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Sludgette of the Month – July 2001, Brie Moser-Omholt



Brie Moser-Omholt

This month’s Sludgette is the youngest Sludgette to date. She’s only 15, and on top of that she’s from Montana! She doesn’t have a scanner either, being from Montana that’s not a surprise, so she had to send us some photos along with a nice hand written letter. We were impressed with the effort she put in, and we always wanted a young Sludgette from Montana, so we couldn’t turn her down. This just goes to show you that Sludgettes come in all ages!

Being that she’s 15, we kind of had to limit our usual line of questioning a bit!

So we proudly present our July Sludgeaholic Of The Month, Brie!

Brie’s Date Sheet

NAME: Brie Moser-Omholt (I have to keep my dad’s last name on the end there…)

1. Age: 15…Sweet 16 in November!

2. Height: 5’3

3. Weight: 120

4. Where are you from?
Martin City, MT (lots of people misspell it Martian, its a common mistake!)

5. Ambitions: Well, right now I’m working on trying to see the Glam, Slam Metal Jam 3 times this summer w/ my mom (yeah, I know…my MOM, but she’s cool like that) We wanna go to Vegas! I want to go to college some day (in cali) and I hope to maintian my 4.0 throughout highschool!

6. Turn-ons: Men with long hair, leather, motorcycles, gentle hands, a sweet smile, tight leather pants, hot tubs, bad asses, good music, and almost anything to do with Poison

7. Turn-offs: Ugh…rude people, "jocks," immature high school guys (some, not all!) men who think too much of themselves, fat guys, lazy people..

8. Favorite bands: POISON!, Motley Crue, Billy Idol, Bon Jovi, Bad English, Ozzy, Warrant, Whitesnake, Kenny Loggins, Def Leppard…need I go on?

9. Have you ever kissed a boy before?
Of course! A couple boys, a couple men… :) We did more than kiss…

10. What grade are you in and do you have a part time job?
I’m going to be a Sophomore and yes I have a part time…its in good ol’ Hungry Horse Montana, about a mile away from my house…

11. Favorite ways to kill time: Bike, play pool, tackle football, frisbee, swim, listen to music…try to learn guitar! hehe

12. My friends know that I’m….. Obsessed with my music! They all know me as 80’s Brie at school, I wear ripped jeans and Poison & Metal-sludge shirts…they know its not a phase. The good thing is, I surprise them when I know stuff about new music too…I just hate most of it.

13. You were only about 2 or 3 when a lot of bands we cover were in their prime. How did you get into these bands and do you also listen to the Backstreet Boys, 98 Degrees, Mandy Moore, etc?
I’m very sorry and disgusted to admit that for about a month I listened to the Backstreet boys, Spice Girls, and Aqua…but that quickly passed. I started listening to my older cousin’s old tapes and was hooked! I admit, I was scared by the cover of Look What the Cat Dragged In for awhile there, but Poison quickly became my favorite band. Now I know more about many of the bands I listen to than most people that lived right in the 80’s!

Brie, Rikki Rockett, and her friend Natalie

14. Is there anything to do in Montana?
Well..I wonder that myself a lot, believe me! There’s Glacier Park, which is about 9 mi away from my house, so if ya ever come up this way, visit me!!! There’s Big Moutain for the winter, which is a ski resort. There’s plenty of places to swim…tourists love it, people that live here get sick of it…

15. How long have you been coming to Metal Sludge?
Since Rikki’s tour diary last year. That brought in a lot of people!

16. Have you ever played "you show me yours I’ll show you mine" with a boy before?
Seriously…yes! And strip poker!

17. The way to my heart is: Be yourself. Show me trust, honesty, a good time, don’t bore me…you’re in! And liking good music is always a plus! Another plus is if you’re Rikki Rockett :)

18. How do you feel about being our July Sludgette Of The Month?
I’m psyched!!! I was so happy when I first found out, I’m still giddy. This is awesome!!

19. Personal Motto: "Long hair and make-up is for men, long live the 80’s!"


Brie’s life might have just peaked right now and she’s only 15. I mean, what else could she want to accomplish in life? This is it.

So congratulations to Brie for being our July Sludgeaholic Of The Month!

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