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9/20 Vince Neil in a fucking wheel chair!


9/20 Vince Neil in a fucking wheel chair!

Motley Crue during the Shout at the Devil era. Look how young they are, Mick only looks like he’s in his late 30s.

The Associated Press are a bunch of jack asses. They called Nikki the guitarist. Everyone knows that Nikki is the bassist, Vince is the singer, Mick is the GUITARIST and Tommy is the rapper. Silly fucks. They also called Motley Crue a 1980’s glam band. We’re sure Nikki will be happy to hear that they are a glam band.

Vince Neil Injures Leg During Crue Concert

By The Associated Press

ATLANTA ? Motley Crue lead singer Vince Neil is recovering from a leg injury after slipping off stage during a performance.

The band was about five songs into the concert Friday night when Neil leaned over to sing along with the audience and slipped off stage, said police spokeswoman Sylvia Abernathy.

Vocalist Vince Neil, left, and guitarist Nikki Sixx of Motley Crue perform during their Carnival of Sin tour at Madison Square Garden in New York, March 3, 2005.

"I just felt something snap in my leg," Neil wrote on the band’s Web site. "I just couldn’t go on." (Note: we removed their photo cause it sucked & ours is better.)

The band was forced to end the concert early. Neil was treated at Piedmont Hospital and released Saturday, hospital spokeswoman Diana Lewis said.

The band said on its Web site that Neil partially tore part of his calf muscle. He planned to perform on Sunday night in Memphis, Tenn., and no shows were being canceled, the band said on its Web site.

The 1980’s glam band recently reunited after six years apart. Band members said they intended to return to Atlanta for a makeup show.

Here is an e-mail giving us the first hand details of what went down in Atlanta.

Hey guys, just wanted to let you know what just happened at the Crue show here in Atlanta…

First, the show didn’t start until 8:30ish…the tickets said show time was 8. No big deal. They open with "Shout", and it wasn’t pretty. The music was loud as crap, and you could hardly hear Vince. So he started screaming. Out of tune. Really loudly. No big deal. Who was I foolin, thinkin that he would sound good?

The crowd wasn’t really into too much, and at times, the band seemed pissed. They kept askin if that was all we had, and to make some more fuckin noise. Didn’t work.

They start playing "Live Wire". At the beginning of the second verse, I heard the mike hit the stage. I didn’t see Vince fall, so I didn’t know what the piss happened. (Our seats were on the floor, center stage, but 18 rows back.) The crowd finished the song, (that was fuckin awesome). Tommy then started the whole "make some noise" shit, and again, it just didn’t happen. He was like, "Oh well", and they finished the song…

Intermission…WTF? They had only played for about 35 minutes at this time. We got the whole we’ll be back in ten minutes movie…

30 minutes later, the stage lights come on, and you see Tommy, Nikki and Mick. No Vince. They tell us that he has torn a major muscle in his leg, and is on his way to the hospital right now. They said they would be back to rock our asses, and they would even give refunds. Then they say they told the pyro guy to blow this place up…whatever.

I didn’t see him fall, but I’m sure he did. If he went to the local hospital, he would have gone to Grady Memorial.

I just thought you guys would like to know. Use your super sleuth powers…

Love from a sad sad sludgette…Jennifer

And another e-mail from a Sludgeaholic telling us about Vince being wheelchair delivered to the stage in Mississippi.

Hey Sludge.
I checked out The Crue yesterday night in Mississippi and they rocked. They wheeled Vince on stage in a wheelchair and he proceeded to do the show limping around on a cane all night! He said that he ripped a hole in his calf while playing in Atlanta. The injury to his calf must have affected his brain because he was up to the same old shit singing every other word. The ones that he did sing sounded good but someone needs to let Nikki know that the bass needs to come down a bit. Tommy was spreading the Mad Love all night! They started about 45 minutes late and cut the show by a couple of songs but we still got the drum solo and 1 encore. The latest news about the riff with Mick may have some merit as Tommy tried to cut in on Mick’s distortion end to his solo about 4 times before he ended it!
Lemmy Diamond

Metal Sludge can not confirm nor deny that Vinces fall was during a Live Wire rendition of the chicken dance.

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