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Sludgeaholic Of The Month – January 2001, Steve Ponchaud



Steve Ponchaud

Some of you might recognize Ponch. He’s had a few emails in the mailbag, occasionally posts on the Gossip Board, and is a friend to pretty much any rock band that tour in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Plus he’s the only person that we know of who made a bootleg Metal Sludge shirt! Now that’s hardcore.

Ponch’s Data Sheet

1. Where are you from?
Born in Crystal Falls, Michigan. Take a tour of this metropolis here! www.crystalfalls.org – on the other hand, don’t bother…

2. Ambitions: Other than being selected Sludgeaholic of the Month (a goal achieved so early in life!), anything to do with the music business (concerts, helping promote bands I like, and being a guitar hack and playing music with my friends)

3. Turn-ons: Chicks who dig me, anything with a KISS or Star Wars logo on it, 70s music.

4. Turn-offs: Chicks who don’t dig me, smoking, ignorance.

5. What do you do for a living?
Operations manager at K-ROCK in Iron Mountain, MI (www.rocktalk.com), morning show host and host of our station’s hard rock show (K-ROCK ARENA) on Friday nights.

6. Any formal education: 2 years community college (English/Communications)

7. Being from the Upper Pennisula, how many alcoholics do you know?
I think the list of non-alcoholics is much shorter. What else is there to do here?

8. How often do you visit our page?
Twice a day.

9. Favorite bands: KISS is the greatest rock & roll machine in history, Metallica (up to the Black album), CRUE (up to Feelgood), RATT (up to Dancing Undercover), Skid Row, Poison, TUFF, Rob Zombie, Enuff Z Nuff, Hair of the Dog, Pretty Boy Floyd, Electric Magic Sideshow (from New York), Yikes! (from Milwaukee), Bulletboys, Marilyn Manson, Godsmack, Leif Garrett.

10. Least favorite bands: I like mostly everything, but I do have a deep and fierce hatred for Yes, Genesis, Pink Floyd, and most hardcore metal.

11. When not reading Metal Sludge or borrowing their layout design for my webpage, I most likely can be found:
At work, at the bar, watching KISS videos and cheesy 70s Burt Reynolds movies.

12. When was the last time you got laid?
What time is it? I refuse to answer on the grounds that it may incriminate me.

13. How do you feel about winning Sludgeaholic Of The Month for January 2001?
I think it’s extremely cool. I’ve checked the site every day since inception pretty much and I try to contribute when I can and to be the first SOTM of the 21st century (the millenium starts in ’01), I’m flattered and honored and it may even get me some attention from the throngs of female sludgeaholics- visit me here! www.uprockcity.com/meetponch.htm !!!!!

14. Of all the interviews you’ve done, who gave you the roughest time, and don’t even think about pussing out of this question.
If I had a problem with an artist, I’d definitely tell you. I was doing a live interview with Marq Torien and Lonnie from Bulletboys in their hotel room and they kept asking me to repeat the questions because their attention was fixed on the Laker game on the TV, other than that, artists have all been more than accomodating. And the worst interview that never happened is Gerri Miller who promised to do a weekly update with me and she NEVER did even one. She told me EVERY week that she was too busy.

15. In 10 years, I see myself: I shudder to think…probably not far from where I am now to be honest.

16. Personal Motto: Old Milwaukee, tastes as great as it’s name.

Ponch has a website which can be found at www.uprockcity.com. He has some interviews and other things of that sort on the page.

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