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Metal Sludge in Blender Again! 2/8/05


Blender - March 2005   CC Banana
Plus C.C. Banana on Sirius satellite radio!

We’ve gotten word that Metal Sludge was once again mentioned in Blender magazine! This is like the 3rd or 4th time they’ve mentioned us, so we’re all stoked about it.

This time, we’re mentioned in their sidebar column "Hair Today," which talks about the hair issues of Jani Lane, Kevin DuBrow, Don Dokken, and Steve "Sex" Summers. This appears next to a feature article about the Motley Crue reunion. Metal Sludge is credited as the source of all the hair info in the sidebar. We rule!

There’s even a picture of Pretty Boy Floyd! We think they meant to use a picture of bastard boy floyd, but floyd’s publicist fucked up and didn’t send in an 8×10 in time. Oh well, maybe next time.

Anyhow, the article appears on page 105 of the March 2005 issue. Luckily for you, there’s a scan of the page for you to check out below! Click on it to enlarge.

Blender Hair Today Column

Thanks to the staff at Blender for recognizing Metal Sludge as the ultimate source of info about balding rockers!

In other news, our good friend and 2003 Sludgeaholic of the Year, Mr. C.C. Banana will be appearing on Sirius satellite radio later today. He’ll be making a brief appearance on "Getting Late" on Raw Dog 147, sometime Wednesday evening. "Getting Late" airs at 11:15 PM ET. Initial details are sketchy, but if you happen to have Sirius, be sure to check it out.

Actually, we don’t know why anyone would have Sirius, considering you get Metal Sludge Radio on XM Satellite Radio channel 41, The Boneyard, heard every Sunday night at 9 PM ET/6 PM West. But if you have access to it, why not see what the Banana has to say. You never know what C.C. Banana will say or do on the air, so we’re sure he’s got something whacky planned for anyone listening.

We figured this was as good of a place as any to plug the Banana’s on-air appearance, so there it is.

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