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Ricky Parent Benefit Recap, 10/18/04



Those of you who came out this past Sunday night to the Ricky Parent Benefit in Chicago truly rock. Not only was it a good reason to come out to a famous Chicago club, check out some bands, and rip it up with a bunch of Sludgeaholics from all over the country, but it was a benefit in support of Enuff Z’Nuff drummer Ricky Parent, who is currently undergoing some pretty intense cancer treatments. Ricky’s been down with Metal Sludge for years, so he’s totally a part of our extended Family Sludge. So to everyone who came out to show support for Ricky and to help raise funds for the Ricky Parent Foundation, in the words of Chip Z’Nuff… "we hail you."

Here’s the first recap we’ve received, sent to us earlier today by XiolaBluX:

Dearest Sludge,

I just wanted to send in a quick recap of the Ricky Parent benefit in Chicago. It was a blast and the Sludgeaholics were out in force. Everywhere you looked there was Sludge gear so we gave the site some great advertising and we all expect to be compensated appropriately. I believe I counted about 11 shirts and that?s including Nate and Jim Bob who had on two each. In true Sludge tradition we drank too much, took lots of photos, and made a general nuisance of ourselves.

As for the benefit itself, all the bands were great. I was a little disappointed that there wasn?t more mention of Ricky. Maybe I just missed it in between trips to the bar, but I felt that someone should have spoke more about him. And as for the ?special guests?, well there weren?t any. That is unless you count this past week?s 20Q?s victim, Matt Mercado. We made sure to harass him.

Anyway it was great getting to meet more Sludgeaholics and hang out with the friends I have already made. You all rock!

Until next time,


Here’s a whole shitload of pictures sent in by XiolaBluX and a few others. We’ll be adding to these as well, so expect this gallery to grow a bit over the next several days!

What’s this, a picture of Grand Funk Railroad in the early 70s? Hell no, that’s the show’s opener, the one and only Steepwater Band!

American Motherload

Our own Jim Bob Dwarf introduces D’Molls!

Desi Rexx and D’Molls

Enuff Z’Nuff

A higher view of Enuff Z’Nuff

Chip Z’Nuff!

If it weren’t for that giant hat, we might not be able to recognize Chip from this far back. Good thing he decided to wear it.

Now here’s a capture with a random celebrity who just happened to be in the crowd!

It’s recent 20 Questions victim Matt Mercado, captured by hordes of rabid Sludgeaholics!

Let’s check out one more just to be safe:

Now this is how you get a Sludge Capture!

Let’s check out some more random captures and group shots.

FOJ gets molested by ThisChickRocks, Frog, and Foxontherun

The Sludgettes just can’t get enough of FOJ! Here he is with RPBitch, ThisChickRocks, and Sabrina

More random weirdness

Jim Bob and his new pal Desi Rexx from D’Molls

ThisChickRocks, Nate S. Axel, Foxontherun, XiolaBluX, Alan, Arkansas Cracker, and ArielPlath

Xiola, Frog, FOJ, Foxontherun, and Cracker

Jim Bob, Frog, ThisChickRocks, and Johnny Monaco

Foxontherun, Xiola, ThisChickRocks, Matt Mercado and Chip Z’Nuff

Well, that sounds almost as out of control as any Metal Sludge Extravaganza we’ve ever thrown, so hats off to the promoters, the staff at the Metro, all the bands who played, and of course, to Enuff Z’Nuff for making it all happen. And an extra special thanks to all the Sludgeaholics who came out to represent and to show support for Ricky Parent. All of you rule.

There isn’t much drama or gossip to report, though we did hear something about Jim Bob Dwarf being pushed into a taxi and dragged off to a gay bar by a bunch of chicks at 3 a.m. We haven’t heard from him since, so hopefully he’s not tied up in somebody’s basement right now wearing nylons and with a ball gag in his mouth.

We’ll be posting more recaps and photos as they come in, so be sure to check back soon.

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