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Madam X

What would Metal Sludge Exposed be without sharing a few photos of our friend, Sebitchian Bach? These Madam X photos are from about 1987 or so.

The more things change, the more things stay the same.
Sebitchian is wearing white boots in this photo just like he does now.

This is a video capture of an interview Madam X did back in 1987.

This is the guy who said he finds the term "hairband" offensive!
The only thing offensive is how much of the ozone layer Sebitchian destroyed from using so much hairspray!

And of course we also have Sebitchian previous band, Kid Wikkid.

Sebitchian is the second on the right.
Looks like Jesse Camp’s long lost brother.

Remember, Sebastian was never in a hairband!

Sebastian is the one on the right.

From one of his first shows ever

And here’s a childhoold photo of Sebitchian.
Kind of young to already have bags under your eyes.

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