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Sludgeaholic Of The Month – October 2000, Tollywood



Dave AKA "Tollywood"

We discovered this hardcore Sludgeaholic from his frequent contributions to our Sludgeaholic T-Shirt Gallery!  After seeing his dedication to the page, we decided that he deserves to be the Sludgeaholic Of The Month for October 2000!

Dave’s Data Sheet

1.  Where are you from?
The Twin Cities…. Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN.  Home of the soon to be Super Bowl Champions Minnesota Vikings!
2. Ambitions:  Faithfully follow C.C.’s fitness and weight-loss program and teach him how to properly do "The Tractor Dance";  secretly videotape BBF and my wife; find the fat Minnesota chicks that John Oswald believes are living vicariously through his life; capture "Sebitchian"; and be considered just as entertaining as Eddie Ojeda.

Honestly, be the best husband and father I can be to my wife Trudy and our 3 children.
3. Turn-ons:  Non-sexual: AC/DC; Slide guitar; a Gibson through a Marshall stack; 101.7 WHMH St.Cloud … smokes old-school rock like no other;  93.7 KXXR… (thanks for bringing rock back to the Twin Towns… Hey Weasel, Nick, Tawn, etc.!!); KQRS 92.5… (classic rockers with the best morning show in the country.  Tom
Barnard and The Morning Crew sent Howard Stern packing his cottage-cheese ass back to NY in record time).

Sexual: My wife.     

4. Turn-offs: Cheese Heads AKA Packer Fans.  (Q: How many times does 89 go into 17??? A: I don’t know, ask Mark Chmura.)  Jesse Ventura (fat, bald and stupid is no way to go through life…  Bastard Boy Floyd for MN Governor!).
5. What do you do for a living?
Do I have to finally reveal that I get paid for capturing ROCK STARS?  I’m the Director of Operations for a construction company.
6. Any formal education?
College Degree in addition to a number of other CE (Continuing Education) credits. 
7. How long have you been coming to Metal Sludge?
A little over a year
8. How often do you visit our page?
Try to visit once a day if time allows.  Family and work can limit a guy’s Sludge time.
9. Favorite bands:  The Eddie Ojeda Project, or is it Reject?  LOL
Number 1 is AC/DC.  RIP Bon, we miss you!  Bon died on my birthday so every year some friends and I get together to celebrate my BD and to salute Bon by drinking a bottle of Cutty Sark while listening to Powerage.  For those of you who think AC/DC is just Back In Black and everything after (no offense to Brian Johnson intended in any way) put Powerage on and crank it! 

Others: Cinderella (the tightest and most underrated band that’s still rocking. Don’t miss them).  Van Halen (believe that they will be The Mighty once again).  The Cult (Their "Electric" is raw power, play it loud). The
Georgia Satellites (another extremely underrated band that would blow most "metal" bands off the stage).  The Four Horsemen (the band, not the Metallica song).  KISS (yea there’s a lot of things that turn people off but I still
gotta give them their props).  Metallica (a lot of people bag on them for "selling out", etc., but I say that lightning-fast riffs and double-kick beats does not always equal heavy.  A slower groove can be quite powerful/heavy).  Lynyrd Skynyrd (can teach a lot of bands a few things about song writing and live performances).  Aerosmith (love those old Perry/Whitford riffs and the Tyler ‘tude).  The Black Crowes (see Georgia ‘Sats comment).  Motley Crue (great live shows, although I think the Corabi album was one of their best and I don’t care what anyone thinks).  Poison (thanks for putting the "fun" back in rock and not being ashamed of it).  GnR (get the band back Axl).  Blackfoot (Ricky Medlocke = pure musicianship/showmanship).  Tesla (will go down as one of the best American rock bands).  Cheap Trick (power pop at it’s best).

Old Old School:  The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, CCR, Elvis (pre-Vegas), Johnny Cash (does Rusty Cage heavier than Sound Garden).   

"Newer Bands": Hair of The Dog (pure rock n’ roll the way it used to be).  New American Shame (if you love old-school AC/DC, you’ll like them.  Come on Sludge how ’bout some press or 20 questions with Jimmy Paulson).  Buckcherry.
Home Town Heroes:  Flipp; The Replacements; Slave Raider; Prince (a lot of guitar players can only dream about playing as well as he can); Conditioned Response (Soon to be signed! Check ‘em out at www.conditionedresponse.com); Jonny Lang; Gemini (tightest club band around).

10. Least favorite bands:  I do manage to find something I like in a lot of different bands and musical styles but for my tastes I find CORN (correct spelling for the uneducated) utterly unlistenable.
11. Why do you call yourself Tollywood?
That requires a 2-part answer.  Some of the people that used to work for me called me Hollywood for reasons unknown.  Later, they then renamed me Tollywood which was a combination of my last name (one of those long
Norwegian last names) and my Hollywood nickname.  Coincidentally, years ago my wife had privately nicknamed me Tollywood!  :)

12. When not reading Metal Sludge, I can mostly be found:  At work unfortunately.  My wife and I also stay very busy and active in our kid’s activities…. Little League, Scouting, etc.  Occasionally, we do get out and see local and national acts at area venues.  I also hang out with Paul "Roland Martin" (my smart-ass fishing buddy/neighbor… he sucks at it) and Rick "I’m pretty one-eyed, I like AC/DC" (my longtime college buddy and
fellow AC/DC aficionado). 

13. Have any rock stars tried to deal on your wife:
I’m not sure, maybe they have while I was busy performing favors for roadies in exchange for backstage passes. 

Seriously, they have all been very respectful… imagine that!  Nothing more than harmless flirting and joking around.  It doesn’t bother me.. I’m a lucky guy.  If I "Torched" every guy, be it rock star or barfly, who looked at or complimented her I’d be in jail.  We’ve been together for over 13 years, married for more than 10 years, and are quite secure.  It’s really a compliment.  Besides in the words of the immortal Bobby Blotzer, "at least
it’s not some one-toothed chick from South Dakota."  

There was one who shall remain nameless, I’ll just call him "For The Love Of God!!!!" ROCK MUSICIAN who was negotiating with me for 30 minutes of time.  I whittled it down to one minute in exchange for driving their tour bus to the next gig.  LMAO 
14. When was the last time you got laid?
An hour ago… I can’t remember any day that I haven’t.
15. How do you feel about winning Sludgeaholic Of The Month for October 2000?
I’m extremely honored to be recognized by such highly esteemed and distinguished citizens such as Bastard Boy Floyd, Ozzy Stillbourne, Jani Bon Neil, et all!  Here’s a "shout-out" to my fellow Sludgeaholic of The Month
Gilly… keep up the good work!

Do I win any personal time with Donna?
16. Personal Motto: Ain’t No Fun Waiting Round To Be A Millionaire

Tollywood also included 2 new photos, one with Rod Jackson from Slash’s Snakepit and one with his wife modeling our Sludgendise!  See, our Sludgendise brings families together!

I’ve also enclosed a pic of me and my wife Trudy modeling her tank.  She and our kids bought me the custom made hat this summer.  I’ve got the best set-up a guy could ask for!

Thanks again for bestowing the October SOTM.  I’m truly honored and will continue to spread "The Sludge".  I should have more tricks up my sleeve for this month, including one that will be quite fitting for Halloween. :)

For those of you scared of Sludge….   SLUDGE OFF!

Dave "Tollywood" Sludge    

Slash’s Snakepit singer Rod Jackson and Tollywood

Trudy and Dave modeling their Sludgendise!

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