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Sludgette of the Month – February 2004, Jen Hilton


Jen Hilton

Our February 2004 Sludgette Of The Month is our first ever full blown Lesbian! How great is that? On top of that she’s Canadian and only 19! Good times, eh?

Jen’s a model so she sent in a variety of photos of her modeling our Metal Sludge Baby Doll and Metal Slut Panties. We have a feeling we’re going to have a new Sludgette favorite on our hands!

So congratulations to Jen for being our February 2004 Sludgette Of The Month!

Jen’s Data Sheet

1. Name and age: Jen Hilton and 224 months

2. Height: 5’6"

3. Weight: 110lbs

4. Where are you from? Vancouver Canada

5. Ambitions: When I was 15 I had dreams of being in Cosmo, Vogue, or being the new Guess girl. Now I’d just like to do a fashion show that doesn’t have shitty music rap or dance music, and I want to get in lowrider magazine and make some cash on my website. Aim low and you never miss the target!

6. Turn-ons: Confident people, not cocky losers that try to cover up for having a small dick by souping up their dodge neon and driving like a dilwad, but people that look good and know they look good. I was an assistant on a photoshoot with this model, Jen Sanchez, she was so sexy and it wasn’t her big boobs, tight stomach or cute but, it was her attitude.

7. Turn-offs: Wanna-be lesbian chicks that say they are gay only to find out that they have a boyfriend that they love very much at home and is very sweet. I always ask myself "if he is such a great guy why are you mackin’ on me trying to get into my pants… is he that bad in bed that lesbo sex is better?"

8. Favorite bands: Pretty Boy Floyd (Who has a new CD out, BUY IT), Kid Rock, Motley Crue, Poison, KISS, Murderdolls,Buckcherry ,Slaughter (and no I don’t live in a trailer in South Dakota), Pantera, Twisted Sister, Skid Row, Warrant, Tesla, 40ft Ringo, Van Halen, Big Bang Babies, Spread Eagle, Marilyn Manson, The Doors, Andy Griffith’s Gospel Christmas, Slayer, Bon Jovi, AC?DC, White Zombie, Blink 182, Trixter, Nashville Pussy, Def Leppard, Suicidal Tendencies, Whitesnake, Iron Maiden, Slamhound, EMN, and Winger.

9. Least favorite bands: Anything Rap, Dance, Trance, R&B, Pop, Easy Listening, Evanescence (they piss me off, Christian Goths? WTF!?!?!), Rush (It’s not their music, it’s just because I live in Canada everyone thinks we worship them like demi gods and I get tired of being asked how much I should love Rush.), The White Stripes, The Strokes, The Vines, The Hives am I the only one that realizes how much these bands all sound the same and are talentless bums? Iggy Pop… There I said it, someone had to, yah the guy is cool or hip or whatever and rock journalists would suck him off just he’d kick em in the teeth, but face it his music isn’t that great.

10. How long have you been coming to Metal Sludge?

2+ years. The first couple times I came to the site I just came to read an article or two, but for the last two years I have been checking the site daily.

11. Any relation to Paris Hilton?

Not really, I think she is a very distant cousin but it’s not like I am rich like her or anything, it’d be cool though, I wish I was so rich, I would be paid to act like a jackass on TV.

12. You’re a lesbian. Explain to us how that happened. Are you afraid of the cock? Ever been with a guy or seen a live cock up close?

I am not afraid of cock or anything like that. I’ll just put it this way to the guys out there: Think about how much you want to have some guy shove his manhood in your private places, that’s about how much I want it too. Girls are prettier, softer, smell better, the only thing guys got going for them is cocks, and you can buy a dildo at a sex shop that can do the same thing and won’t go limp, stomp out of the room and start crying when you mention that another dildo is bigger and more fun to play with.

13. You’re also a model. What are some of the shoots you’ve done and do you eventually want to end up in Playboy or anything good like that?

I have done a lot of work for local things in Vancouver. Most of my paid assignments are fashion shows, conventions, or selling stuff on my site. I have been offered spots in Playboy, but it’s just not my thing right now. I have more fun doing the tease almost naked thing.

14. Last 5 CDs you purchased:

1. Pretty Boy Floyd, Size Really Does Matter – PBF is awesome and so is this CD! I wish more people would realize how cool these guys are.

2. The Darkness, Permission to Land – It’s pretty good, I wouldn’t call it revolutionary, Slightly better than the London Quireboys.

3. Big Bang Babies, Self Titled – I didn’t actually buy it because I don’t think anyone even Perris Records carries it anymore, but I borrowed it from a friend, again another underrated glam metal band.

4. Hollywood Hairspray vol2: I only got it for Groovylove the PBF song, the one song was well worth 12$!

5. Pantera’s Greatest Hits: Nothing really new, but at least a have a louder version of Cowboys from Hell and Cat Scratch Fever was an awesome cover.

15. List your top 5 hot celebrity chicks that you would go out with:

Let me change the question to Celebrity Chicks I’d like to turn gay:

Christina Aguilera, I wanna get dirty with her!

Britney Spears, her music sucks, but I am not fuckin’ her music.

Adirana Lima, she’s the chick from the guess ads and Victoria’s Secret, you’ve probably had a boner for her, but had no idea who she was.

Katie Price (Jordan)

Carmen Electra

16. If I had more time, I would: Drive my car more, I have a sweetass 1972 vette that I almost never drive because I am always working.

17. The way to my heart is: through your wallet. The more crap people buy from my website the more that I love them… Not really, although it’s cool when people buy stuff from my site, the thing that really gets to my heart is being honest. I just want to meet a girl that is full on lesbian. I am so sick of all these bi-girls dumping me when some asshole with a dick yells "hey baby nice titties.." at them out the window of his 78 chevette. They leave me, the model with the 6 figure income so they can be some wigger (can I say that?) homeboy’s bitch… It’s sad for them, but at the same time sad for me too.

18. How do you feel about being our February 2004 Sludgette Of The Month?

Very happy and excited. I have been a fan of the sludge for a while now and I think it’d be super to actually be on the site.

19. Personal Motto: I don’t have a motto, mottos are so gay, but wait, I’m gay, but mottos aren’t cool in that two hot chicks making out kinda way, more in that queer eye for the straight guy uncomfortable way of being gay.

Thank you every at the sludge for letting me be the Sludgette of the month. I hope everyone enjoys the pictures I did and if you want you can send me an email at modeljen@hotmail.com or you can visit my site at www.jenhilton.com.

Congratulations again to our lesbian Sludgette Of The Month, Jen Hilton! And if Paris is a very distant cousin, that’s still closer than the rest of us so you should probably follow up on that!

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