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Sludgette of the Month – April 2005, Jill Gretchen


Jill Gretchen

Our very own bastard boy floyd found our newest Sludgette one day while he was making the rounds in his ice cream truck. Floyd claims he sold her a maple-asparagus swirl push-up, but we have it on good authority that she really came across floyd’s truck when it broke down and she helped him change a tire. Guess floyd doesn’t know how to do that himself. Go figure.

Now, we’d normally never take any of floyd’s Sludgette of the Month nominations seriously, but this time floyd picked a good one! Not only is she a hottie, but she’s into some metal bands like Iron Maiden and Morbid Angel! What can you say bad about that? She’s also from the deep south! So without further ado, let’s meet our April 2005 Sludgette of the Month, Jill Gretchen!

Jill Gretchen1. Name and age: Jill Gretchen

2. Height: 5’7”

3. Weight: 125

4. Where are you from?

I was born and raised in the south!! I’m originally from Birmingham, Alabama, but have lived the majority of my life in Mississippi. I also call New Orleans my second home since I probably spend more time there than I do around MS!

5. Ambitions: Finish college, get out of Mississippi. Do more in the ways of acting and theater. I have a role in an upcoming indy horror flick and Im really excited about that….. oh and yeah…maybe one day I will actually get to see Maiden on stage… unfortunately, the south is not exactly a thriving mecca for metal concerts :/.

6. Turn-ons: Intelligence, awesome sense of humor, confidence? someone who has their shit together. I definitely like a guy that has standards and is selective about who he dates. The ideal guy for me is one who can keep up conversation and always surprise me with what he knows… someone who is articulate, goal driven and knows who they are…yet at the same time, someone who is a bit rough and not afraid to administer an ass beating to someone if necessary. And he must definitely be able to dork out with me and keep me laughing. And worshipping Maiden scores like..an extra 100,000 points!! ok…yeah. im wanting alot.

Jill Gretchen7. Turn-offs: Egos, someone who lacks standards, bad taste in music, excessive jealousy, laziness.

8. Favorite bands: Iron Maiden, Kreator, Morbid Angel, Accept, old Exodus, Motley Crue, Motorhead, Entombed, AC/DC, Divine Empire, Anathema, Therion, Fields of the Nephilim, WASP, Destroyer 666, Emperor, Burzum, Alice Cooper, COF, Morbid Angel, Nevermore.

9. Least favorite bands: Any numetal. Much much much hate! And all those nickelback/creed bands… somebody needs to take them out!

10. How long have you been coming to Metal Sludge?

About 3 years now! I use to post occasionally back on the old board but I gave up on trying to keep up with the posts! These days things are alot more hectic and I have less time for posting but I will always be a regular visitor of the site!!

11. Exactly what do you do for a living?

Boring office work! Yep? i got the whole 9 to 5er schedule? its what Im doing until I finish up with school, or have enough and just say "to hell with it!’ Whichever comes first I suppose :). However, it affords me a comfortable living and the time and means to devote to all the assorted nonsense that I do love and enjoy doing on the side!

Jill Gretchen12. At what age did you lose your virginity and how was it?

18 and it really wasnt anything monumental. It was more nervewracking at the time than anything else.

13. What?s your biggest vice?

Caffiene!! That is probably my biggest addiction/weakness! Coffee and Monster Energy are my salvation!!

14. You and Quiet Riot?s Frankie Banali share the same Webmistress, who just happens to be our February 2002 Sludgette of the Month, Miss Jen Yonts! How long have you known Jen, and how did you hook up with her in the first place?

I talked to Jen years back, probably close to 2 years ago about designing some stuff for me! However, i had to take a hiatus from the net due to some major changes going on in my personal life, a death of a loved one… So when i finally decided to get a site going we were in contact and I loved her work, so it worked out perfectly!! She is a total doll, professional, honest and i can’t recommend her enough to someone interested in getting a website started!!

15. Of the following, which do you prefer and why:

Alligators or water moccasins = Hmm..both are pretty damn cult but I’m gonna have to go with alligators. They are just more interesting all around.
Jill GretchenPaul Di?Anno or Blaze Bailey = heh, Paul definitely!! Not that Blaze is a bad singer, but he just never clicked with Maiden. I will always love the first two maiden with Di’anno!
California Rolls or Spider Rolls = Spider!! California rolls are ok for starting out, but once you get a taste for sushi, its a shame to just limit yourselves to them!
Goatwhore or Morbid Angel = oh man…now this is hard because I love both bands. Goatwhore I have a personal soft spot for because a few of the guys in the band are old friends of mine and I’ve seen the birth of GW from their demo days! They are awesome…however Morbid Angel is a musical entity and I’ve worshipped everything they’ve put out from "Altars.." to "heretic". I would have to go with MA.
Biloxi or Picayune = HAHAHA!!! Picayune sucks balls… Biloxi definitely!
Piercings or tattoos = I guess this would depend on the individual that has them and if the tattoos look like cheese crap or not. But I guess I got to go with tattoos.
Queensryche or Crimson Glory = Old pre-Empire Queensryche ruled… Crimson G with Midnight ruled! However, Queensryche started putting out geritol albums and Crimson lost Midnight and he was CG for me, so its hard to say. However, I never read an interview with CG where the singer bashes metal and then praises the Thompson Twins all in the same breath… so yeah, Crimson Glory owns Reich!
KY Jelly or Vaseline = naturally, its jelly!
Powerslave or Somewhere In Time = Powerslave and Killers are probably my two favorite maiden cds!! (Ok.. who am i fooling? I probably say that about all maiden cds)… but defiitely powerslave!!
Jill GretchenHalloween or Mardis Gras = If you live in New Orleans, its basically one in the same! Either way you’re going to see people in costumes, people drunk and pissing in the streets, and highly intoxicated women taking their shirts off for a string of plastic nickel beads! However, I would definitely go with Halloween… then you get to have stuff like House of Shock, horror film fests, etc!

16. The way to my heart is: Sushi and metal! :). ok… its probably a bit more complex than that :p

17. How do you feel about being our April 2005 Sludgette of the Month?

I am thrilled about it! You guys are so awesome and all the sludgettes are awesome, so i am in good company! And thanks to BBF!

18. Personal motto: Crap! Until now I didnt realize that I dont have a personal motto. I’ll go watch my Strangers with Candy dvds and rip something off of it!

There you have it! Our very own Mississippi Queen, Jill Gretchen!

Be sure to check Jill’s Web site (run by February 2002 Sludgette of the Month Jen Yonts!) at www.southerndarkness.com. It’s got lots more pictures and stuff.

Congratulations again to Jill Gretchen on being our April 2005 Sludgette of the Month!

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