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Sludge LA Tour Guide

 Updated 11/9: Birth place of Tenacious D

Any tour of L.A. should start off with…..

The Hollywood Sign
The most famous location in Hollywood. Alice Cooper donated $28,000 for the "O" and Jizzy Pearl hung himself from the "Y" in 1994.

Now we’ll go to the Sunset Strip.

Sunset Strip

Amoeba Records
6400 Sunset Boulevard

This record store is totally out of control. If you’re looking for used CDs, imports, or rare shit, this is the place to go. It’s the size of a fucking Best Buy filled with CDs, records, posters, and shit like that. You’ll be totally overwhelmed and blow all your cash. If you don’t leave this store without finding at least one CD you want then you’re an asshole.
Fun Fact: Back in the day, this was the same location as photographer William Hames’ studio, who shot many of the 80s bands.

SIR Hollywood
6465 Sunset Boulevard

SIR stands for Studio Instrument Rentals, and this is the place everybody rehearses as. From Britney Spears to Motley Crue to Kiss to Bon Jovi, when bands need a room to rehearse in, they come here. And no, you can’t get in. They also rent gear and shit like that.

Sunset Sound Recorders
6650 Sunset Blvd

The first two Van Halen records were recorded here, along with the first two records from The Doors as well as bands like the Rolling Stone and John Lennon.

Seventh Veil
7180 Sunset Blvd
This is the historic strip club that is mentioned in Motley Crue’s "Girls Girls Girls" with the line, "Raising hell at the Seventh Veil." The front of the Seventh Veil can also be seen in Motley’s "Girls Girls Girls" video when the guys are sitting on their Harleys and Vince says to Tommy, "Hey Tommy, check that out man." The building has been remodeled since then so it looks a different now.

Rock N’ Roll Ralphs
7257 Sunset Blvd

This Ralphs is called "Rock N Roll Ralphs" because all the rock guys used to either buy, or shoplift, their groceries from here. Faster Pussycat’s Brent Muscat still shops here!

Rock N’ Roll Denny’s
7373 Sunset Blvd

This is the former location of what was known as "Rock N’ Roll Denny’s." It’s recently been closed. Back in the day, all the bands would hang out here after they played the Strip.

Guitar Center
7425 Sunset Blvd

This is the site of the Rock Walk Of Fame, featuring hand prints from Eddie Van Halen, Les Paul, Frank Zappa, and many more. If you’re looking to see famous guitarists, this is the place they shop. There are also numerous other guitar stores in this area.
Fun Fact: Behind Guitar Center was a building that Guns N’ Roses lived in and rehearsed at called the "Hellhole." It’s was on Gardner St. It’s not there now and was torn down in the late 80s.

Sunset Strip Tattoo
7524 Sunset Blvd
This is the current location of Sunset Strip Tattoo. At one time they were further down the street at 8418 Sunset Blvd. These guys have given tats to everyone from Axl Rose to all of Motley Crue to Julia Roberts, Tupac, Ringo Starr and Nicolas Cage. Their walls are covered with Gold and Platinum albums from all the bands they’ve tattooed.

Mobil Gas Station
7865 Sunset Blvd (corner of Sunset & Fairfax)
This Mobil is the location of the very first Guns N Roses photo shoot in 1985. The band was pictured on construction equipment in the lot of the Mobil.

The Coconut Teaszer
8117 Sunset Blvd
A well known rock club on the Strip. It’s now closed.

The Chateau Marmont
8221 Sunset Blvd

When celebrities come to town and don’t want to be seen, they stay at The Chateau Marmont. Led Zeppelin rented out the bungalows here for orgies, and as you should know, John Belushi died here in Bungalow #3. The roof has also been used for some Playboy shoots. This is where Britney Spears was seen leaving Colin Ferrel’s room here around 4 AM after a night on the town.

The Body Shop
8250 Sunset
No, this isn’t where you go to get your car fixed. This all nude strip club is where Van Halen received their first Gold albums, and Motley Crue also received their platinum albums here for "Girls, Girls, Girls."

Hyatt On Sunset
8401 Sunset Blvd
Also named "The Riot House," the Hyatt on Sunset is legendary for many reason. Led Zeppelin used to ride their motorcycles up and down the hallways and rent entire floors for massive parties. In 1986, Axl Rose tossed sizzling steaks to fans below, after the fire department showed up to halt his balcony barbecue. There is a notice pinned behind the front desk that says: "Be kind to this customer. He may just have sold a million records." It’s very common to see a tour bus parked out front due to a lot of bands staying here and partying.

House Of Blues
8430 Sunset Blvd
This is the House Of Blues on the Sunset Strip, which is pretty much like every other House Of Blues. It’s across the street from the Hyatt.

Comedy Store
8433 Sunset Blvd

This is the comedy club that is owned by Mitzi Shore, Pauly Shore’s mom. Sam Kinison, Robin Williams, Richard Pryor, Jim Carey, Andrew Dice Clay, and every other comedian at one time or another has played here.

The Sky Bar at the Mondrian Hotel
8440 Sunset Blvd

Like any of you Sludgeaholics have a chance of even getting in here! However, if for some reason you pull some Ninja tactics and get in, you might see some celebs but more likely plenty of annoying posers.

Sunset Plaza
This trendy strip of obnoxious restaurants and shops is a good location to see celebrities. Drew Berrymore and that Britney chick have been seen eating around here. However, if you feel like taking a detour off Sunset Strip, you can find the following historic location:

C.C. DeVille’s "House Of Horrors"
2241 Sunset Plaza Dr.

If you take Sunset Plaza up from Sunset Boulevard and take this far enough you’ll find C.C. DeVille’s former house. This was C.C.’s house back in his drug days, and he called it his "house of horrors" in Poison’s Behind The Music on VH-1. He lived here from around 1990 till about 1994. By the way, Ice-T lives just around the bend from C.C.

Back on Sunset

Tower Records
8801 Sunset Boulevard
This is the famous Tower Records on Sunset! What makes it so famous? Who knows? It’s just like any other Tower with overpriced CDs. However, Axl Rose worked here as a night manager in the early 80’s! In 1990, Axl challenged Vince Neil to a fight in the parking lot. Vince showed up but Axl was nowhere to be seen.

The Viper Room
8852 Sunset Boulevard

Home of Metal Shop every Monday night! This is the bar owned by Johnny Depp and was also the location of the death of River Phoenix, who died on the sidewalk out in front of the club. Drinks are overpriced and it’s the size of a closet, but it’s worth it to check out Metal Shop every Monday. Get there early, no later than 10 PM, if you don’t want to wait in line.

Guns N’ Roses’ Former Apartment
1114 N. Clark

If you go up Clark, which is the street right next to The Whisky, you’ll find the apartment where members of Guns N’ Roses lived here in the mid-80s with Vicky Hamilton.

Motley Crue’s Former Apartment
1124 N. Clark
This is the infamous Motley band house where they would throw wild parties after their gigs at The Whisky. The guys all lived here in 81/82, and WASP’s Blackie Lawless also had a place in this building where he lived with a chick who ran an escort service.

The Whisky
8901 Sunset Blvd

This is the world famous Whisky A-Go-Go! We shouldn’t need to tell you about this place. The Doors, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, AC/DC, Van Halen, Guns N’ Roses, Metallica, Motley Crue, etc, have all graced the stage here. Motley filmed their "Kickstar My Heart" video here and Van Halen shot their live version of "Dreams" here, as well as their old ass videos off the 1st Van Halen album.

Hustler Hollywood
8920 Sunset Blvd
While doing our Metal Sludge Tour of LA, you might get the urge to stop and buy some porn. This is a good place to start. The sex toy selection isn’t as good as the Treasure Chest on Santa Monica, or so we heard, but it has more than enough videos and DVD to keep anybody happy for a long time.

The Roxy
9009 Sunset Blvd
Another famous rock club on the Strip that can be seen in a lot of movies. The door on the side of The Roxy facing The Rainbow is the door Arnold Schwarzenegger walked out of in Guns N’ Roses video "You Could Be Mine." Upstairs is "On The Rox" which is small, exclusive bar that Heidi Fless used to do some work out of. Like most L.A. club you have to wait to get into, it’s kind of boring inside. You’re not missing anything.

The Rainbow Bar & Grill
9015 Sunset Blvd
Another famous location you should already know. A must stop for visiting Sludgeaholics! Back in the day, you’d find Vince Neil, David Lee Roth, and Poison all hanging out here at any given time. You can still find Lemmy here quite often and a variety of "rockers" who still look like it’s 1986. The upstairs is dark and features a small dance floor and bar.
Fun Fact: Marilyn Monroe and Joe Diamaggio had their first date here in 1953 when it was originally called The Villa Nova Restaurant. Marilyn lived just around the corner on Doheny at the time.

Gazzarri’s (former location)
9039 Sunset Blvd
This is where Gazzarri’s used to stand and it’s now the Key Club. If you want to see what Gazzarri’s was like in the 80s, watch the movie "Decline Of Western Civilization Part 2" Van Halen used to be the house band at Gazzarri’s in the mid-70s. The club closed in 1992.

Geffen Records
9130 Sunset Blvd
This is the home of Geffen Records. In the 80s they had Guns N’ Roses, Aerosmith, Whitesnake, and Pariah!!!

Right after Geffen Records, Sunset Strip turns slightly and goes into Beverly Hills. But instead of staying on Sunset, if you take Sunset straight onto Doheny (look at a fucking map), you’ll take Doheny and find:

The Osbourne’s House
513 Doheny
Beverly Hills

This is it! The home of The Osbournes! However, be very careful when you drive by. If you drive too slow and a cop sees you, they will pull you over and give you a ticket for stopping the flow of traffic. There are a lot of cops in this area and they enjoy nothing more than giving out tickets to metalheads who drive by The Osbournes. If you want to drive by slow you have to make sure it’s all clear or you’re following a slow car. Better yet, just park your car up the street and walk by. Be sure to flip them off for us.

Now you’re in Beverly Hills. Look at a fucking map and find these locations on your own.

Gene Simmons
2650 Benedict Canyon Dr
Beverly Hills
This is Gene’s house! The Kiss Capitol of the world. You can’t see his house at all but if it’s not windy out, you can actually smell Gene’s money from over the bushes.

Paul Stanley
3331 Clerendon Rd
Beverly Hills
Paul’s place is just off Mulholland Drive and less than 2 miles from Gene’s place. Yet you won’t be able to see his house since he lives in a gated community. Sucks for you.

Hustler Mansion (former location)
364 St. Cloud
Bel Air
This is the former Hustler Mansion of Larry Flynt. Motley Crue used to be regulars here and this is where Flynt lived when he was taken into custody by federal marshals. It can also be seen in the movie "The People vs. Larry Flynt."

Locations off Sunset Blvd.

Crazy Girls
1433 N La Brea
Another popular strip club. This all nude club is a popular spot for many celebrities and rock stars. David Lee Roth has been a very frequent guest here.

Sunset Marquis Hotel
1200 Alta Loma

The Sunset Marquis Hotel is a very exclusive hotel that you wouldn’t even notice if you didn’t know it was there. Even if you do know it’s there you might miss it. It has been known as a hangout for rock musicians and everyone from Metallica, Aerosmith, Korn and even Eminem have stayed here. It houses The Whiskey Bar, a bar that became popular with a variety of celebs. There is even a recording studio on the property.

David Lee Roth’s Former Apartment Building
8787 Shoreham Drive
David Lee Roth used to live here in the 80s. It’s sorta behind the Tower Records on Sunset.

Playboy Mansion
10236 Charing Cross Rd
Home of the staff at Metal Sludge. Ok, not really, but we can dream. Tell Hef we said hi.

Other Hollywood locations
These are somewhat in order by street.

Savannah’s Last House
3502 Multiview Dr

This was the house where porn star Savannah lived and ended up killing herself in. On July 11, 1994, she was driving home from a night on the town and at around 2AM, Savannah swerved from the road, driving through a picket fence and into a tree. She totaled her Corvette and broke her nose and suffered severe lacerations to her face. When she arrived at home later that night, she was unable to accept what had happened to her face and decided to take her own life with a self-inflicted gunshot wound to her head. She was found in the garage and died the next day.

Capitol Records
1750 Vine Street
Home of Capitol Records. The building was built to look like a stack of records, or CDs, for you younger kids. Megadeth and some band named The Beatles have recorded at the studio here.

The Palace
1735 Vine
An LA club. Poison filmed their first video here for "Cry Tough."

Jumbo’s Clown Room
5153 Hollywood Blvd

Courtney Love used to dance here at this shitty nude strip club. Rumor has it Donna Anderson does a shift now and then!
Note: If looking at naked chicks who are strung out on smack is your idea of a good time, then visit here. If not, do yourself a favor and go elsewhere! You’d have a better time at Hooters!

Music Grinder
5540 Hollywood Blvd

Poison recorded "Look What The Cat Dragged In" in 2 weeks here.

Taime Downe & Riki Ratchman Former Apartment Building
7767 Hollywood Blvd

This is where Riki & Taime shared an apartment between 86-88.

Landmark Hotel (now Highland Garden’s Hotel)
7047 Franklin

Janis Joplin died here in room #105 of a heroin overdose.

Franklin Plaza Hotel (now Franklin Plaza Apartments)
7230 Franklin

Not a good street to do drugs on since Janis Joplin died up the street of a heroin overdose and Nikki Sixx almost did the same thing here. This is where Nikki OD’d on December 22, 1987, while partying and actually died for a few minutes. This was also where Guns N’ Roses lived for a while, as well as members of Megadeth and Ratt. This was definitely the place to party back in the day.

Cathouse’s First Location
333 N. LaCienaga (at 3rd St)

This is where Riki Rachtman had Cathouse every Tuesday. It was here only for the first 9 months and then moved to the more known location below.

The Cathouse (former location)
836 North Highland
This is where Riki Rachtman had Cathouse every Tuesday for about 4 years. It’s now the very trendy and very pretentious club "A.D." where the likes of Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, and Cameron Diaz go to dance.

Conway Recording Studios
5100 Melrose Ave

Motley Crue recorded "Girls Girls Girls" here and Poison recorded "Open Up And Say…Ahh." at this place.

The New Cathouse (former location)
5657 Melrose
This is where Riki Rachtman has his new Cathouse in 2001 every Wednesday. It started in June and by the Fall it was already a thing of the past. It’s also called The Martini Lounge.

Motley S’crue Store (former location)
7201 Melrose

This was the location of Motley’s store that was on Melrose for about 5 minutes. Actually, it was here for a few months and then Motley said, "We’re closing it down to go online." We’re still waiting for it to go online.

These 3 locations are just off Melrose

Cherokee Studios
751 North Fairfax

This was the studio that Motley Crue recorded all of "Shout At The Devil" as well as some of "Theater Of Pain."

Centerfold News Stand
716 North Fairfax

Slash of Guns N’Roses used to work here!

711 North La Brea Ave
No, this isn’t where the singer lives.
If you’re a healthy Sludgeaholic, chances are you love shoving your face with hot dogs. Well Pink’s is one of the world’s most famous hot dog stands. There’s generally always a line here and it’s a favorite of celebs. Before he got famous, Micheal J. Fox once had an office in the back.

The Dragonfly
6510 Santa Monica
This dark bar has bands play and Faster Pussycat’s Taime Downe has his "Pretty Ugly Club" every Wednesday. In the mid-90s, Sharise Neil had her own night called "Club Ugly."

Pleasure Chest
7733 Santa Monica Blvd

If you’re looking for butt plugs, penis pumps, or realistic vaginas, (and who isn’t) this is the place! Full of whacky stuff to shove in whatever orifice you want. A good place to get your freak on.

While driving towards The Troubadour, you’ll pass a variety of bars and restaurants. Here’s a note: THEY’RE ALL GAY! Not that there is anything wrong with that. But if you’re looking to pick up chicks, you are in the wrong part of town. And if you go a little further to Santa Monica and Highland and you do see any hot chicks, there is a 99% chance they have a surprise in their pants called a COCK, or at one time they did. Not the place to be picking up hookers. If you want hookers, go up to Sunset by "All American Burger," or so we’re told.

Bordello (former location)
7969 Santa Monica Blvd
This was Riki’s other club, which was basically the same as Cathouse, except it was every Thursday.

The Starwood (former location)
NW corner Santa Monica & Crescent Heights
This was where The Starwood used to be until it closed in 1982. Motley Crue did their first show here opeing up for Y&T. Van Halen and Quiet Riot were other bands that once played here.

Barney’s Beanery
8447 Santa Monica Blvd

Barney’s has long been home to rockers, actors, and bikers. Janis Joplin partied here the night she died and carved her name into one of the tables. The Wallflowers use to play every Thursday for about 4 months. At one time they had a sign behing the bar that said, "No Faggots Allowed" but they removed that a few years ago.

The Troubadour
9081 Santa Monica Blvd
Another famous club that a lot of bands got their start at.

WorkOut Wherehouse
650 N. La Peer Drive
This gym is owned by John Kalodner and underneath a gay night club. Very popular with famous ex-drug addicts trying to sweat out the toxins from the last 20 years. Billy Duffy, Matt Sorum, Keanu Reeves, Steve Stevens and many others are known to workout here.

Gerri Miller’s Former Apartment
950 N. Kings Road #143

Who says the Metal Sludge L.A. Tour Guide doesn’t show you all the big locations!? This is Gerri’s home when she first moved to L.A! Plenty of issues of Metal Edge’s "The Way They Were" were edited here and this is where all the early magic happened. It’s between Santa Monica & Melrose. Be sure to bring your camera!

Canter’s Deli
419 N. Fairfax Avenue

This famous restaurant was the place that David Lee Roth sat Vince Neil down and explained the record business to him back in June 1981. This was also mentioned in Motley Crue’s book "The Dirt." It’s also a favorite place of Gene Simmons.

The Birth Place Of Tenacious D – New
401 W. Cochran Ave

This was Kyle Gass’ studio apartment where he and Jack Black first started playing together in the early 90s. This is where the mighty Tenacious D was formed!

Billy Idol Motorcycle Crash Location
Gordon & Fountain

On February 6, 1990, Billy Idol crashed his motorcycle at this intersection and broke his arm and his leg.

Hillel Slovak Death Site
6141 Afton

This is the apartment complex where Red Hot Chili Peppers’ guitarist died of an overdose in 1988.

Place Where Marilyn Monroe Posed Nude
736 N. Seward

If you’re coming to Hollywood, you shouldn’t just spend your time looking at rock n’ roll locations, you should also check out a few historic Hollywood locations that show you what this town is about! Like this one. This is the place Marilyn Monroe posed nude in May of 1949 for $50, and those photos ended up being printed in the first issue of Playboy. Now this is true Hollywood history! It’s between Melrose and Santa Monica.

1250 N. Western Ave
Vince Neil sang, "Tropicana’s where I lost my heart" in "Girls Girls Girls." That’s because his one time wife Sharise worked here as a mud wrestler. This place used to have chicks wrestle in mud and was a popular place back in the 80s, but eventually it feel on hard times and the club is now closed.

Downtown L.A.

Grand Olympic Auditorium
1801 S. Grand
Downtown L.A.

This is where the Bon Jovi "You Give Love a Bad Name" and "Livin’ On A Prayer" videos were shot, as well as Kiss’ "Crazy Nights." It’s also the Japanese concert hall at the conclusion "This is Spinal Tap" where we all saw Joe "Mama" Besser for the first time.

Park View Plaza Hotel
607 S. Park View
Downtown L.A.
This old hotel houses the ballroom where Guns ‘N Roses shot the live footage for the "Welcome To The Jungle" video. The massive staircase in the lobby was used for Steve Perry’s "Oh Sherrie" video as well as in "Less Than Zero" and the inner sleeve photos of Queensryche’s "Rage For Order" album. Videos for Little Caeser and D’Molls were also shot here. It was also home to the Scream for much of the late 80’s which had gigs from The Cult, Ministry, Junkyard, Soundgarden, Jane’s Addiction, L.A. Guns, Kix, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and tons more. It was also the site of the 1989 anniversary party for both the Cathouse and Rip Magazine featuring Guns ‘N Roses, Faster Pussycat, & Love/Hate.

The Valley

NRG Studios
11128 Weddington St
North Hollywood

This is where Linkin Park, Limp Bizkit, Drowning Pool, Staind, Rob Zombie, Sugar Ray, No Doubt, Ugly Kid Joe, Lit, and a million other bands have recorded at. There’s always somebody recording here.

One on One Recording Studios (now Extasy Studios)
5253 Lankershim Blvd.
North Hollywood

This is where Metallica recorded "…And Justice For All," and "Metallica," Megadeth recorded "Rust In Pieces, Alice In Chains recorded "Dirt" and BulletBoys recorded their first 2 albums here.

Track Record
5102 Vineland Ave
North Hollywood

Kiss recorded Kiss "Alive 3" here, as in they did all the overdubs and everything else they wanted to fix. Red Hot Chili Peppers and a variety of other bands recorded here.

11377 Burbank Blvd. @ Lankershim
North Hollywood
This was the site were Tommy Lee had his first meeting with Nikki Sixx in 1981.

Royal Liquors
5600 Cahuenga Blvd. @ Burbank
North Hollywood

Tommy Lee worked here as a kid.

FM Station (former location)
Lankershim and Victory
North Hollywood
This is the former location of FM Station, a popular rock bar in the 80s and early 90s. Jani Lane used to have "Jani Lane’s Policeman’s Ball" once a week here. It’s now a Spanish dance club or something.

Scream Studio
11616 Ventura Blvd
Studio City

Skid Row ‘s "Slave To The Grind," and Extreme’s "Pornograffitti," were both recorded and mixed here. Other artists that have had things mixed or worked on here include Warrant, Ozzy Osbourne, Megadeth, Sevendust, Sepultura, Motley Crue, Alice In Chains, Nirvana, and even Paul McCartney and Madonna. A lot of artists use this place to mix their shit.

Lita Ford’s Former Condo
4859 Coldwater Canyon Ave #6
Sherman Oaks

This condo is where Lita Ford lived with Nikki Sixx back around 1984.

Jani Lane’s Former House
4168 Fulton Ave
Sherman Oaks

This was Jani’s place back in the Cherry Pie years and was bought with "Down Boys" money from the first album. It’s a very family looking house. It’s just down the street from the Mexican restaurant Casa Vega, which Richie Sambora and Heather Locklear have been known to eat at.
Fun Fact: Jani Lane had sexual intercourse with Bobbie Brown in this house.

After Jani’s, if you keep going up the street and turn right onto Valley Vista, you’ll end up at the next two locations.

Nikki Sixx’s first real house
14432 Valley Vista
Sherman Oaks

This was Nikki’s first real house he purchased during the "Theater Of Pain" album. Lots of drugs were used here. In fact, if you stare at the house long enough you’ll get stoned. This is where Nikki used to wander around the backyard all fucked up. Ah, those were the days.
Fun Fact: In Nikki’s upcoming book "The Heroin Diaries" this is the house he’ll be talking about.

Bret Michaels’ Former House
14850 Valley Vista
Sherman Oaks

Just down the street from Nikki’s old place is Bret Michaels’ house he had in the late 80s. This is the house where Bret started losing his hair. At one time, Jani Lane, Nikki Sixx, and Bret Michaels were all living within minutes of each other. Scary.

Guitar Center
14209 Ventura Blvd
Sherman Oaks

This is the another Guitar Center that is good for seeing rock stars.

Pink Cheeks Salon
14562 Ventura Blvd
Sherman Oaks
Want to get your crack waxed? This is the place. Many Playboy Playmates, porn stars, and celebrities, including Carmen Electra, go here to get waxed. Sounds like a place we might like to apply for work! Once you get your crack waxed, you can then apply to the agency below.

World Modeling Agency
4523 Van Nuys Blvd
Sherman Oaks
Is your dream to spread your legs for Swank? Do you want to be the queen of anal Gang Bangs? Then this is the agency for you! World Modeling Agency deals in porn! This is the very place Traci Lords started her underage career in porn and so has almost everybody else who’s in the business. All you have to do is walk up the stairs and begin you’re new life as a whore!

Sherman Oaks Hospital And Health Center
4929 Van Nuys Blvd
Sherman Oaks
This was the detox center where Vince Neil checked into back in 1985 after his manslaughter chargers. Nikki Sixx also checked in here around 1986. It’s also the burn center that Richard Pryor was hospitalized in when he lit himself on fire while freebasing cocaine in June of 1980.

Warrant’s Former Apartment
4735 Sepulveda Blvd
Sherman Oaks

This is where Warrant’s Erik Turner lived during the early 90s along with their drummer Steven Sweet. Bass player Jerry Dixon lived in the same apartment building as well. The apartment can be seen in the September 1990 issue of Metal Edge.

Metal Edge West Coast Office
5627 Sepulveda Blvd Suite 230
Van Nuys

This is the where all the magic happens! The home of Metal Edge. Maybe you’ll even see Paul Gargano walking into the building!

Sound City Studios
15464-66 Cabrito Road
Van Nuys

Nirvana changed the face of music and wiped out the hair bands when they recorded "Nevermind" in this studio. Dio recorded "Holy Diver" here and bands like Ratt, Warrant, Slipknot, and Monster Magnet have also recorded here.

Bob’s Classy Lady
14626 Raymer
Van Nuys
A popular all nude strip club in the Valley. Cool if you’re into seeing nude chicks. A variety of Sludgettes have danced here at one time or another.

Jerry Dixon’s Dreamstate Studio (former location)
7801 Noble Ave
Van Nuys

Back when the Warrant guys had money, Jerry Dixon has his own studio and it was called Dreamstate Productions. Warrant recorded their album "Belly To Belly" here in 1996. Jerry eventually sold it or some shit. Who knows?

Michael Jackson’s Boyhood Home
4641 Havenhurst Avenue
This is where Michael Jackson grew up and lived when he was still black. He lived here up until the "Thriller" years and then moved out to become a creepy old white woman.

Jani Lane’s Former Apartment
5140 White Oak Ave #314

This was Jani’s place before he moved back to Cleveland in the late 90s.

Paladino’s Lounge
6101 Reseda Blvd
Home of Metal Sludge Extravaganza’s 2 through 6!! What else needs to be said?

The Country Club
18415 Sherman Way

This club was very popular in the 80s, featuring everybody from Motley Crue, Poison, and Warrant to Anthrax and Megadeth. Skid Row filmed their "Piece Of Me" video here and MTV had a New Year’s Eve party here hosted by Sam Kinison and Poison. It’s now closed.

Gotham City
21516 Sherman Way
Canoga Park
Pretty Boy Floyd’s Steve "Sex " Summers is the manager of this strip club! Pretty Boy Floyd has also played here a few times. Nothing like seeing naked chicks and listening to Pretty Boy Floyd!
Note: As of May 2003, this place lost its liquor license due to "sexual acts" from the dancers towards the customers. So what’s the problem? Anyway, it was busted by undercover agents and there is no word on the current status of the club.

Rumbo Recorders
20215 Saticoy
Canoga Park

This is where a majority of Guns N’ Roses "Appetite For Destruction" was recorded and demoed. Dokken and Black Label Society also recorded here. When you drive past today, there is a security gate and razor wire. But back in the day it was an open lot like any other business and you could go up to people like Axl Rose and get an autograph and a photo taken simply by asking. Speaking of Axl, he also worked on "Chinese Democracy" here too.

Erik Turner’s Malibu Juice & Coffee (former location)
8968 Corbin

While Warrant’s Jerry Dixon had his own studio, Eric Turner didn’t want to be left out in the cold so he had his own business, too! This was the former location of Eric’s juice bar, Malibu Juice & Coffee. It’s a tanning salon now. We know it’s not very exciting but they can’t all be gems.

Vince Neil’s Former House
22502 Summit Ridge Circle
Summit Ridge Estates
This is where Vince lived with his then wife Sharise. It’s in a gated community so you can’t really see anything.

Malibu & Coastal Areas

Vince Neil’s Former House
19950 Pacific Coast Highway

This was the house that Vince Neil lived in during the mid-90s. He also was a frequent vistor of "Moonshadows" bar which is just down the street.

Tommy Lee’s House
31341 Mulholland Drive.

This is the crib where Tommy lived with Pamela Anderson and raised his pimp hand to her. Just around the corner are tight ass views from the top of some mountains.

Axl Rose’s House
5055 Latigo Canyon Rd
Wonder where Axl has been hiding all these years? This is the place. Axl lives here and pretends he’s still famous.

Aucoin Entertainment (former location)
1040 N. Las Palmas
Santa Monica
This is where former Kiss and Billy Idol manager had his office back when people cared.

Exodus Clinic
4650 Lincoln
Marina Del Rey

Hooked on smack? This is the rehab clinic Kurt Cobain checked out of, flew back to Seattle and then killed himself.

Lady Laura’s House Of Domination
8875 Venice Blvd

Do you like to be tied upside down to a wall, blindfolded, and have you ass flogged while you’re being spit on? Who doesn’t? This is the place to go if you like to be dominated or have chicks step on your balls while wearing high heels. It’s one of the most famous dominatric places around and C.C. DeVille wrote the Samantha 7 song "Slave Laura" band about this place.

Vince Neil’s Accident Site
Sapphire & Esplanade
Redondo Beach
On December 8, 1984, Vince lost control of his 1972 Ford Pantera and slid into an on coming car, killing his passenger Nichols "Razzle" Dingley from Hanoi Rocks, and severly injuring the two passengers in the Volkswagen they hit.

KNAC 105.5 (former location)
200 Oceangate Blvd
Long Beach
This was KNAC’s home for 9 years when they were broadcast on 105.5.

Various Other Areas

Rockaway Records
2395 Glendale Blvd.

Looking for more rare stuff? This store also has quite a collection or rare rock memorabilia.

Perkins Palace
Holly & Raymond
Another famous venue for bands back in the day. Also, all the onstage footage for Spinal Tap was filmed here.

Pookie’s Sandwich Shop (former location)
38 E. Holly St

On May 5, 1981, Motley Crue performed here in front of 12 people. It was something like their 3rd show. Now it’s called "Biscotti and Books."

Six Flags Magic Mountain
Located off I-5 in Valencia around 35 miles north of Hollywood.

This is where Kiss met the Phantom in "Kiss Meets the Phantom of the Park" and also where Spinal Tap performed their "Jazz Odyssey" while billed under the puppet show. Motley Crue and Van Halen used to do shows here as well.

Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch
5225 Figueroa Mountain Rd
Los Olivos, CA

Visiting LA with kids? Then keep them the fuck away from here! In fact, don’t even drive your kids past this place.

More locations to come! If you have any place to add, email us at metalsludge@metalsludge.tv.

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