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Sludgeaholic Of The Month – October 2002, Alex & Rich



Sludgeaholics Of The Month Alex & Rich

No, you are not seeing double! It’s our first Twin Sludgeaholics Of The Month! That means they are brothers, in case you haven’t figured it out yet!

Congratulations to Alex & Rich for being our Sludgeaholics Of The Month for October 2002!

1. Where are you from and how old are you?
We are from Somers Point, NJ (near Atlantic City and Ocean City) and go to school in Rochester, NY.
Alex: I’m 21 years old.
Rich: I’m as old as him, plus five minutes.
Alex: At least that is what they tell us.

2. Ambitions:
Rich: I want to go to Japan to teach English with the JET program, memorize 1000 digits of the math constant Pi (I’m at 500 now), become one of the best Virtua Fighter 4 players out there.
Alex: I’d like to see Therion in concert, go to Japan someday, become somewhat fluent in Japanese. I would also like to appear without my shirt on in a commerical for a razor, point to my beard and say something like "Hey Remington, shave this"… Securing a nice job and having kids are also somewhere in there.

3. Turn ons:
Rich: Hottie gothies, asians, girls in baseball hats with a ponytail out the back, a good personality. Having a good face is insanley important, far more important than being a size 0 dress or whatever. Someone I can have a deep, meaningful conversation with is really important. Oh yea, I also like breasts.
Alex: Nice hair, a cute face… I guess I’ve got a things for blondes (Rich prefers girls with darker hair)… She should also have similar interests to me, and has to be fun to talk to and be around. If I have to work to be entertained when being around her, that’s bad. A good sense of humor is a big plus (and by good sense of humor, I really mean someone who laughs at my stupid jokes)… And she’s got to make me laugh too…

4: Turn offs:
Rich: Girls with facial hair, who are overly clingy/needy, and girls who have a ton of emotional baggage, jealous, have frizzy hair, and who are skinny anorexic twigs (eat something!) Girls who can’t kiss and ram their tounge down my throat, girls with bad breath, crooked teeth, thin lips.
Alex: Ditziness, drugs, girls who weigh more than me. They shouldn’t be twigs either, a healthy medium I guess.

5: Favorite Bands:
Rich: Therion, Hammerfall, Rhapsody, Blind Guardian, Dream Theater, Children of Bodom, Sonata Arctica
Alex: Yeah we’re mainly into European power/prog like that. We also like Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Iced Earth, Queensryche and Shadow Gallery. I’m also into some Japanese pop music and some very cheesy dance music. Rich somehow forgot to mention his love for Tori Amos. I wouldn’t mention it if he didn’t make me listen to it too.

6: Least favorite bands:
Rich: Limp Bizkit and all the other trend-core shit that sounds the same. Rap and hip-hop.
Alex: I don’t know what the band is, but I hear this song sometimes on the radio the guy is like "I feel so callous, I feel so shallow, whine whine whine" and I hate it very much. I also hate trendcore bands, not so much because they sound bad, but because they are so popular and sound bad.

7: Are the Nelson Brothers a big influence on the both of you?
Rich: Who the hell are the Nelson brothers?
Alex: I have no idea.

8: Did you guys ever switch off with girlfriends’ or shit like that?
Rich: Alex has pretended to be me on the phone, and the smart girls will be like "Is this Rich?" and the dumb girls will go along with it, until Alex finally tells them and they appologize for confusing us. But if I was gonna go on a date with a hot chick, why the hell would I want to switch up with him?
Alex: Well, by the time a girl has become one a girlfriend of mine she is able to tell us apart. And if it’s not a girlfriend, no way I’m going to let Rich go out with one of my hot dates… He’s got to find his own girls!

We were going to work something out once with this girl that Rich goes out with every now and then (and who can’t tell us apart), but then Rich realized going out with her would be more fun than playing the "switch a roo" trick on her. I think he was just afraid she’d tell me something like "Rich, this has been the best night we’ve been together" or something like that. I’m still planning to just give her a call one day and take her out pretending I’m him. Just don’t tell anyone.

9. How long have the both of you been coming to Metal Sludge?
Rich: Ever since Freshman year in college when our good from JT (the biggest metalhead I know) got us hooked on it.
Alex: That was like three years ago.

10. Do you guys get together each morning and decided what you’re going to
Rich: Basically it’s whoever picks out whatever t-shirt first gets it. If I pick one up from the ground and it doesn’t smell I’ll wear it. We try to avoid both wearing the same band’s shirt, but it sometimes happens.
Alex: Sometimes we wind up wearing the same thing and it kind of pisses me off, I don’t want people to think that we try to dress alike… That seems like something girls would do. Before we go to a concert though we usually discuss what T-shirts we are going to wear.

11. When did you each lose your virginity and how was it?
Alex: Hey isn’t this a question you usually ask the Sludgettes? What’s up with that? Anyway I’m a card carrying member of the V Squad.
Rich: It hasn’t happened yet. I came close once, the girl really liked me & thought I was awesome and really sweet and all that jazz, but I didn’t want her all that much. (She was about as arousing a nice, cold dip in the ocean). While we were cuddling she fell asleep, and I snuck out to go home, play Diablo II (a computer game), watch WWF, then go to sleep. So yea, if watching
half naked men wrestle each other while playing video games is more appealing than being with a girl, I’d have to say it very well would have sucked.

12. What do you guys do for a living?
Rich: We are dual Comp-Sci/Japanese majors at the University of Rochester. During the summer we co-op for the MITRE corporation programming computers.
Alex: Once I graduate I’m either going to go over to Japan to teach English or get a job programming computers over here.

13. If you guys could date any of our Sludgettes, who would you each pick?
Rich: Dragen, cause she’s my age, she’s beautiful, and she’s a self described nerd.
Alex: I dunno, this is kind of hard. Most of them arn’t my age, I’d have to say Dragen too… Shame I don’t know sign langauge, huh? Angela from the "dream date" contest is really pretty, maybe I should have entered… I pry would have gone for one of the younger Sludgettes if they were just a bit older…
Rich: Dragen’s mine, you bastard!

14. When one of you is in pain, does the other one feel it?
Rich: Not usually, although once we were in a room and a chick walked in who Alex liked and she was with some dorky dude, and Alex got really pissed and I felt it in my stomach like it was going to explode, like I had to take a major shit, ya know?
Alex: You won’t believe how many times we get asked this question, although it’s normally phrased as "If I hit you, will he feel it." You’d be surprised how many people ask us this. Although if something is upsetting to Rich, I’ll probably know about it, and of course don’t like him being upset so will probably become upset myself. Once this woman who was a twin told me about how she felt her sister’s labor pains… And I thought to myself damn that sucks, I’m glad Rich isn’t ever going to go into labor!

15. How do you feel about being October Sludgeaholics of the month?
Alex: Oh it’s great! I sent the e-mail a few months ago and thought you had forgotten about us! Then I took a break from studying to check my e-mail, saw yours and marked out pretty hardcore… Our birthday is October 10th, so it’s a good birthday gift!
Rich: It’s awesome. When Alex called on the phone and told me we were in I couldn’t believe it, I just stood there like "NO WAY! ARE YOU SERIOUS?" I had a friend in the room at the time and I’m like "I’m gonna be a sludgeaholic of the month!" and loaded up the webpage and showed it to her. She’s not really metal, but I was so excited I just had to tell her (and everyone else.) Now she thinks I’m a freak.

16: Personal Motto:
Rich: I don’t worry about stuff, cause either it’ll turn out the way I want it to, or it won’t, but worring about it won’t do anyone any good.
Alex: I don’t know who said it first, but it’s something like "You can get a mohawk and be a punk, or shave your head and be a mod, but you can’t grow your hair past your shoulders overnight."

Congratulations to our Twins for being our Sludgeaholics Of The Month for October 2002!

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