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Sludgette of the Month – February 2001, Jenny Hoffman



Jenny Hoffman

Welcome to our 2nd Sludgette Of The Month! Or we should say, Slutette Of The Month because Jenny is wearing our Metal Slut Tank Top! While Jenny isn’t the first Sludgette Of The Month, she is the first in one category. Read on to find out what that is!

Jenny’s Data Sheet

1. Age: 26

2. Height: 5’4"

3. Weight: 116

4. Measurements: 34C-28-36

5. Where are you from?
Flint, Michigan

6. Ambitions: Play guitar, raise my kids to appreciate GOOD music, and hell I get to be Sludgette of the Month!!! What more could a girl want?

7. Turn-ons: Long haired men (note, no mullets need apply), watching Jenna Jameson movies with my guy, her movies are the hottest :) A sense of humor is a BIG must with me

8. Turn-offs: Mullets!! They’re not sexy, don’t do it. Egotistical men are also a very BIG turn-off.

9. How long have you been coming to Metal Sludge?
Almost a year now.

10. Favorite bands: Metallica, Slayer, Pantera, Iron Maiden, Ozzy, AC/DC, Godsmack

11. What’s the way to your heart?
A dinner that I didn’t cook, and a cold beer. I’m a simple gal :)

12. Has a pick up line ever worked and what was it?
One guy made me laugh with one of those typical pick up lines, "Your dad must have been a thief, because he stole the stars and put em in your eyes" kinda broke the ice and we ended up going out.

13. What age did you lose your virginity and how was it?
with a girl or guy?
girl 15 – good,
boy 17 – disappointing lol

14. If you could have sex with any rock star, who would it be?
Zakk Wylde

15. Ever had anal sex?
Nope, not yet

16. Spit or swallow:
Swallow, c’mon ladies it’s good for ya!

17. What’s the worst date you’ve ever been on?
One guy’s idea of a fun date was buying some beer and sitting behind our high school and drinking it…I actually wanted the police to catch us that night lol

18. Ever kiss another girl?
Yeah, 2 girls actually ;o)

19. Personal Motto: I never try anything, I just do it

Let’s congratulate Jenny for being our first Bi-Sexual Sludgette Of The Month! Plus she likes Jenna Jameson pornos and she drinks beer! Now that’s a Sludgette Of The Month!

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