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Sludgette of the Month – June 2005, Dora Noble




Our June 2005 Sludgette of the Month is a British Columbian! Or is it a Mexican Canadian? Something like that. That NAFTA treaty never made much sense to any of us. Anyhow she’s a hottie and looks great in a Metal Sludge shirt, which is really the only requirement for being a Sludgette of the Month! Let’s check out some pics and find out a bit more about Dora. Here we go!

Dora Noble1. Name and age: Dora Noble 33yrs

2. Height: 5’9

3. Weight: 125lbs

4. Where are you from?

North Vancouver, Canada

5. Ambitions: Continue to pursue modeling career, it is a lot of fun for me

6. Turn-ons: Chocolate covered strawberries, hot tubs

7. Turn-offs: liars and thieves

8. Favorite bands: Nickelback , Motley Crue, Def Leppard

9. Least favorite bands: Jessica Simpson, Ashlee Simpson

10. How long have you been coming to Metal Sludge?

Probably about a year, I really enjoy reading about all these bands I listen to and see what is going on out there.

Dora Noble11. Exactly what do you do for a living?

I am a waitress

12. At what age did you lose your virginity and how was it?

That’s a wee bit too personal! Haha Maybe next interview…..

13. What’s your biggest vice?


14. If someone stole your purse, what would they find in it?

Way too much useless junk…nothing at all useful.=P

15. Yes or no, have you ever:

Lost your car = Yes, stolen and found a block away! Damn!

Regretted a tattoo = Yes, my ladybug

Spit-shined a shoe = Ya right! Grooosss!

Seen a Sasquatch = No

Owned an iguana = Negative

Won a karaoke contest = I wish! I doubt that will ever happen…haha

Been hit on by a photographer = Yes, way too often

Touched another chick’s vagina = No, not yet anyways

Hitchhiked = Yah

Been arrested = Never

16. The way to my heart is: You have to find the path first ;)

17. How do you feel about being our June 2005 Sludgette of the Month?

OMG I am totally honored! Thank you for featuring me on one of the coolest websites on this planet!

18. Personal motto:

If you believe in yourelf you will faith in everything you do.

For even more spanking material pictures of our new Sludgette Dora, visit her Web site at www.dorawooten.com.

Congratulations to Dora Noble on being our June 2005 Sludgette of the Month!


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