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9/8 Great response to Ratt, WASP & Dokken posts!


9/8 Great response to Ratt, WASP & Dokken posts!

Blotz takes a swipe at Quiet Riot, Frankie Banali calls him a jerk & Don Dokken’s Ex. checks in.

Bobby Blotzer refers to Metal Sludge as being a desperate stooge site.
That is pretty ironic coming from a guy who looks like this.


This was posted by Mr. Bobby ?I?m no stooge? Blotzer on the Ratt Website Forums.

Bobby Blotzer Posted: Tue Sep 6 2005 20:30

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Give me a fucking break….. Do you actually believe that someone in our organization would say something like this?

# 1. we all have children and would never ever treat a child let alone an adult in such a manner.

# 2. we go out of our way to show certain people such as young kids/ teens a great time when they are introduced to our genre of music and are around the band and touring personal and tour bus.

Someone is making lies up that are picked by stooge sites like sludge that are so desperate to print anything controversial that you can make anything up and they will print it. Good try Quiet Riot!

On other newz,
huge news forthcoming with Ratt and V H 1 T B A soon.

We also got this from Mr. Frankie Banali of Quiet Riot.

I have no idea why "Duh Blotz" would decide that we (QUIET RIOT) had anything to do with this. He should know by now that we got along with Jizzy, Corabi and especially Robbie, not to mention their crew on the Rock Never Stops tour, but Bobby is a jerk, has been for decades. I don’t know what did or didn’t happened that night with regard to this incident because I was not around, but come on Bobby, maybe you should just belly up to the bar and have another shot of your favorite delusional brand and move on while you desperately try to put the so called "original" Ratt back together in the hope that it will bail out the rushing waters of discontent from the S. S. Ratt-Titanic. And while we are on the subject of fan appreciation, it’s a fact that you didn’t participate in a single Rock Never Stops fan Meet & Greet which took place almost daily with Cinderella, ourselves and Firehouse, so you are not exactly a fan friendly mother fucker. And when Warren did participate, he bitched and moaned like a little girl about doing it. Jizzy, Corabi and Robbie always went and participated, so, you figure it out. Everyone knows that I have a policy of minding my own business and that of QUIET RIOT. Don’t cross the line, watch your step……….

Sludgenly yours,
Frankie B.

And another e-mail from the fan "Bobby" who said he didn’t care about his name being attached to the e-mail from the start, but we posted it as anonymous for a few reasons.

Hey Sludge,

Its ok, I said from the beginning I have nothing to hide. I said before you posted this that I didn’t care if my name was on it. That’s why I didn’t bother hiding anything in the Sludge O Holic of the month thing. I don’t really care what Bobby Blotzer or anything else says, there were other people around who could probably vouch for it. I don’t really care if anyone believes it or not. As I said, I’ve been a life long Ratt fan & to just have them pissed at me for no reason would be kind of stupid wouldn’t it? Anyone who knows me will tell you that I am not the trouble loving kind. I get along great with everyone & am one of the most peaceful, easy going guys there is.

In my original letter, you never heard me say that Ratt said this. I never said Bobby Blotzer, Jizzy, or Warren said it. I said it came from the bus. All I do know for a fact was who the guard or staff member said he THOUGHT it was, but since he didn’t say for sure, I won’t say. All I did say was that it came from the bus. Regardless of whether it was a fan, a bus driver, or member of that shitty band is beside the point & not even the real reason I think they suck.

When you tell a little kid something, it’s not like breaking a promise to an adult. If you tell a little kid who practically worships you that you’ll meet them, then it?s your responsibility as a decent human being to do so. Not because you are or are not obligated for anything other than being onstage for 45 minutes. As for as them blaming Quiet Riot, I have no idea what they have to do with anything. I never heard a bad word from them about anyone or Firehouse either as far as that goes. Trying to shift blame is exactly what I would expect from these halfwit pussies after the other night. Pathetic. If they want to bash me on their boards, fine. I don’t care. If a few Sludge O Holics have something to say….bash away. I have balls enough to take it & quite frankly don’t give 2 shits what they think.

The fact of the matter is, it’s the truth & I stand by what I said in the original letter. I make no apologies for any of it.

You can GLADLY post my name on this, as I said you could in the first one. I don’t care. Bobby…aka wineandromance

This came in from someone who claims it did happen.

Sup? I don’t usually write about shit like this, but this really pissed me off. I’d appreciate it if you don’t use my name on here because I don’t want to lose my job, but I can tell you that the incident did happen. I was standing a few feet up in front of the bus talking to a couple of girls when I heard someone say that from inside the bus. I don’t think they were yelling it at anyone; it was just easy to hear because whoever it was was talking loud. I saw the guy and his kid waiting out there for a long time and I asked him what was going on. He said that Ratt said they were coming out but nobody ever did except Crane after the show that I know of. I just think it’s pretty fucking shitty to tell a kid that you’ll meet them and then stay holed up in a fucking bus because they are too cool to say hi for five minutes, but thats just me. I don’t care one way or the other, but I saw it. It fucking happened.

A similar experience in Ohio with a 12 year old boy.

Hey, just read the letter about the 12 year old girl and let me tell ya the same shit happened to my 12 year old boy,no bad words or nothing but he loves Cinderella who was on a local radio station here in Canton, Ohio. Eric and Fred were there and both said they were going to meet ”everyone who buys a ticket”. Well needless to say my son heard that and we were on our way to the show. Same as the other guy said, Firehouse met anyone who wanted to meet them, as did Quiet Riot. Ratt did nothing to meet anyone; I mean here is a group that shouldn’t even be calling themselves Ratt. Jizzy Pearl sucks and half the crowd thought it was Stephen Pearcy, but as bad as they were I did all I could to let everyone know this is now a joke band with all players who were all sub-par replacements in other has been bands. Cinderella made no attempt to meet anyone at all and I?m with ya on the fact they all you should be jerking us off for paying the ridiculous price of tickets we did to be treated like that. My son believed it when Fred and Eric gave their schtick about how much they still care about people who still care about them. Fuck ‘em….keep playing in front of small crowds, has-beens!!!

out like an 80’s band, Todd

A suspect e-mail but an opinion nonetheless.

I was on the bus when someone from the Ratt camp said that the 12 year old girl can fuck off…it was Bobby Blotzer. He was wasted out of his mind. The other band members genuinely felt bad.


Make anything up and we?ll print it. Is that so Bob? Okay then, let?s make some shit up, or is this all truth?

Like that Ratt is now only 1/5 of the original band (remember, Jake E. Lee bailed to join Ozzy and you were forced to bring in a very young Warren) and that you?ve been trying like hell to get the others back in hopes of sucking Motley Crues ball sack for an opening slot. However neither original Ratt member nor the Crue have acknowledged your futile attempts. And that the original pecking order of power within Ratt was Robin ?King? Crosby (RIP), Stephen Pearcy, Juan Croucier with you and the then ?new guy? Warren DeMartini bringing up the rear. The fact that you played spare tire and Warren 4th wheel during the heyday has lent to your bitterness towards the others who shared that fame and fortune with you in the band. Now many years later it makes you feel good to call the shots that the others are not around to lead the way. Lose some of that bitterness, and they might be willing to work things out.

Spewing out delusional things like ?huge news forthcoming with Ratt? along with wearing ragged bandanas, imitation gold chains and playing golf at the cheap Van Nuys 18 hole par 3 is no way to go through life. Unless of course you?re ?Duh Blotz!?

Note: ?Duh Blotz? is a registered copyright & trademark of Frankie Banali, Inc.

We guess it?s safe to say that you?re the Rodney Dangerfield of rock. You get no respect, but in life, you only get what you earn first. P.S. When can we get that re-wind back? ;)


And a little W.A.S.P. report from Texas. Name and employer withheld so the guy does not lose his job. Not for talking shit, but for associating with Metal Sludge & hair bands in general.

I’m not sure who to send this to, but since you guys had a couple of great e-mails about Blackie, I’d figure I’d pile on!

My name is **************, and I’m the sports anchor for the *** station here in San Antonio. That WASP, Pearcy and LA Guns show recently came to town and me and Steve Riley from Guns go back several years. We once gave Riley and Tracii Guns a microphone and took them to a Spurs-Lakers practice before a playoff game and let them run wild. Turned out to be a great piece; even the non sports fans were amused with their nutty questions to the likes of Kobe, et al. (i.e., Tracii asking Brian Shaw about banging Madonna).

To make a long story longer, we took a camera down to the Sunken Gardens Theater where they were playing a couple of weeks ago, trying to do another Q/A sports piece with Laker/Red Sox fan Steve Riley. When we got to the security gate, somebody in Blackie’s camp stopped us and said, "You can’t go in there…Blackie doesn’t do media." AS IF WE’D WANT TO TALK TO THAT FAT F&^% who lip-synchs. It amazes me after all of these years and what a joke that band in particular has become Blackie Lawless can have this "out of check" ego. Dude must be living in a cave.

In closing, Riley and the rest of the LA Guns were as nice as ever. Not surprisingly, the piece we did with Riley (and that smoker’s laugh of his) was another crowd pleaser. Still not as funny as Blackie…and those distinctive beer boobs of his.

Love the site.
Name Witheld / San Antonio


Lastly Don Dokken’s Ex. called in to inform us that he is ranting up a storm again about his favorite website, Metal Sludge. Would someone please call the wwwwwwwhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmbulance for Don!


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