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The photo above is how you probably know Beautiful Creatures. Five guys with trendy haircuts who looks like they all shop and get their nails done at the same place.

Well as you know, they didn’t always look that way. In fact, their image couldn’t be more contrived! Lets go over each band member’s past.

Anthony "Foggy" Focx – Rhythm Guitar/Lies

By now, you’ve read Anthony Focx’s brilliant 20 Questions where he claims he wasn’t born yet in 1972. And as we showed there, he wasn’t born in 1972, he was born in 1966! We know that Anthony would want us to share these photos with his fans.

He was born Anthony (Tony) Parceli on May 27, 1966. This is his Bio from about 1984/85. According to Anthony’s timeline, he would be about 9 here. We think he’s more like 19.

Page 2

Page 3

Below are photos from about 1985 when he lived in Chicago.

Nice belly shirt

This is the "Look at my tight white pants" shot

This is the, "I’m looking tough and hanging out in an alley" shot

This is the "I’m a rock guy and I hang out by strip clubs" shot. Either that or he was once a female stripper. Hey, he’s wearing a belly shirt, so it’s possible.

Now we don’t want to continue to bust Anthony’s balls forever. But these photos were just too good to keep to ourselves.

And for shits & giggles, lets reprint the Tommi Gunn flyer from 1987.

Anthony’s the goof in the back with the really big blond hair.

And if you haven’t already done so, read Anthony’s 20 Questions again. You’ll thank us later.

Now if you still want to think Anthony is 26 years old, please find your nearest freeway and step into oncoming traffic.

Lets take a look at the rest of this band of deception!

DJ Ashba – Guitar

These photos of DJ are from the mid 90s and show him with long blond hair, not the short dye job he currently sports.

Bart Walsh and DJ

Glen Sobel – Drums

Now we couldn’t find much on Glen, other than this photo from a few years back of him with long hair wearing a trendy flannel.

Isn’t it amazing what a haircut will do?

Kenny Kweens – Bass

Coming soon

Joe LeSte – Singer

Coming soon

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