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Sludgeaholic Of The Month – April 2003, Shawn Thompson



Shawn Thompson

No, that’s not a mug show up above, it’s just a photo of our April 2003 Sludgeaholic Of The Month, Shawn Thompson. When Shawn sent that photo in, we were scared that if we didn’t make him a Sludgeaholic Of The Month he would find us and hurt us, so here he is!

Congratulations to Shawn for being our April 2003 Sludgeaholic Of The Month!

1. Where are you from and how old are you?
I am 27 and I am from Cadiz, KY

2. Ambitions: I am a correctional officer. Anything to do with me moving up to a higher status at work. I am plan on climbing the ladder. To be raped by the swedish bikini team is also another ambition. Perhaps finding some hot chick with a ton of $’s, no morals, low self esteem and reproducing rapidly.

3. Turn-ons: Chicks who are into metal, write their own music, a good sense of humor.

4. Turn-offs: Close mindedness, racism, people who can’t take a joke.

5. How long have you been coming to Metal Sludge?
Since it opened. I remember a friend stumbling across it the very first week it was open and telling me to check it out. I did and I still visit daily.

6. Favorite bands: Anything Pantera related (Down, Superjoint Ritual, etc), COC, L.A. Guns, Hatebreed, Slipknot, Godsmack, Danzig, Misfits, Black Label Society, Ozzy, Morbid Angel, Motley Crue, Van Halen, Black Sabbath, Type O Negative, Meshuggah, Voivod, & Marilyn Manson

7. Least favorite bands: Pearl Jam, Creed, Linkin Park, Papa Roach, Korn, Deftones. Anything with rap in it.

8. When not reading Metal Sludge, I can most likely be found: http://www.officialpantera.com, the new official site. I am a mod on the message board. When not online, usually at work or out on the town or perhaps staying at home, playing my guitar.

9. What do you do for a living?
I am a correctional officer for the Kentucky State Penitentiary.

10. Five things always in your fridge: Taco Bell, Coors, Bologna, Pizza, and various types of alcohol.

11. When was the last time you got laid?
Last night. I had a mengage a trois with Necro’s mom and Sick’s mom. Necro and Sick are members of the old Pantera BB. Next time you talk to me say hi to daddy, boys!

12. You said you work in a maximum security prison in Kentucky. What’s the most violent shit you’ve seen and how many guys are getting raped in the shower?
Haven’t see any get raped as we have camreas almost everywhere or officers stationed near by to stop anything of that nature. I am sure it happens though. We have fights, stabbings, and killings all the time. Alot of the inmates try to commit suicide or cut themselves for attention. I have seen all kinds of stuff. I have seen inmates cut their ball sac and pull their testicles out. I have also seen one inmate cut his arm and pull on the tendons.

13. If you really wanted to impress one of our Sludgettes Of The Month on a date, what would you do?
Nothing. If they don’t like me for who I am, fuck em!

14. You used to run a website dedicated to Vinnie Paul and Dimebag from Pantera. What made you decide to do that?
Because Vinnie is a helluva a drummer and Dime rules on guitar. I still run the site http://www.vinnieanddime.com. Check it out!

15. How does it feel to be our April 2003 Sludgeaholic Of The Month?
Cool as fuck!

16. Personal Motto: It is better to be judged by twleve than to be carried by six.

Visit www.vinnieanddime.com, www.officialpantera.com, www.down-nola.com, www.superjointritual.com and www.philanselmo.com for all your Pantera related info!

Be sure to sign up at the official pantera message board http://www.officialpantera.com/boardfromhell/index.php

Just like Rap Metal, it’s over….

Anybody who has seen a guy pull his balls out of his nutsack is a hardcore motherfucker and deserves to be our Sludgeaholic Of The Month! Can’t say we’ve ever seen that. Props to Shawn!

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