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Sludgeaholic Of The Month – May 2001, Patrick Anthony


May 2001

Patrick Anthony

Last month’s Sludgeaholic Of The Month was from Nevada, and this month’s is also! He sent us his picture last month and one look at him and we knew we had a Sludgeaholic Of The Month. Plus he also looks like the type of guy had we not picked him, he would have beaten our ass. No need for that!

So here’s our May 2001 Sludgeaholic Of The Month, Patrick Anthony!

1. Where are you from?
The great state of Nevada, baby! Born in the state capitol and raised in Las Vegas (yes I have met Slaughter several times and no I did not have to buy anything to meet them. although I never heard from Dana after I gave him our demo in October!? I traded some "Friday" quotes with Blando… he’s funny). I am currently living in Reno with my wife and twin daughters.

2. Ambitions: To see Ill Logic finally go to the next level. You know what. I am BLESSED to be in a band with these guys! They are the most talented motherfuckers and we make some kick ass fucking music together. And live!? It’s cool because we all go fucking nuts! Our New Year’s Eve show 1999/2000 Tommy and I collided HARD (I was playing my Jackson King V) and he ended up with a nasty bruise the size of a softball on his hip. we never missed a beat, either. Tommy’s got the voice and attitude to be a total rock star. Ernie’s got this cock-sure attitude that just explodes on stage. He’s amazing to watch during his smoking leads. He has allot of Randy Rhoads and Chris Oliva in him. Paul thumps his bass hard and has a KILLER bass solo every time. Paul and I are always on the same page and that is cool. Then there’s The Royster. this fucker looks like Animal (from the Muppets) behind the kit and has one of the hardest kicks I’ve ever heard. He’s badass. We’ve been promoting, playing and writing our faces off since 1999. We’ve had fantastic times and shitty times as a band and as brothers. We’re tight as hell and that’s what makes a band like Ill Logic go the distance. We’re so fucking hungry and passionate about what we do that sooner or later someone is gonna catch wind of it and we’ll be signed. Just a few "highlights" so far include recording "Mystery Babylon", opening for Tesla/Bar 7 on New Year’s Eve, being on the radio and meeting a ton of fantastic people who believe and support Ill Logic. I read Nikki’s Rock Diary on the Crue site 2 weeks ago. he said something in regards to Americoma signing bands. "Where are all the rock stars?". look in your mailbox at Americoma Records, Mr. Sixx! You want a kick ass metal band on Americoma? We’re right here!!

3. Turn-ons: Jackson Guitars, good porn, oral sex, being on the cover of the Reno-Gazette Journal, playing live, doing interviews (as if you couldn’t tell) and having our music on the radio (thanks Pure Rock 104.5!).

4. Turn-offs: There is this stupid, lying, ass-fuck promoter we’ve dealt with in the past 5 months that thinks he’s all that but is actually a low-life piece of shit from Las Vegas who looks like Jason Voorhees. I can’ t mention his name because he’d probably sue me but anybody involved in the music biz in Northern Nevada would know whom I am talking about! Oh, and I really fucking hate people pretending to be someone they are not on the Internet! You and Nikki Sixx outta enjoy this one. in 1999/2000 I was talking to someone I though was Nikki. I am a huge Motley Crue fan and know ALL about their lives and personalities. this imposter obviously did too and appeared to be Sixx. We chatted for the LONGEST time. Then I started thinking "why would Nikki Sixx wanna chat with some guy in a local band in Reno all the time?" This was right when Ill Logic formed and we were starting out. So I guessed it was because he dug the band and wanted to see what we’d do. Anyway, he told me to send him a tape (after he started Americoma) then I never heard from him again until earlier this year. He kept talking about he was ready to sign a band and if he was gonna sign a metal band it was going to be Ill Logic as soon as we sent in our package. well I sent it in January (I have confirmation that it was delivered) and I haven’t heard from "him" since nor have I received any phone calls or legitimate emails. What made this imposter seem so real was he was telling me shit that would appear days later on Motley.com or in the tabloids. I have my speculations to who the imposter is and it shall be reveled at the proper time. *the plot thickens* Oh yeah, and I hate changing Ernie’s guitar strings.

5. What do you do for a living?
I am a web designer/technical writer… but I plan to make Ill Logic my future. I also love to do webzine columns so if you’re looking for another writer.

6. Any formal education?
Everything I do I learned the hard way, which is cool because I have more respect for myself knowing I did it my way. Fuck… thinking back I did well at Sparks High School… had Honors classes and all that… had a shot to go to college but I was so fucked up my last year on boozing, drugs and fucking (before I met my wife in 1992) that going to college would have been a waste of money and a waste of my liver and brain cells. I was living in Reno at the time and moved back to Vegas after graduating in 1991. I met my wife and we married 10 months later just before the birth of our twin daughters. Our wedding was actually funny because I was in a wheel chair (I had knee surgery) and she was blown out like a balloon. I watched the video not too long ago and she’s still hot and I love her to death! Ozzy was right in saying something like "behind every good man is a good woman with a firm backhand." I’d be lost without her.

7. Favorite bands: Jesus… where the hell do I begin!? I love a variety of music. Here are a few to give you an idea of what I mean by variety: First and foremost… ILL LOGIC! I love old Metallica, Lita Ford, Dokken, Queensryche, Lynch Mob, Metal Church, Type O Negative (Hi Peter!), King Diamond, Winger and Kip Winger (both his solo discs are so amazing and "PULL" was the fucking shit. Hello guys!), Poison (we did their after-concert party last summer and they were supposed to come jam with us. that didn’t happen), Motley Crue, Cinderella, Tesla, Bar 7 (Hi Jeff! Thanks for the compliments New Year’s Eve!), Mercyful Fate, Warlock, Helloween, Def Leppard, … I can go on for days… I love good fucking music from all walks of life. I am not set just on one style of music. that sucks and is so limited. I like Flamenco and classical guitar (took a course a couple years ago), I like moody music and I love pure-adrenaline rushing metal! The only "new" bands I really dig are The Union Underground and Godsmack. I wasn’t too crazy about Godsmack’s first disc but "Awake" is fantastic. I believe they have captured their sound. And UU is simply kick ass! Hi guys. Hope ya dug our CD!

8. Least favorite bands: WITHOUT A FUCKING DOUBT OR HESITATION… CREED *aka CRUD*!! I hate that "band" with a dying passion! Scott Slab is such a hypocritical fucking asshole! Fuck him! I’d like to meet with Scott to show him that all the money in the world won’t save you from a good ass-whoopin’ you fucking hipo-christian sack of monkey shit mother fucker! Quit using Christ’s name to further your bank account!

9. How long have you been coming to Metal Sludge?
My first time on Metal Sludge was a couple years ago… actually the first day on the site I read the latest 20 Q’s with Fred Coury… like early 1999 and I have been a devoted SludgeFuck ever since!

10. You’re in a band. Why haven’t you sent us a package for Rock On The Decline and what are you guys all about?
Oh shit! Are you fucking kidding!? I have thought about it a million times, believe me! We get alot of great press and praise from sites, webzines and fans… but you guys are fucking ruthless! I don’t think I can handle that kind of rejection! LOL. Ill Logic is about good, intense music and having a good time, man. That’s it. We’ve got the vibe and energy to hold our own against any of these "new" bands out there. I’m not saying we are better than them, I am saying we have something to offer and if we were given a shot we could prove it. Some people label us an 80’s band. I think that sucks. We have a few songs on our CD that are old songs written YEARS ago. We needed some filler space on the disc so we recorded them as Ill Logic. The songs have groove, emotion and still have something to say in 2001. If that’s being an "80’s band" then whatever! Some people have labeled us a Progressive Metal band while others have labeled us a "kick your teeth in" metal band. Fuck. I cannot label Ill Logic because there is so much variety to our music and we thrive on that! We get heavy as fuck, grooving and nutty. then we switch gears and get a little thought provoking on your ass… then we kick your fucking face in! That seems to get the people off so that’s an added bonus! We have some brand new songs that are a u-turn compared to what’s on our CD, "Mystery Babylon"… while not changing what we are as a band. Actually, we ‘re premiering a new song, "Krawl" at our Cinco De Mayo gig (Ernie is calling it Cinco Del Cock-O). I hate that when bands change their sound from one record to the next. The only band that ever did it right (in my opinion) is Queensryche up until "Hear In The Now Frontier". Actually, ask my friend (and hopefully soon-to-be Sludgette Of The Year) Chantel what she thinks of Ill Logic. Luv ya, babe! Check the band out at www.ill-logic.net.

11. When was the last time you got laid?
Actually I got some real good freaky shit from my wife last night! She is the best. I cannot get into explicit details cause she’d kill me… but we enjoy a very healthy sexual relationship that is FAR from ordinary! If all men/women couples had the sex we have… crime rates would drop!

12. What the most spontaneous thing you’ve ever done?
Several things, actually. Moving from Reno back to Las Vegas in 1 hour’s notice (to my friends who decided to come along)… asking a girl at a high school dance (whom I’d never met) to… never mind… going to see Metallica in Sacramento on the release of "Load". Remember that shit when they did those 2 free concerts at the Tower Records in San Jose then in Sacramento in 1996? Well, I was on my way to work while listening to Rock 104.5 (the tightest fucking rock station in Northern Nevada) when they announced there was a rumor Metallica would be there in the afternoon to play. So, I fucking bailed just like that! Two hours later I am in Sacramento hitting every Tower Records store and getting the run around all damn day! Finally, after about 5 hours of this shit, I was about to bail back home and I called Rock 104.5. They put me on live to announce things were fishy and if anyone from Reno was thinking about cruising up to think twice when all of the sudden police showed up and started to block off the parking lot! I asked this one "security" asshole what was going on and he told me, "Nothing… just routine. You should go home." I said, "Fuck you! I drove up from Reno and had the pleasure of driving around in this 110 degree heat all fucking day to have you tell me to go home!? Do you think I am a fucking moron? Fuck you! I am not going anywhere!" 3 hours later Metallica was there on a flat bed trailer rocking our heads in! It sucked though cause there were assholes who came simply to stir up shit and hurt people. I remember while they were playing "So What" this guy in front of me whipped out a gun (not at me) and the next thing I knew security was on him like a motherfucker! Then there were guys there starting fights and I heard something about a knife but I didn’t see anything. It was like you had to watch your ass instead of the band. Totally sucked but Metallica was on the ball. Anyway, I left Reno at 10a.m. that morning and didn’t return until 3a.m. the next morning. I almost got fired for it… but it was and adventure I’ll never forget. My wife is still pissed over it.

13. Ever been to a brothel or massage parlor, and if so, how was it?
Living in Nevada and so close to the Mustang Ranch (prior to it closing) it is funny to think that I have never been to a brothel… never had the need I guess! That is a question for Paul. He lives close to one in Carson City. Massage parlor sounds cool… I am a stressful mutha at times! But my wife has ways to relieve my stress so I have no need for a massage parlor, either.

14. If you’re going out on a first date with a really hot chick, where do you take her and what do you do?
Shit… I haven’t had a first date in 10 years! How about I give you some previous "first dates" from my previous years: I was 16 years old… took this wonderfully large breasted girl to see "Pet Semetary" on its preview night. She was 18 and I was 16… my dad drove us there and the cheap-o wouldn’t give me any $$, so she had to pay her way in. Ouch. Did I get a hand job during the movie? FUCK NO! Wonder why? Why am I telling you this? I can just see the message boards now…

15. How do you feel about being our May Sludgeaholic Of The Month?
I am absolutely honored! I never had any clue that my ugly ass would make it… but I am honored nonetheless. Thank you! Hopefully this will help promote Ill Logic. we’ll credit Metal Sludge on our next CD. Oh, and by the way. all you rock stars out there who keep bitching for a Sludge shirt. BUY ONE YA CHEAP BASTARDS! If my broke ass can buy 3 sludge shirts, you can afford to buy one!

16. Personal Mottos: "You prick-fuck-son of a bitch…" & "Buy our CD!"

Thanks again, Metal Sludge! Hopefully Ill Logic will be getting a 20 Questions feature one day (we already have some stories to tell!). By the way, thanks for that killer 20 Q’s with Bryan Scott from the Union Underground!

Well Patrick, get your band a record deal and then we’ll talk about 20 Questions.

Congratulations to Patrick for being our Sludgeaholic Of The Month!

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