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Iann Robinson, 8/5/02



Iann Robinson

After we did Iann Robinson’s 20 Questions last week, the response was pretty big, just like Iann. Here are a variety of emails we got on it.

Give Ian Robinson a Super Balls Award for his brutally honest opinions! It takes mega-balls for a currently employed and fairly high profile tv personality to sound off like that. Kudos bro!
Dizzy Dee Childs

I have faithfully visited your site for two years and never sent an email until now. I just wanted you to know that Iann’s 20 questions was one of the best ever. Kudos to Iann!!!



After reading Iann Robinson’s 20 questions, you just HAVE to give him a superballs award. You might even want to make up a new title called something like the "King Shit-Talker Supreme," or something.

I don’t know if he has massive balls of granite, or he just doesn’t think the people he trashed are ever going to read his interview, but his 20Qs was one of the best I’ve EVER read!

I’m really not sure whether laying down smack like that in his line of work is ballsy or just plain stupid, but I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt.

Do I hear an "Amen!"

Sludgaholic since May ’99,


Holy shit! I have got new respect for Iann Robinson! His 20 questions was the best I’ve seen in a long time. It was completely honest and direct. I loved the bit at the very end about Britney Spears not being very pretty in person! I was rolling. It’s too bad there’s no way to get in touch with him off of those links though. Because he really was quite impressive.

Hey Sludge-just read 20 Questions with Iann Robinson-loved it! He was honest with his answers-knocking Fred Durst- Ha!- thank God somebody at MTV isn’t kissing his ass! Thanks for having the balls, Iann!
It would kick major ass if MTV started up Headbanger’s Ball again and Iann was the host. Kyuss "Demon Cleaner" and Slayer "Seasons in the Abyss"-hell yeah-now you’re talking!
Only dreaming, I know- maybe he can start up his own metal show.
Also-love the Ratt Tour Diary by Jizzy Pearl-he doesn’t glamorize the road-just tells it like it is.
Thanks again for one of the best 20 Questions so far.
Lots of love to ya Metal Sludge! I spread the word every chance I get.
Keep up the great work!
Laura O.
Louisville, Ky.


That was a brilliant 20 Questions with Mtv 2’s Ian Robinson. He’s about the only cool thing existing at that shit-ass network. Props to Ian for just unloading and telling it as he feels it is. It’s nice to see that even people that work for a fukked up fabrication of a cable network can come across as real and up front. Ian has some serious sack! Keep your pimp hand strong.


Encinitas, CA

Iann seems like a cool guy. Great 20 Questions, again. Glad there were no mom jokes this time around.


Sludge! That was a GREAT 20 questions with Ian Robinson. Talk about telling it like it is! I have a newfound respect for this guy. Hope he still has a job.
Roy .

Another winner!

Iann talks some good smack about his bosses at MTV and that moron Fred "I lost my guitar player" Durst.

Keep On Sludgin!

Dear Fuckers,

the Iann Robinson 20 Questions was the shit. Now that’s how you do a 20 questions. Give the man a Super Balls award, just because he showed people how it should be done. If people were ranked in life according to their 20Q’s, Iann Robinson becomes Randy Rhoads, and Donnie Vie becomes a whiny slap happy cock nazi who smells of Doritos and ass – like Fred Durst. Dan Spitz remains a squinty-eyed watchmaker. WTF?!?!

That is all.

nathan c

That was the basic consensus from the Sludgeaholics. He bashed his own bosses, said Britney wasn’t that hot, and went off on Fred Durst. Plus he hasn’t been afraid to sport our shirt on MTV numerous times and even walk around backstage at OzzFest with it on. Regardless of if you agreed with everything he said or not, he was honest and deserves our:

Metal Sludge Super Balls Award!

Like any good Super Balls Winner, Iann’s comments didn’t go unnoticed and ruffled a few feathers. One of them being Anthrax fans and even Anthrax drummer Charlie Benante. He posted this in his latest update:

PS – FUCK THAT IAN ROBINSON MUTHA FUKKA. I always thought he was alright till I read that shit on Metal Sludge. Who’s he to slag anyone? He’s on the shit list, doesn’t he know ANTHRAX RULES! He’s the poor man’s Matt Pinfield.

We’re just surprised it took almost a week before somebody from Anthrax said something! Oh well.

Congratulations to Iann for winning our Super Balls Award, and we look forward to seeing him wearing a big ass Metal Sludge Jersey in the near future!

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