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Donna’s Domain in new issue of Blender!



We did it again! Check out the September 2004 issue of Blender Magazine out on stands this month.

Donna’s penis chart was included in an article entitled "Test your groupie IQ"… It basically quotes a few anecdotes from the penis chart and you get to guess which rocker it’s talking about.

I expect my girls to pass the test with flying colors. If you fail, I’m sending Udo Dirkschneider over to your house for a tongue bath.

Thanks to Static Beth (www.staticbeth.com) for sending in the scans!

Lustfully Yours,

Donna Anderson

Here is the page that refers to Donna’s Domain:

Can’t read the text? That’s OK, we’ve zoomed in on the Penis Chart blurb just for you!

Thanks to everyone at Blender for recognizing a good thing when they see it!

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