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Sludgeaholic of the Month – April 2005, mOji



Our April 2005 Sludgeaholic of the Month should be familiar to anyone who reads our Gossip Boards or who lurks in Sludge Chat once in awhile. It’s none other than mOji! Not only is he a huge Jizzy Pearl fan, but he’s a hardcore Sludgeaholic to boot. He’s been hanging around forever, so we figured we’d honor his dedication to Sludge by making him our April 2005 Sludgeaholic of the Month! Here he is.

1. Who are you, where are you from, and how old are you?

I’m know on the WWW. and in music circles as mOji, I live in Santa Cruz,Ca, I’m 37 years old.

2. Ambitions:

To continue to be a good father to my little girl, Lelia ( Lily-ah), to continue to be able to play music until my last dying breath. To continue to stay sober, "One Day At A Time"

3: Turn-ons:

Tattoed, Pierced, Crazy Colored Haired, Creative women. ala "Suicide Girl" Types. Women that dig music and Honesty.

4. Turnoffs:

Liars, Cheaters, Fakes, and Fuckmonkeys

5. How long have you been coming to Metal Sludge?

Since Jizzy Pearl?s first tour diary… So I guess somewhere between 3-4+ yrs? I had a different ?persona? on the old boards.

6. Favorite bands:

Love/Hate, Junkyard, Warrior Soul, KISS up to Rock-N-Roll Over, Siousxie and The Banshees, Missing Persons, Faster Pussycat, LA Guns, The Cult, Veruca Salt, Mazzy Star, Cocteau Twins, The Police, Pist*on, Janes Addiction, AIC, Curtis Mayfield, ICE-T, and a shit load more…

7. Least favorite bands:

Crap like Country-Pop Shit, Lincoln Park, Bisquick, Pop 40, Bubblegum Punk, I don?t listen to the radio much, or watch TV so I’m not to hip to the shit thats out there. I know from the genre that Sludge represents, I hate shit like Firehouse and Trixter. I can actually tolerate a few tunes from Poison and Warrant, but thats as far as it goes.

8. What do you do for a living?

I am a Produce Broker. Basically everyone on this board in the USA & Canada probably has Produce in their Grocery Store, Whoesaler, WAL-MART,Costco etc. That I’ve had a hand in either as the sales rep/ or buyer. I book up to 20-25 huge refridgerated trucks a day ( 28 pallets each ) Of fresh produce a day. I live near The Salinas Valley which is The Agriculture Capitol of the World, so its a good job to have, and I’m good at it.

9. Any formal education?

Street Smarts, Rehab, and Hands on training…

mOji10. What?s with your obsession with Jizzy Pearl?

Haha… Its not so much an obsession as it is admiration for Jizzo & Love/Hate. First of all I’ve been a Love/Hate fan since day 1, their music is fucking incredible everything they’ve done ( except for the Marq Torquin stuff ) has been badass. Every member of that band is phenomenal at their instrument. Jon E Love, Skid. Joey and Jizzo are a sikkmachine!!! If you’ve ever had the chance to see the 4 of them Live! You know exactally what I’m talking about—Magic! Now the Jizzo thing is kind of interesting, I’ve been a member of www.lovehate.com and www.jizzypearl.com for several years, thru the years, and through the internet, and attending shows, I’ve had the opportunity to get to know Jizzo, and he’s always been approachable, cordial, and a cool cat. Jizzo’s been one of the few people left of this genre SLUDGE represents, to remain afloat. So my intuition years ago to dig Love/Hate and what they represented makes sense to me still today, The fucker stays creative.

11. You?re in a band yourself. What?s the name of your band, what kind of music do you play, and what else should we know about your little musical endeavor?

The name of my band is: SANE. If I had to catagorize our genre I’d say it’s HARD ROCK, with hints of Metal. We have good fucking people in the band, personality wise and playing wise. So the rarity of the 5 of us getting along is cool. Briefly about how I became the singer. I had been playing drums prior for about 20 yrs, and was down in LA during the Mid 80’s fer a bit, lost in the shuffle, but had a blast and saw some cool shit happen. After my daughter was born, I quit playing in bands and started raising my lil girl ( Im a 1/2 time single parent ) so I stated writing tunes and began singing and recording stuff on ACID PRO, and next thing you know I auditioned for SANE got the gig, and its a fucking blast being the singer in a band. You can check us out at: www.saneband.com ANYONE who want to have us play a show with them, please hit us up. Much Appreciated!

mOji rocking out!

12. Of the following, which do you prefer and why:

Adler?s Appetite or Ratt = Adlers Appetite: Never was a huge RATT fan, though I dig some of their tunes. Even though I follow Jizzos career, I never ventured into his RATT gig…
Rice-A-Roni or Spaghettio?s = I know this will sound sickening, but Rice-A-Roni with Sour Cream mix together RULES!!!
mOjiBlackout in the Red Room or Let?s Rumble = Lets Rumble! Only because song for song, I dig it more than BOITRR. But shit, anyone that remembers the first time they heard Blackout when it was released, knew something badass was about to happen! Thats a hard one to answer, my favorite song : The Wrong Side of The Grape" is on Lets Rumble.
The Pound or The Catalyst = The Pound! For those who dont know The Pound is a killer joint in San Fran, that caters to the music we all love here at SLUDGE.. But it’s 2 hrs north of Santa Cruz. So its a bitch to drive up there and play frequently. On the other hand The Catalyst is 5 fucking Minutes from our Rehearsal studio, Holds about 1000 people, Nirvanas played there, Megadeth, Pearl Jam, GWAR, UFO… to name a few. But they only book local bands to open these shows that sound like "Sublime-311" type or "Blink-182" which is cool I guess for that genre but not for HARD ROCK METAL show… So basically they ignore our genre. The Pound m/
White Lion or Enuff Z?Nuff = ENZNF, Ette and I saw em several weeks ago up near SF, and not only did they rock, but they were cool fucking dudes. Mike Tramp on the other hand was AFRAID of us. As soon as Ette and I went to take a picture with him…the fucker ran out the back door! I shit you not… I yelled to him as he ran into the alley…"Wait…Wait…We only Want to Take a Picture…" but to no avail.
Tony Bennet or Perry Como = Perry Como cuz Regis digs’em
Shaving your nutsack or shaving your head = Shaving the Chrome Dome, havent ventured into the testicular breakdancing yet.
Pet rocks or Chia Pets = Pet Rocks! Because they hurt a lot more when you throw them
at Hippies!
Santa Cruz or Santa Claus = Santa Cruz, is a cool fucking town.. Yeah you got Tree Huggers, and Hippies, and Vegans, and all that shit. But theres culture and awareness and a huge recovery community here to help support fuckers like me when I was a Dopeless Hopefiend… Its a good place to live!
Berets or cowboy hats = Cowboy Hats, because the "Man with No Name" Clint Eastwood is a bad mother fucker-Spaghetti Westerns rule…

13. If you could hang out for an entire day with any 3 of our past Sludgeaholics or Sludgettes of the Month, who would they be and why?

Since I?ve hung out with Ette already, I’ll pick 3 dif groovy chicks: Hmmm lets see…. Elise, Marie and MOTS!! Because they are all beautifull in their own groovy way. Their my CHAT lovers and they all have a sense of humour beyond explaination… There would be empty duct tape, Eye liner and Nail polish wrappers all along the freeways, as the Small Bus toured the USA.

14. The Last of mOji:

mOjiLast CD you purchased = Adlers Appetite ( Yes I actually received it in 5 days )
Last fast food drive-thru you hit = Der Wienerschnitzel ( sp )
Last famous person or celebrity you met = Chip Znuff
Last present someone gave you = My Daughter gave me an Easter Card :)
Last trick someone played on you = Im drawing a blank here….
Last band?s Web site you looked at = www.myspace.com/moji
Last time you felt an earthquake = 4 months ago
Last cover song your band played live = "Falling In Love" – The Scorpions
Last time you accidentally ran over an animal = Actually the first day I got my CDL, I ran over a cat that night. And never did it again… Shit back in 1984
Last time you got all fuckered up = Yikes my 72 hr relapse last May at PALADINOS at a Love/Hate show…It was Fugly!!

15. How do you feel about being our April 2005 Sludgeaholic of the Month?

Ode’lay Ese!!! Very fucking cool, music is the international language, and music brings people together. Fuck when The Fire Happened, when Dimebag left us, when people we know here on the boards are in dire straights or have lost a loved one. 99.9% of us drop the HARD ASS vibe and we support each other the best we can. Its like a sick and twisted family here, but its our lil family. I very much appreciate the opportunity the represent a place I dig!!!!

16. Personal Motto:

: God Grant me serenity to accept the F5, I cannot change. The F5, I can, and the WISDOM to know the difference :


Don’t forget to check out mOji’s band at www.saneband.com and his MySpace page at www.myspace.com/moji. Perhaps he’ll even step up to the plate and do 10 Questions with us someday!

Congratulations to mOji on being our April 2005 Sludgeaholic of the Month!

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