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Sludgette of the Month – January 2004, Dani Joy



Dani Joy

Up to this month, our youngest Sludgette Of The Month was Brie Moser-Omholt, back in July 2001. She was 15 years old at the time. Well, she’s now been beat out by this month’s Sludgette, Dani Joy! Dani is only 14! She wasn’t even alive when most of the bands we cover were in their prime, but after reading her answers here, she’s done her homework and is making up for lost time!

Congratulations to Dani for being our January 2004 Sludgette Of The Month!

Dani’s DataSheet

1. Name and age: My name is Dani and I am 14 years old, 9th grade.

2. Height: 5 feet 2 inches

3. Weight: I have no idea, I wear a size 1 or 3.

4. Where are you from?
I was born in New York. When I was 9 I moved to Kentucky then at the end of 5th grade I moved to Massachusetts. Then at the end of 7th grade I moved to New York. I don’t really like where I live.

5. Ambitions: To meet any member of the Rolling Stones, Motley Crue, or Led Zeppelin and any member of the Clash oh and Phil Varone, Rachel Bolan, ad Snake! Id also like learn Heartbreaker by Led Zeppelin and Whole Lotta Rosie by ACDC on guitar! AND to get backstage at a concert and meet rock stars!

6. Turn-ons: Long hair (how original), guys who like my music, open minded and nice people, guys in bands.

7. Turn-offs: Racism, close minded people, people who make fun gay people or aids, rudeness, annoying, people who hurt animals, mean, people who make fun of anyone who’s different and George bush

8. Favorite bands: Led Zeppelin, ac/dc, guns n roses,THE ROLLING STONES, the clash, new York dolls, Jimi henrix,cheap trick,posion,kiss,aerosmith, Lou reed and Velvet Underground David Bowie, Bruce springsteen,the who,skidrow, Lita ford, the runaways,def leppard,motley crue,dead kennedys,stooges,bon jovi, van halen (with DLR),jesus and Mary chain, nirvana, Pearl Jam, the beatles, the ramones, foo fighters, hanoi rocks, I also like pink Floyd, buckcherry, the doors, and the donnas, La guns

9. Least favorite bands: I hate emo bands, rap, hip hop, dance music, techno, pop. Basically what’s on MTV, but some of its ok.

10. How long have you been coming to Metal Sludge?
Since fall of 7th grade (2001)

11. You were born in 1989, when Vince Neil was still thin, and you were about 2 when the entire hairband scene was on it’s way out. How is it you ended up finding out about these bands and being such a big fan?
Well, ive never really like current music ive been into the Rolling stones since I’m 7. Then in 6th grade my dad got me into ACDC, guns n roses, the clash, and nirvana. Then in 7th grade we got digital cable which has the vh1 classic station and motley crue was playing a lot and I really got into them and every hair band. I used to be so obsessed with it all. Especially motley crue, I have Nikki’s autograph!( I didn’t get to meet him, my dad did but I have a Polaroid of him holding a picture of me!) My sisters guy friends got me into some of too I guess. A lot of people think its weird and it can be…

12. Have you ever kissed a boy before?
Yes, thanks for asking.

13. Last 5 CDs you purchased:
1. Street core-Joe Strummer (everyone should buy it so his last CD goes platinum)
2. Ramones Mania
3. How the West was won- Led Zeppelin
4. Kick out the Jams- MC5
5. Strays -Janes addiction

14. Do your parents have any idea you visit our page?
Yeah they do, my dad is really proud that I’m sludgette of the month! He occasionally reads the page when I tell him too.

15. You sent us a picture of you with a guitar. How long have you been playing and what 80s hairband songs can you play? Figured out those tricky riffs like "Talk Dirty To Me" yet?
I’ve been playing guitar for 2 years I didn’t add that. Poison totally ripped off cheap tricks "she’s tight," yeah I can play some of it. I can play stairway to heaven and sweet child of mine. I can play other songs too! I’m not in a band.

16. Do you think being a Sludgette is going to increase your popularity at High School?
Not at all! I’m not popular at all but i do have friends. I’ll tell my english teacher though, shes a poison fan!

17. The way to my heart is: Liking my music and being nice to me, and not making fun of the Rolling Stones, pisses me off when people make jokes about how old they are.

18. How do you feel about being our first Sludgette for the year 2004?
Im really happy about it and im the youngest too! now people will know who i am on the gossip board! I post on the ho board as motleycrue8998

19. Personal Motto: It doesnt matter what other people think about you, i don’t really have one
Thankyou for picking me! and say hi to scott ian for me!

Dani knows more about bands than people twice her age!

Congratulations on being our first Sludgette for 2004, Dani!

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