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9/18 Unrest at Motley show in Alabama.

Tommy Lee in Insane Clown Posse?

Tommy Lee sporting some heavy and colorful make-up during recent Motley Crue shows could be a warning.

We recently received an e-mail from a fan who claims that there was a little issue at a recent Motley Crue show. This e-mail describes a bit of an on stage vibe between Mick & Tommy, which ended the show. Again, this is all at face value for now. But considering his recent interest in Rap we’re guessing that Tommy could be headed back into the gangsta life as a rapper. Who knows, by the looks of these recent photos, Tommy appears to be going heavy with some clown make up. And it’s even heavier in this 2nd shot. Fuck! Pretty whack huh dog? Metal Sludge is gonna go out on a limb and say that Tommy joining Violent J. and Shaggy 2 Dope is not far off from the looks of his ass in this pick with Nikki.

Hey Sludge,

I saw the Crue Friday 9/9 in Birmingham, AL. Good show, Vince sang nearly all the words hit, the high notes and generally sounded good. The band was tight, sounded good and seemed to be getting along. Same basic setlist as previous shows. All seemed well until the end of "Kickstart My Heart." Mick played about a 5 minute feedback/ wah wah solo at the end of the song and Tommy kept trying to get him to end the song. Finally he stopped and the band left the stage w/out a word to the crowd. Encore coming, right? Wrong! We waited and waited and waited. After about 12 to 15 minutes the house lights came up and the roadies start striking the stage set. No goodnight, goodby, thanks for coming, nothing. Everyone in the crowd seemed stunned. No Tommy drum solo during the show either. Maybe all is not well in the Crue camp. Odd ending to the show, with lots of disgruntled fans leaving the venue. The Crue did not endear themselves to their fans this night. Just wondering if you guys have any more insider info on the Motley Crue backstage atmosphere because something was not right on this night.

Hurricane ravaged in Mississippi,
Billy P

Also this came in as well and mentions Tommy’s weird make-up.

Shit man just saw the Crue and Tommy is still a wigger from hell. He’s all about this mad love shit and he’s wearing some weird ass makeup shit too. I knew he was into some rap shit, but he looks like one of those clown rappers from ICp and they suck balls hard. What the fuck gives. This shit sucks.


Robert you used the fucking word shit 5 fucking times in 2 fucking sentances. Chill out dog, fuck, it’s all good in da hood.

Nikki Sixx shows the devils horns behind Tommy Lee’s head. But it appears as though Nikki is really
thinking that Tommy might have went over board on the costume & make-up. Tommy Lee in ICP next?

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