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Sludgette of the Month – September 2002, Dragen



Dragen is our very first deaf Sludgette! We’re not speaking Ebonics, as in "That’s deaf!" we means she’s really deaf! As in, hearing impaired. So how does somebody who’s deaf know what various bands sound like? Read on and find out!

Dragen’s Data Sheet

1. Name: Dragen. Everyone calls me this so it might as well be my name!

2. Age: Turning 21 ‘verra’ soon! Now I can get in clubs and stalk bands! Whoooo!

3. Height: Taller than Ronnie James Dio but shorter than Ted Nugent!

4. Weight: 119–lbs, not tons.

5. Measurements: 34-26-35 or something like that

6. Where are you from?

Small town in Ohio

7. Ambitions: To actually make it to a Quiet Riot show!!! Every time I try, it backfires, dammit! I want to finish college. Currently I’m studying Graphic Design, and that lead to practicing building websites. SHAMELESS PLUG ALERT! I wanna make my site with fellow Sludgette of the Month Jen (Feb ’02) the best damn QR site possible !! (http://www.angelfire.com/theforce/qr__photo.html )

8. Turn-ons: Strawberries, a sense of humor, Rudy Sarzo on bass (grr baby grr!) Sexy brits like Joe Elliott-*drool* Sex under the stage! Whoo baby! *ahem* I’m kidding…kidding….Umm. guys with nice hands-long fingers (I think this is due to me seeing hands signing all the time….Hey, sign language can be erotic!) Rock N Roll. A good conversation. Besides these, who knows! It depends on my hormones at the time so,the rest is a surprise!

9. Turn-offs: Idiots, fake people, bad hygiene, immaturity, people who treat me differently, talk…too…slow…or TOO DAMN LOUD just because of my deafness.

10. Favorite bands: Quiet Riot, Def Leppard, Led Zeppelin, Beatles, Whitesnake, Journey (the Steve Perry brand, not the current fake crap!) Queen, U2 and whatever else gets my attention and fits my current mood!

11. How did you become deaf, how old where you, and how do you hear music now?

I was in a really bad bicycle accident when I was around 5 or so. I suffered a concussion and fell asleep. When I woke up I couldn’t hear. Bummer huh? I got over it! Now with music, I grew up with the stereo on nonstop up to that point and listening to it is truly a passion, I just couldn’t give it up!! So I taught myself (with my hearing aids-which are a spiffy blue and black color by the way-to pick out the singers voice to go with the words, and eventually the rest of the band. It can be a pain ‘cuz sometimes there’s notes I just can’t pick up! I may not hear it like I did before and differently than most but I have a greater appreciation for music because I can’t hear it as easily as others can and no longer take it for granted.

12. My favorite ways to kill time: Checking out Sludge (Aww aren’t I a cute lil suck up?) drawing, relaxing with music..watching my music vid collection, reading.stuff..whatever I can do to keep from sitting here banging my head against the wall all day!

13. Do you use sign language to communicate?

Yes, from time to time. I love to sign songs instead of sing ‘em! Plus it was fun to use it in high school when the teachers yelled at us to "Shut the fark up"! I can talk pretty well ( and too much, according to some!) because I already had the skill mastered when I lost my hearing.

14. How long have you been coming to Metal Sludge?

Hmmm for about over a year now!

15. Are you ever thankful that you are deaf so you don’t have to hear singers like Axl Rose & Stephen Pearcy try to sing?

Heh..yea from time to time! I remember them enuff to know I never liked them too much….tho I do occasionally indulge in GNR….Oh well! Spank me if you must.

16. When did you lose your virginity and how was it?

Gosh, this is the awkward question. I have thought and thought of how to word this one and not sound silly. I could leave the world guessing…..or I could say " "How ironic is this huh? A virgin in a metal SLUT shirt! Will wonders never cease?" Radzooks!! I’d have guys trying to use me and sleezeballs and tons of bashes! Heh! Or I could be a total nerd (which I am, really!) and say *snort* OMG there I like, was *snort* with this guy and ,like he thrust so hard…my eyes crossed and my glasses flew off! *snort! OH MY GOD! Hehe.or back to "I am saving myself for that special rockstar….er….I mean dude….because I can’t find the key to this damn chastity belt.but I guess I will go with….nah!! Wouldn’t you like to know the truth!? Hehe! (if I say hehe one more time will you slap me senseless?!)

17. The way to my heart is: Sincerity, honesty, humor and patience (lots of it!)

18. How do you feel about being our September 2002 Sludgettes Of The Month?

SLUDGETTES of the month?? Who told you about my split personas dammit?! Heh.there’s only one of me but I can make it up to ya..! Seriously tho, this is the bestest thing that’s happened to me all summer! Sludge rocks!! Send all hate or fan mail to the addy on our site!

19. Personal Motto: Pee in peece! (inside joke!)

For those of you wondering at home how to say Metal Sludge in sign language, Dragen included the following chart!



So there you have it! Cool.

Congratulations to Dragen for being our September 2002 Sludgette Of The Month!

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