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Download The MP3 of “7-11 (Isn’t Too Far Away) Sung By A Rock Star! 11/17/01


JAMIE ROWE SINGS 7-11 (Isn’t Too Far Away)
The Smash Hit Of The Fall!

When we said Rock Star on the front of the page, who did you think we were talking about? Jamie Rowe obviously! Duh!

This is by far one of the most hilarious things we’ve ever received. Check it out:


Been awhile since I dropped a note to ya.
I still check in on the site. The Dan Spitz interview was..well…uh…(best left unsaid)
Anyway, I was doing some songwriting,took a break, saw the thing about Jani working in a kitchen. Which to me is no biggie..he’s earning a living, What’s the big deal? BUT!…THE SONG PARODY WAS TOO FUNNY! Since I was
sitting with my trusty 4-track..why not. Here is a poor quality WMA file (squashed to get through my local archaic server) of my power pop/indie rock translation. I put distortion on my acoustic, took my hip hop loop…sang it
down twice..here it is for your entertainment.
And just so anyone who cares knows…I am down with Jani Lane and have always been down with Warrant. Since I learned in the past to clarify {{{THIS IS A PARODY!!}}} Use you sense of humour to the fullest!

jamie rowe
q-What’s the difference between a musician and a pizza?
a- A pizza can feed a family of 4 with no problem.
*Do The Math*

In case you’ve been hiding in the caves in Afghanistan and don’t know what’s going on, Jamie is talking about our post dealing with Jani Lane running a kitchen.

So for the first time anywhere, it’s the World Premiere of "7-11 (Isn’t Too Far Away)"! And not only that, but we’ve made it into an MP3! Now you can burn it on a CD! Trade it with your friends on the web! Play it on the radio! And speaking of the radio, guess what song is going to be our first Metal Sludge Song Of The Week for December on The Classic Metal Show in Akron, Ohio? That’s right, "7-11 (Isn’t Too Far Away)!" So Wendell, you better download this song now because it’ll be getting major rotation on your show.

How long before KNAC starts playing this every hour on the hour?

This song is going to be huge! It’ll get more radio play than anything Warrant has done in the last 10 years! Plus it has a very current, trendy, hip hop beat in the background which will please radio listeners!

Can a video be far behind?

Click the link below and be the first on your block to download the Smash Hit!

7-11 (Isn’t Too Far Away) MP3
3.1 KB

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