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Sludgeaholic Of The Month – July 2003, David Weave Roth



David Weave Roth, along with Jim Bob Dwarf and C.C. Banana!

David Weave Roth was the first person to send Jani Bon Neil his photo in Jani’s spontaneous "July Sludgeaholic Of The Month" contest that was up on the page for a few hours! Since Dave was on the ball and got the picture into JBN first, he’s the man! And it just so happens the picture he sent in included Jim Bob Dwarf and C.C. Banana, hours before the brutal C.C. Banana beatdown.

Congratulations to David Weave Roth for being our July 2003 Sludgeaholic Of The Month!

1. Where are you from and how old are you?
I live in NJ, home of Banana beatings & toll roads. I?m 41 years old, but I doubt that I?ll ever grow up!

2. Ambitions: I lost all ambition years ago?just coasting now!

3. Turn-ons: Spending time with my wife & daughter, good tunes, cold beer, porn, girls with big boobs, playing in smoky bars & clubs.

4. Turn-offs: No beer at NJ MSX!! People driving like assholes, egomaniacs, control freaks.

5. How long have you been coming to Metal Sludge?
Since around 1999. I stumbled across the site and haven?t been the same since! I lurked around the Gossip Board for awhile before starting to post there, now it?s my home away from home.

6. Favorite bands: This list can go on for days, but here?s a few of them. Thin Lizzy (RIP Phil!), Crue, Maiden, Twisted Sister, Angel, Starz, Old VH (None of that Van Hagar crap!)?? You get the idea?I?m an old school kind of guy!

7. Least favorite bands: Nu metal & all that depressing sounding shit!

8. What do you do for a living?
Accounting & Taxes, Play bass in a hard rock cover band for fun.

9. Was meeting Jim Bob Dwarf and C.C. Banana the highlights of your life so far?
Hell Yeah! These guys are Sludge legends! How do ya top that?

10. Favorite indoor activites: Sludging out on the Gossip Board, Sex, surfing the net, playing the bass.

11. What’s the most spontaneous thing you’ve ever done: These questions. My life?s too damn structured to do anything spontaneous anymore.

12. Movies you’ve seen more than 3 times are: Spinal Tap, Vacation, Bachelor Party, Decline of Western Civ-the metal years.

13. When was the last time you got laid?
Last week. Gotta wait for my stitches to heal now!

14. If you could have dinner with any 5 people, live or dead, who would you pick?
Is Jani Lane going to be cooking?
1) My Dad
2) Phil Lynott
3) James Jamerson (The father of modern electric bass)
4) Hank The Angry Drunken Dwarf
5) Jenna Jameson

15. How do you feel being our July 2003 Sludgeaholic Of The Month?
I?m all pumped up! It?s a great honor and I?d like to thank the powers at Sludge for bestowing it on me! This fukkin rules!

16. Personal Motto: Live for today?Life really is too damn short!

Congratulations once again to Dave for being our July 2003 Sludgeaholic Of The Month!

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