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Vince Neil Chicken Dance Video!



The other day, we happily brought to everyone’s attention that the "world’s largest Chicken Dance," an annual event at Cincinnatti’s Octoberfest celebration, was going to be lead by none other than Vince Neil. (You can read the original report right here.) We were pretty much at a loss for words about the whole situation, but we put out a call to the Sludgeaholics in Cincy in the hopes someone could get that on video. And sure as shit, someone did!

Naturally, Metal Sludge is here to tell you just how to see Vince Neil doing the Chicken Dance.

Instead of putting the files on our own server and letting everyone suck up all our bandwidth, we decided just to link to it, so if you get one of those ‘bandwidth exceeded’ messages, don’t fucking blame us. In fact, there are 2 servers, so if one maxes out, you still have a chance to see it elsewhere.

Here are the links:

Server 1: http://www.mbony.us/vince/chickendance.wmv

Server 2: http://www.mariebraden.com/chicken.wmv

Props to our hardcore Sludgeaholics BonyBoy, Polexia, and CrouchingStonerHiddenBong for getting the video, digitizing it lickety-split, and even hosting the file on their servers. Without them, we’d all be sitting here still trying to imagine Vince doing the Chicken Dance. Instead, you can actually watch this bizarre event in full color and in the privacy of your own home!

Watching Vince do the Chicken Dance is both wickedly funny and utterly surreal, and now that we think about it, a little depressing. But it’s actually more entertaining than the Vince and Janine video, so what the hell. You may end up doing the Chicken Dance yourself!

Vince has a little trouble keeping at first, but considering Vince Neil has trouble keeping up with his own songs when he’s singing them, he doesn’t really do all that bad. Something tells us that this isn’t the first experience Vince has had with a couple of blonde pigtailed German girls, so he probably felt a little more at ease. He’s actually kind of humble and at the end of the day, it’s cool to see Vince not take himself so seriously and do a Chicken Dance in front of thousands of people. By the way, is that Keri Kelli who walks by at the end of the video? Fuck, that guy is everywhere!

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