reason for not being able to perform.

As if that wasn’t enough, Blackie cancelled Thursday night’s gig in Pittsburgh! This came in Friday, 8/13:

I went down to Mr. Small’s Funhouse last night only to see that W.A.S.P. cancelled their show. Reason given was that a bandmember became ill! Heck Someone should of Called up S.P.I.T to replace them! :)

The reason W.A.S.P. Gave for cancelling their 8/12 Pittsburgh show was that Blackie got Pneumonia. Now, we’re obviously not scientists or medical professionals, but how exactly does food poisoning turn into Pneumonia overnight? Someone please enlighten us.

What follows represents $10,000 that Blackie has allegedly stolen from promoters over the past week, as the band gets half of its guarantee up front and it’s non-refundable. This is like Blackie’s version of summer camp. Travel around the country, get paid, don’t pay your employees, and live the rock’n roll lifestyle. Who knows, maybe one of those mafioso club owners will have him whacked!

From bravewords.com:

W.A.S.P. were scheduled to play at Mr. Small’s Theater in Pittsburgh, PA last night, August 12th. According to various sources, the show was cancelled because frontman Blackie Lawless is suffering from pneumonia.

This marks the fourth cancellation in five shows, all with a different reason:

8 – Montreal, QUE – Cancelled due to the stage not being able to support the 1,000 lb. microphone stand
9 – Toronto, ONT – W.A.S.P. performed
10 – Ottawa, ONT – Cancelled due to improper security barriers
11 – Clarence, NY – Cancelled due to Blackie having food poisoning
12 – Pittsburgh, PA – Cancelled due to Blackie suffering from pneumonia

Presently, it is unclear whether tonight’s scheduled concert in Detroit, MI at Harpo’s will take place or not.

The official W.A.S.P. website, www.waspnation.com, has not acknowledged this situation at all. Although fans have been very vocal about it in the forum.

Sludgeaholics on the boards have been crying out "F.U. Award!" We at Metal Sludge enjoy giving out F.U. Awards, but they are given out very sparingly. Some of us think that Blackie deserves one on the spot, while some of us think that we should wait a few more days and see how this all pans out. Since we couldn’t agree amongst ourselves, we asked Ozzy Stillbourne what he thought, but he was way too drunk at 11 a.m. to even speak in coherent sentences. It is the weekend, after all.

So we decided to let the Sludgeaholics determine whether or not Blackie deserved to get an F.U. Award. Here’s your chance to vote!

Quick Poll!
Does Blackie deserve an F.U. Award?

Fuck yeah he does! Give him the award!
No, Blackie had every right to blow off those shows.
I could give a fuck.

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The poll will remain active until we decide to take it down and meter out our judgment.

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