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Sludgette of the Month – September 2004, Charee




This month’s Sludgette of the Month is our most senior Sludgette to date, yet she still looks better than a lot of girls half her age. Pay attention girls: if you want to be a Sludgette well into your fourth decade, you might want to get some tips from Charree! Guys may feel inclined to offer Charree a tip of their own, but that’s Charree’s call, so you’re probably going to be shit out of luck.

Congratulations to Charree, our September 2004 Sludgette of the Month!

1. Name and age: Charree Anda……40

Charree2. Height: 5′ 6"

3. Weight: 105 lbs

4. Where are you from? San Diego, CA mostly, but recently relocated to Los Angeles.

5. Ambitions: Making sure my three daughters grow up right (and don’t turn out like me!)

6. Turn-ons: Good kissers with nice lips, nice hands and deep dark secrets.

7. Turn-offs: People who think they are way more important than they really are. Fighting, arguing, yelling or drama of any kind. I can’t think of a bigger waste of time than this kind of crap.

8. Favorite bands: Wow, this is a hard one! All time fave I guess would have to be Alice Cooper, but I really am a big fan of all kinds of rock n’ roll…from the 50’s till now. My fondest memories are of course the 80’s though.

9. Least favorite bands: Any grunge band…especially those with heroin related deaths and/or drama attached. I could rant forever on this subject, but since we all know how stupid and pointless it is…I wont!

Oh yeah, and I hate country music too.

10. How long have you been coming to Metal Sludge? 3 or 4 years ago someone sent me a link to The Penis Chart….and of course my friend Lisa and I immediately sat down and read it from beginning to end. This took several hours because every five minutes or so we’d go "Oh…remember him?…Quick, find his website….let’s see what he looks like now"! When we finished it was about 3:00 AM, and neither of us could see straight from staring at this screen for so long.

I have checked the main page most every day since then. My good friend Tbabe (Hi T!) would often send me entertaining links from the Gossip Boards, but I never checked them regularly myself until about the time I moved to LA.

11. What exactly do you do for a living? The official title is Billing and Contracts Administrator, what that means exactly is accounting/job costing for a general contractor.

12. If I could change anything: The numbers on this lottery ticket?

Charree13. What age did you lose your virginity and how was it? 16 and not great.

14. What’s the first thing that would turn you off to a guy, no questions asked? Oh man, I know I’m gonna get it for this but it has to be fat guys. Sorry…I can’t do it…even a little bit chubby is an absolute deal breaker.

15. How long do you wait before you let a guy in your pants? That depends on the guy of course, but I will say that I find an unusual approach almost irresistible.

16. What’s your biggest vice? I spend way too much money on clothes and shoes.

17. How do you feel about being our September 2004 Sludgette Of The Month? Does it get better than this? To be The-Sixth-Anniversary-First-Real-Sludgette-On-The-New-Site? I’m flattered beyond belief!

18. Personal Motto: I don’t know that I have one of these…does anyone wanna help me out with one?

Congratulations again to Charree for being our September 2004 Sludgette of the Month!

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